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Morning Widdershins: Thank Gawd It’s 2014

Posted on: January 6, 2014


Good morning, Widdershins! Apologies for the New Year’s Eve flail while stuck in the Internet dead zone. Fredster, thanks for covering!

From the various comments around the blog, it seems that I am in the majority when I say that 2013 blew the big one in many respects. I did have some good times, but the year end was especially rough professionally. I am looking forward to a new year with new challenges and a new perspective.

From a political point of view, here are some things that I’d like to forget from The Year That Was:

  • The horribly mismanaged rollout of Remember when people thought Obama was such a cool and forward-looking President, the master of modern technology?
  • The government shutdown. Once again, those in need paid while the Tea Party postured for its delusional base.
  • The hysteria over the royal baby. Good grief, people, read a book. I have to wonder what would have happened if that baby were ugly? (Hmmm, what age is too young for plastic surgery?)
  • The Ryan-Murray budget. Why, why does ANYONE still listen to Paul Ryan?
  • Speaking of Ryan: All the Republican appointees Obama has put in place. Chuck Hagel, Barack? REALLY?!
  • The many, many, MANY American mass shootings this past year. One is too many; we had 27.  A bit more on this:

Since 1968, at least 1.4 million Americans have been killed by guns—more than all the U.S.’s accumulated war dead in that same period. Any way you look at it, 2013 was another killer year for arms manufacturers and armed bullies.

There is much debate over how to define a “mass shooting.” The FBI classifies a mass murder as four fatalities, not including the killer. Mother Jones uses that, plus several situational criteria, for a mass shooting. The Redditors at “Guns Are Cool” considers any time four people are shot (not killed) a mass shooting, and with good reason: “The most obscene incidents of gun violence usually do not make the mainstream news at all.”

Even by the stringent federal criteria—which we use below, representing but a fraction of all U.S. victims of gun violence—this has been a bloody year.

Indeed, our 2013 victories were so significant that major news outlets are taking note. The New York Times, MSNBC, TIME Magazine, and Mother Jones, among others, reported on the rising tide of pro-life legislation and cited AUL as the pro-life group “perhaps most responsible for the barrage of new state laws.”

Last year alone, AUL:

  • helped enact 16 pro-life laws across the nation, bringing the total for the last three years to over 60;
  • answered approximately 1000 requests for information and assistance, building momentum for this coming year;
  • filed 21 amicus curiae briefs in courts to defend life; and
  • received online and media mentions over 1.2 million times, defending life in the court of public opinion.

No wonder so many of us described 2013 as “meh,” “annoying,” and “forgettable.” Let’s hope there is more like this in 2014…here’s an email Hillary sent me. (Okay, she might have sent it to a couple of other people too. ;-))

Over the past decade, I have marveled at how quickly the [Clinton] Foundation has grown, and how much good it has done. And I know the best is yet to come.

We have big plans for 2014. Our new Too Small to Fail initiative will help parents give our youngest children a good start in school and in life. No Ceilings will take on what I believe is the great unfinished business of the 21st century — helping women and girls achieve full participation in every aspect of our society. And we’re going to take a look at economic development issues as well, particularly how to help young people get the skills and support they need to find good and fulfilling jobs. Across all our initiatives, we’ll be helping more people in more places solve problems and seize opportunities faster, leaner, and better.

I am really excited that the Clinton Foundation is shifting its focus to women and children. You can tell that Hillary, now in the private sector, is turning her specific attention to this organization, because these are the issues she has always cared about, and always addressed, in any position she’s ever been in.

And will she run again? Of course she will. This is how she’s both keeping her hand in public works, and staying away from Obama and his sh*tty foreign and domestic policies.

I know a lot of you have weighed in already on what you’d like to forget about 2013, but please feel free to repeat yourself or add to your list. Otherwise, this is an open thread.


45 Responses to "Morning Widdershins: Thank Gawd It’s 2014"

Very interesting piece at Politico on Hillary and the competing (?) groups supporting her.

Brrrrr… 21 ° here with wind chill of 9.

Found this very interesting in the Politico article:

In interviews for this article, just about every close Hillary Clinton ally, asked to describe who is at the top of her organizational chart, gives the same answer: Chelsea. Exactly what that translates into is shrouded in a bit of mystery. It would be hard to overstate the closeness between Hillary Clinton and her only child, who is known to have more of her mother’s signature caution and private approach, than her father’s more free-wheeling style. The extent to which she’s expanded her portfolio within their family foundation has surprised even longtime Clinton insiders.

