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Remain Calm, Etc: Ruh-Roh

Posted on: January 16, 2014

Good Thursday, Widdershins, and I have just realized that it is Thursday.

I have no good explanation.  Thursday inexorably follows Wednesday, and I know that yesterday was Wednesday.  However, I have just realized that

(1) Today is Thursday.

(2) I generally write Thursday’s blog post.

(3) I have nothing prepared for the above referenced blog post.

(4) I am going to be gone most of today and therefore cannot properly research and write something for today,

(5) I am sow-wy,  and can only ask that you consider this to be the world’s most wide-open open thread.


8 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Ruh-Roh"

LOL!! And we do know that sh!t happens. No biggie at all.

Hahaha, funny! I’m glad it’s Thu. Which usually precedes Friday and I love Fridays! I was, however, told yesterday that I will be taking a wonderfully unpaid vacation next week. That’s a bit of a bummer. But at least I get to relax for a week. In my apartment or something!

In the old days the French protested with the guillotine. They’ve switched methods to crap.

Oh, and a cat video.

I saw that cat vid over at Uppity Woman’s. That’s funny.

@3: I wonder if we could try that with Congress?

Chat, I, for one, have always believed calendars are overrated, as are clocks and roosters for that matter.

Hope everyone had a great day. Oops, since I’m downing calendars and clocks, I should have said, “I hope everyone had a great period of light prior to darkness.”

Chat, as you know, the same thing has happened to me. You called me while I was at the airport and I still didn’t remember what day it was. Lordy!

I love the protesting with crap. It’s just so FRENCH. Well, Monty Python French anyway.

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