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Thanks Rosie…

Posted on: January 10, 2014

Good Friday morning Widdershins.  Last week’s ice storm and then the real life reenactment of The Day After Tomorrow with the errant polar vortex has kept me offline this past week.  I hope everyone is faring well so far in 2014.

Taking inventory is always a good thing to do at the beginning of the year.  So let’s take a few minutes and see how Rosie the Riveterwe did in 2013 in terms of putting more women in positions of authority.

Internationally, Janet Yellen is set to become the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the world’s most powerful central bank.  For the next eight years, this makes Ms. Yellen one of the most powerful people on the planet.  She has been one of the unsung heroes of the Fed’s stimulus policies helping to pull the U.S. out of the economic doldrums in spite of the best efforts of Congress to sink the ship of state.

Angela Merkel won another term as chancellor of Germany and she has almost single-handedly saved the European Union from imploding.  The iron fisted Park Geun Hye took office as president of South Korea.  In Chile’s presidential race, not one, but both candidates in the runoff election were women with Michelle Bachelet besting Evelyn Matthei.  The most profitable company in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada, named Kathleen Taylor its Chairman.  And a sixteen-year old Malala Yousafzai taught us all what courage looks like.

Domestically, we did better than usual.  The two most compelling and promising politicians in the country are Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.  Patty Murray accomplished the first federal budget in five years.  Nancy Pelosi stepped into the breach on more than one occasion and saved John Boehner and the country from the ravages of the Tea Party kooks and haters.

Wendy Davis captured our imagination by the prospects of laying to rest the anti-women, anti-science, anti-poor, anti-immigrant, anti-anti administration of Gov. Prettyhair.  Kirsten Gillinbrand made it clear enlisting in the armed forces did not mean signing up for sexual assault.  Gabby Giffords valiantly struggled to form the words changing the debate over gun safety.

EqualAfter one-hundred years, General Motors put a woman in the driver’s seat of  the country’s largest car company.  Mary Barra, a GM lifer, will join 22 other women who head Fortune 500 companies.  Ms. Barra’s selection bears significance since she was selected by the “old school scions” and not in spite of them.  That is progress.

Warren Buffett, the oracle of Omaha, made the case for women so plainly no business person can ignore it.  Buffett proclaimed, “Women are the key to driving U.S. success.”  Not a great revelation to many of us, but every recognition is a victory.

One of the greatest achievements of the year hasn’t gotten much coverage at all.  2013 marked the year where being female was no longer a pre-existing condition in terms of healthcare.  In other words, institutionalized insurance pricing discrimination finally met its demise.

On balance 2013 was a decent year, but there is much left to be accomplished.  A hopeful sign is that 2014 seems to be shaping up as a year in which income disparity will be debated politically.  No serious conversation about income disparity can ignore the effects upon single mothers and their children — from a policy standpoint, the primary constituents of the poor.  I, for one, welcome the debate.

Was 2013 perfect?  No, but Rosie the Riveter and her contribution to the “greatest generation” made it possible.  So, thanks Rosie.  Let’s hope we do better in 2014.

This is an open thread.


16 Responses to "Thanks Rosie…"

Excellent post, Prolix. You have been sorely missed.

Amen sister Chat!

Great post Prolix. I keep thinking that if we had more women in Congress we would have less drama and actually get some things done.

Sorry to have been AWOL, but the ice and the cold kept me offline.

I had the good fortune to work early on in my career with a woman politician. I learned so much from her — most prominently, good policy makes great politics.

If there were more women in Congress, the Executive Branch, and in statehouses, so much more could be accomplished in terms of real policy addressing real problems instead of all the men running around with rulers measuring each other’s inseams.

I’ve always thought most male politicians missed their true calling — tailors.

I’ve always thought most male politicians missed their true calling — tailors.

Love it!

I’m not so sure, For example, Ron Paul looks like he dresses from the clearance rack at Goodwill, and there are any number of others that are not far behind him.

chat@6: Yes, but Ron was having Ayn Rand doin’ his duds.

Then her taste in all in her mouth.

What a lovely post! Thanks Prolix! Am so glad you’re back. Something I’ve noticed over my lifetime: that even “macho” men now realize that women make highly effective leaders. My macho Greek Dad really wanted to vote for Hillary for his last presidential election. My husband, who was raised by a hardnose “women are supposed to be submissive” father, wants women everywhere in leadership roles, thinks men have screwed everything up, and isn’t shy about saying so. I see this now wherever I go.

Holy cow! Laker says the Red Tide hired Lane Kiffin for Offense Coordinator. Bizarre.

annie@11: Oh indeed lil Nicky did! Can’t wait to see those two egos clash! 😆

RIP, Ariel Sharon.

@12: There’s a pool over at Dawg Post regarding Kiffin’s arrival vs. Kirby Smart’s sense of humor.

Kirby will probably need a lot of dental work from grinding his teeth. Lane will probably need some dental work too after Kirby punches him in the mouth.

The good thing for Lane is that the Tide team flies in and out of the Tuscaloosa airport and does not use the B’ham airport. It will be a quick walk to anywhere to catch a ride. 😉

Apparently the T-town airport *is* capable of landing commercial jets.

All I can say is this should make the AL-TN game really interesting.
As for Kirby, I am shocked that you would say that, Georgia boys have much better manners than that. He will hire someone to punch Lane in the mouth, and there will be no dearth of volunteers, pun absolutely intended.

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