@4 Now that IS interesting, Fredster. I haven’t read the Politico piece yet…apparently it’s stirring up a lot of news today.

I am just kind of dreading the unrelenting chorus we will hear soon of “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi”. You just know they will run that clip on endless loop. I can only speculate that at the particular moment she was testifying, just out of the hospital and having nearly lost her life flying around the world representing us proudly, Hillary must have believed she was through with politics and decided to let the rethugs who’ve been torturing her for twenty years have it. At least, that’s what I would have been thinking.

@Mary Luke: I had heard a mention of the article on Morning Schmoe and kept it in mind to check later.

the unrelenting chorus we will hear soon of “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi”.

Has it even stopped? But I don’t think it is really even resonating with people that much except for the die-hard rt. wingers.

Wow! England and Wales getting hit hard by wind and waves. Check the gallery here:

Today hit 86, but temp will plummet by 40 degrees tonite and we’ll wake up to a balmy 46. High tomorrow will be 63, and then back to the high 70’s. Never let it be said that we do not feel (some small part of) your pain..

temp will plummet by 40 degrees tonite and we’ll wake up to a balmy 46

Break out the long johns and heavy parkas! 😆

So glad I’m not traveling by air right now.

Hey Widdershins, if you can, please go here to vote for the Saints Drew Brees for the NFL Air Player of the year:

Now annie, I understand if you can’t since Phillip Rivers is also in the running.

My vote is in,

Great post MB! Agree with you 100%, and loved hearing about Hillary. Fredster, saw the Politico piece, & the airport “misery” chart was a hoot. Our weather is warmish, but a little windy, but of great concern is the lack of rain. We are in a drought.

Almost time for the last of college football!

Who is Philip Rivers? I will vote for Brees. Why not?

Fredster thanks for interesting link about the crazy waves in the UK. We get some big waves here every few years. I have seen monster waves in Hawaii. Oh, I voted for Brees for you. The Chargers aren’t really close to us.

annie asked: Who is Philip Rivers?

He’s the 1/4 back for the San Diego Chargers. Figured you’d want to vote for the Cali guy. 😉

Thanks Chat!

@annie: Weren’t those waves just bizarre??? Thanks for the vote!

I am sure that when Hillary chooses to address the Benghazi BS, it will be perfectly well-done.

I will not be voting for any quarterback. Sorry Fredster! But, I am very happy the Saints won. 🙂

Almost time for the last of college football!

Don’t remind me it’s the lat game of the year.

I will not be voting for any quarterback

Well since it’s ohly 1/4backs who are eligible for the “air” portion, okey dokey.

No offense Fredster, I just don’t like football. 🙂

Free Shoes scores first. My dudes are on their way downtown (Los Angeles) to see the Clippers game. There is a rich Indian man that throws free tickets our way every couple of months and hubbie cannot resist free tickets to anything. They want me to text them the score! I’m having chili and catching up on laundry.

I fear that AU will, but I really hope they don;t.

Yes, it looks dicey at this point. Noles QB just made a nice play though. I was driving on the freeway this morning and some looney flew past me (I was going at least 70) with those plastic flags attached to all his windows and Noles painted all over his car. I wish they would outlaw those flags on the freeway. I have seen them come unhooked and go flying too many times. I don’t mind them on the regular streets. Also, our whole huge freeway came to a sudden standstill because of a deer. Thank God there were no accidents and the deer made it across.

Well Noles are only behind by one now. C’mon Noles!!!!

CONGRATS TO THE F.S.U. Seminoles and Jimbo Fisher!!!!

Glad to see that Jimbo won this one.

Another reason to loathe Auburn – they broke the 7 year SEC streak.

Aww chat, you can’t have it both ways now. 😉

Fredster, LOL on the flag vid & chat, also funny @ comment 31.

I caught the game off and on, it was very good. Those guys were amazingly fast. Made our Trojans look dorky by comparison!

annie@33: Well when you made the comment about the flags I couldn’t help but remember that Allstate commercial.

And you know everyone would come to a screeching halt when Bambi is on the freeway looking scared.


chat@35: Hahahahaha!!!

The Saints’ number 1 fan at the Audubon Aquarium, Kohl the Penguin.

Cute, but Bootsy out NOLAs da NOLA :

We had Who Dat before they had Who Dey.

So they Who-dissed you?

Oh noes!!! Honey Boo Boo and family were in a car wreck! 😯

Sounds like the BooBoos got some, well – boo-boos.

chat@43: I can see Mama June in a cervical collar. LOL!

Ish, what a vision.

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