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Remain Calm, Etc: This Was The Year That Was

Posted on: January 2, 2014

Good 2014, Widdershins.

Well, well, well.  2013 is over, and we stand at the threshold of a whole new year.   As time is a continuum, it’s best to review the previous year prior to predicting the current one,  In this spirit, let’s discuss the strange and wonderous happenings that made 2013 such a fascinating year.  There’s a whole bunch of them, but I’ve decided to pick my top five for our purposes today.

(1) Nelson Mandela’s Funeral:  How bad was this event that most of the chatter concerned things that happened at the funeral service rather than the loss of Mandela himself?  First was the ridiculous “selfie” taken by the Prez and the Danish Prime Minister, and then there was the fake interpreter for the hearing impaired.  His use of sign language was so bizarre that even folks untutored in the process could not help but notice that something was really not quite right here.  Turns out that the poor guy has a long history of schizophrenia, and was hearing the voices of angels instructing him.  I will tell you as a long-time ER nurse that command voices are never promising, and command voices from on high are really a problem.  We can count ourselves as fortunate that the heavenly hosts were merely directing his sign language, rather than directing him to harm some of the dignitaries who were seated within striking range of this unfortunate man.  I don;t know who hired him, but we would have been as well off with Garrett Morris and his SNL rendition.

(2) Anthony Weiner:  Oh, dear God.  Here was a young man with such promise.  First he ends up resigning from Congress because of his ridiculous use of social media.  After a great deal of smoothing things over, he’s up and running for Mayor of New York.  Does he dig in, run for office, and try to stay on the straight and narrow?  Nope.  Back to the sexting of anatomical info he goes.  His career is over, and he is a fortunate man as his spouse still shares his name and his residence.  Houma, you are quite a woman.  Bravo, Carlos Danger.  You make Bill Clinton and JFK look like worthy candidates for Spouse of the Year.

(3) Rob Ford:  Canadians refer to themselves as “the polite North Americans”, and by and large they are correct.  Then there’s Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto.  Rob, however, is one of the most refreshingly honest politicians on record, as he has admitted to “probably” smoking crack cocaine while in a “drunker stupor”.  There you go – that explains everything.  Even more baffling is the support that he still enjoys.  While the City Council would love to get him to resign, they have no authority to force him to do so, and an amazing percentage (anything more than 3-5% would be amazing, and it’s more like 30%) of his constituents insist that he is a great mayor administratively.  Then again, any number of Americans think that Rand Paul is a great Senator………

(4) Rand Paul:   Rand, Rand, Rand.  What are we going to do with you?  First of all, you refuse to join your professional organization and start your own – you are literally the only member.  Then we discover that quite a few of your speeches come word for word from Wikipedia, think tank studies, op-eds – in general, other people’s work.  Sen. Paul insists that this is not plagiarism, but rather improper footnoting, or something like that, as though footnotes were referenced in speeches as a matter of course.  He insists that all forthcoming works will be redolent with such references.  I cannot wait – his speeches have been generally less than interesting, and placing footnotes, references, “ibids” and the like should spice things up to no end.

(5) The Abominable Snowdon – This dude is either a whistleblower or a traitor, depending upon your perspective.  We are just scratching the surface of what our beloved Big Brother has done.  We are traceable by drones, our cell phones, our computers, cameras everywhere we go, and God only knows what else.  Our local police departments are militarized, and the only sacred Amendment appears to be the Second.  One must obtain a Parade Permit in order to assemble more than 5 people in many states,  and our right to vote is slowly melting away.  I have a sinking feeling that Snowdon’s revelations might just put the icing on the cake (pun absolutely intended).  Stay tuned – there’s way more to come.

Bonus picks:

Dumbassed Dance Craze of the Year:  The Harlem Shake – I thought nothing could be worse than Gangnam Style, but I was ever so wrong.  My college football team demonstrates:

Dumbassed words of the year – Please, people – if you are over the age of twelve, please spare us totes cray-cray adorbs conversations such as this.  I’m way too old to decipher gibberish.

There are likely a hundred more stories out there,  What’s your favorite from 2013?  Tell all in this open thread.


81 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: This Was The Year That Was"

I gotta thunk on this one.

Oh, there’s lots – the shutdown, the Grand Bargains that weren’t, the berserko Obamacare rollout, the Supremes…….

Happy New Year to all. I’ve not been around – been a bad two years. Hope everyone is well and healthy and happy.

Nick Saban (not his team mind you) losing the Iron Bowl and the SEC West. I was sooo hoping it would be enough to send him to Texas. 😦

Well hello HT! Nice to see you!!!

Well I haven’t watched Olbermaaaannnn since he went to ESPN but I did like this worst person thing. I’d say this was the worst person in the sports world for the year.

