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Saturday Light Fare

Posted on: January 11, 2014

sleepless seattle

From what I saw on the local Nola news yesterday, that would probably describe the feeling of a goodly number of Saints fans who journeyed to the Northwest to watch the playoff game between the Seahawks and the Saints.  The Saints will be the underdogs for this match up  but I’ll hope for the best.  With that, let’s’ take a look at some of the interesting, odd or funny things that I found on the internets lately.

Was that one ringie dingie or two ringie dingies?

It seems that a Florida panhandle “working girl” had a problem or “oopsie” when she thought she was dialing a client.  Unfortunately for Schquita Warren the number she connected to belonged to an Escambia county investigator, Robert Greene.

“This is Quita from Barker Street,” she reportedly said before the sound of a crying child drowned her out.

Greene hung up but soon had a text message from the same number.

“Want the number to HAVE FUN?” the message asked.

Well, ya know, you can probably only do that for so long before the cop is going to go ahead and do his job.

Greene played along, encouraging her to send racy photos as he matched the cell number to an online listing for a Pensacola escort calling herself MS Dream — supposedly a 22-year-old described as “sexy thick and brown skin here to fulfill your fantasy.”

Greene, still posing as Sam, said he was in.

They arranged to meet at 7 p.m. on Dec. 19 at a Motel 6.

But when Warren and two friends pulled into the parking lot to meet Sam, Greene and another investigator swooped in.

Warren admitted she had previously had sex with a man named Sam for $60, and she was looking for a little repeat business when she unwittingly contacted the investigator.

Apparently they did indeed “leave the light on” at the Motel 6.

I didn’t know that a nicoise salad included those

Sure, if you are young, cosmopolitan WSJ employee, you are just really, really, busy so deciding to get a salad to go from Pret a Manger would be a New York cosmopolitan thing to do.  Especially since they include a squib about “good natural food” on their website.  However, after perusing the online menu, I did not see frog on it.

While eating her lunch-time salad, a Wall Street Journal employee found an unexpected ingredient – a dead frog.

After opening a Pret A Manger nicoise salad at her desk, and eating about half of it, she discovered an approximately two inch long green and brown dead frog in the lettuce. She summoned nearby coworkers to confirm what she saw.

Ellen Roggemann, vice president of brand marketing for the company in the U.S., said that Pret A Manger’s goal of selling “handmade natural food,” often made from organic ingredients, could be partially to blame for the frog in the salad.

“We don’t use any pesticides with our greens and they go through multiple washing cycles,” she said. “An unfortunate piece of organic matter has made its way through,” she added.

Quick thinking young lady to call the frog an “unfortunate piece of organic matter”.  Perhaps you too could have a career at the Wall Street Journal.  Oh and here’s a pic of the “unfortunate piece of organic matter”.

I too enjoyed the AMC series Breaking Bad

However, that being the case, it never crossed my mind to emulate Walter White. But for Ryan Lee Carol, he did seem to be a big fan of the show because when police raided his house they found a hazmat suit signed by the cast of the tv show.

Authorities say a Florida man who won a raffle to watch the series finale of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” with the cast has been charged with running a drug distribution operation.


The Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports that Ryan Lee Carroll sold synthetic marijuana and shipped it across the U.S. from his Fort Myers home with two other men. He was arrested on New Year’s Eve.

According to deputies, the suspects used a cement mixer to create the drugs. The drugs were shipped through the U.S. Postal Service.

Investigators also seized a souvenir Hazmat suit signed by “Breaking Bad” cast members. The TV show follows a former high school teacher who produces and sells meth with a previous student.

Some assorted youtube videos

Apparently Gonzo the Italian Greyhound lives somewhere in a northern city that is cold and has snow.  Also it seems that Gonzo is a good sport when his owner decided to fit him out with a coat and snow booties.  Snow booties and a polished wood floor ≠ a good combination.  (Not great photography here…just sayin’)

This golden retriever in Japan (?) has an uncanny ability to imitate a siren when it hears it.  Now I don’t now if I’d want him or her doing this around the house constantly.

Okay, I’m of two minds about this video.  (kid coming home sedated after having his wisdom teeth out).  First, it is funny.  Second, he’s probably gonna hate his parents for years to come.  (Long video, about 15 minutes)

Okay Widdershins, that does it for me today. Let me know in the comments below how your day is going.  The Saints/Seahawks game kicks off around 3:00-3:30 today CST so I’ll see y’all after the game.

This is an open thread.


28 Responses to "Saturday Light Fare"

I, too, am ready for some football. Hope the Saints sent the scuba team.

Well this doesn’t bode well for the game:

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, several Seahawks have to be separated before game

Hope the Saints sent the scuba team.

I see a dry field and sun right now.

It will rain., It’s Seattle. And yes, being chippy prior to kickoff is not a great sign.

@4: Yep it does look like rain on the camera now. However, doesn’t look as bad as what they showed at Gillette stadium.

Well…here we go!

@chat: I may throw away my bingo card now.

I have exactly one.

I may will have to figure out who to cheer for after this. Don’t want the Pats.

I was wondering where Ingram has been today.

Me, either but the family will disown me if I cheer for Indy. I’ll be watching for form;s sake

chat@11: And I can’t see me pulling for Carolina in the NFC, so that would leave San Francisco. Don’t want to do that either. And definitely NOT Seattle!!!

All of a sudden a Saints comeback?

All of a sudden a Saints comeback?

Uh, no.

They gave it a good shot.

They played with a lot of heart.

Those 1st half conditions were horrible so didn’t expect a whole lot then and they tried a comeback in the 2nd half.

And they got damn close. Now on to the second “go, nobody!” game.

chat@19: I’ve been busy with the Seahawks trolls at

Told one he was Puget Sound trash and why wasn’t he looking out for his mamma while she worked her corner down by the Naval base. 😆

Oh noes! 😯 Tom Brady fall down on his ass and go boom!

A forward lateral? Say what??? I just saw the end of that game. Had to have hubbie explain that one to me.

In other words annie, an illegal pass.

The Saints’ plane landed at something like 1:15 this a.m. and naturally there were a ton of fans there to greet them. Made me feel good for the team knowing they weren’t just fair weather fans.

I would guess that the Saints have more devoted fans than the Seahawks. A lot of the Washingtonians I’ve been around seem really ambivalent about their teams. Its why the supersonics couldn’t wait to get out.

Oh the Seahawk fans are fanatics too. That’s one of the problems with playing in their stadium: the noise. And they are also fanatic enough to come over to to the articles on the game and talk trash and insults to the Saints fans. They were so disgusting on the nola forums that there’s no way I’ll pull for them. I hope either Carolina or the 49ers crush ’em. If by chance they win the NFC then it’s the AFC team I’ll pull for.

Well, I would say that they are more likely to be fairweather fans. They’re excited now, becuz they’re doing well. When I lived up there, or up there 3 winters ago for my Dads funeral, no one around me seemed that interested. Hubbie likes the Broncos, due to his old fan worship of John Elway, and he’s a Peyton Manning fan too, so I’m guessing he will root for them. My brother still loves the niners, even though he lives in WA, and pretty much only roots for the niners, raiders (ugh) or chargers.

I wish L.A. could ever get a team. It would put a ton of revenue into the city and create lotsa jobs. The NFL seems determined to not let us have one though, even though the Angelenos wholeheartedly support their teams and the city would build a first class new stadium.

Yes, it could be as you say annie, the newness of it.

On a team for L.A., I think the NFL has sad no to expansion right now so the only way would be for a team to relocate there. I can think of a couple that might move but then the NFL has to approve it and then you also get the losing city throwing a fit over it. But I do agree it’s ridiculous that the 2nd or 3rd (?) largest city in the country does not have an NFL team.

Good grief it’s late! I’ve been reading other blogs and some stuff on the game. I need to call it a night!

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