Betty White taking something odious and making it hilarious.

Fredster, I’m always visiting, but had a very bad two years, and I know you understand. Missed you though when I was sane. Hear that Spitzer’s marriage if finally capute, wonder how the the NYC mayor will be.

How about Ted Cruz and Dr. Seuss?

Glad you are here, HT.

Hi, HT, I’m glad you stopped by, and sorry it’s been a bad two years.

Well when I finally regained some equilibrium from my brother’s death, my good friend’s partner died – double whammy. However I’ve been checking you guys out, just not commenting. Didn’t want you to be bereft from the Canadian contingent permanently.

Personal Favorite: The blogs FDL & the Daily Kos, etc etc of the professional latte left are trying to stay relevant in a changing world…seems these guys are doing everything they can to drag someone besides Hillary Clinton into the race for 2016..

In fairness Hillary has kept her wise council to herself with regards to 2016.

I really feel sorry for poor Elizabeth Warren she is trying to do serious legislation in the senate and has to spend half he time swatting these idiots on the head to leave her alone. She likes where she is and can be more effective in the senate…besides she has already announced her endorsement for Clinton should she choose to run.

while the Ready for Hillary Crowd creates an impregnable fortress around her as yet non-candidacy in anticipation of a declaration that she is running probably seconds after the 2014 midterms when it is still likely the Democrats will pick up seats and possibly retake the house and surely hold the senate.. The above bloggers still hope for a second Obama Surprise candidate in 2016.

Boys (and these bloggers are all boys) 2016 is not 2008 and america and the Democratic base has learned a lesson experience matters. Hillary will get the nomination if she runs and she will win the General Election.

I guess you guys will be eating Cheetos for a long time~

Fuzzy, it’s good to see you.

HT! Great to see you but so sorry that you have been going through such trials. Wishing you serenity in the new year.

I made a comment to HT but it disappeared.

As to 2013, I have already forgotten it and its cast of characters.

Released your comment.

I think we were both trying to do that at same time chat.

C’mon Okies!!! Whup that Bama team!!

It is much more competitive than I expected.

Nurse Chat, I have a question. My mother is severely dehydrated and is refusing all fluids and meds. A nurse has suggested using subcutaneous rehydration therapy ( SCRT ) inserted through the stomach. Is that safe? My mother’s veins are too weak to use a regular IV for fluids. Thanks.

chat@20: Yes it is. Not that fond of Stoops but I’d buy him a beer if he wins this game.

Yes it is. It takes much longer, but it was done for many years.


@23 & 24: Thanks, Fredster and Chat. I feel better about saying okay to it now. The method sounds safe and effective.

Beata: my question is why is she refusing these things? Is this some sort of ‘end of life’ decision, and is she competent to make such a thing? (Sorry for the downer, but I went thru this with my mother–she was 90, blind, and had a compression fracture.)

@27: Molly, she may be ready to die and this is her way of doing that. She has dementia along with many other health problems, including a broken femur – her second one in the past few years. She is almost 90 and has been in a nursing home for over a decade.

As her daughter and P.O.A., it is very hard for me to make these decisions. I try to do the best for her but what is really “the best”? She is totally bed-ridden and will never be well again. The last time I saw her she was crying for her mother: “Mama, Mama, Mama. I just want it to be over.”

I don’t know what to do. I have no other family to help me decide.

It has been an absolutely horrible “holiday season”. I can’t remember a worse one .

Beata: The most difficult thing I had to do was to sign the DNR on the momster. She had signed something similar in La, but I could not find the copy of it. She too had some dementia so she could not sign anything on her own. However when the nurses explained what they would have to do if she went into arrest or something I signed it. I knew she had wanted that before so that made it a bit easier to sign.

One thing I’ve learned…I have my living will made out and have multiple copies of it plus it’s scanned and on my computer and on my phone.

Beata, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I went thru the same with my Dad 3 years ago, and he died in my home. I hydrated him til he went into a coma and then did the DNR. It is hard to let your parent go, but I know I did what he wanted. It sounds like your Mom is ready, poor dear. Do not feel guilty. Hugs to you.

Have you considered requesting a Hospice consultation? They can provide supportive care, nursing visits over and above what the facility offers, and comfort measures.

Cmon Okies!!! Beat Nick Satan!

I had hospice the last month. It was very comforting and helpful. My son, then 16, was a huge help. He sat up til 4 in the morning, and then I got up and he went to bed. It was a long, horrendous month. My husband had just had his foot reconstructed when I moved my Dad in, and he couldn’t put any weight on the foot. He would do the dishes on his crutches. God, that month was awful. Am so glad to have it behind me.

Fredster: I signed the DNR form for my mother several years ago. But letting her die slowly from lack of fluids is harder for me to do.

My Mom also had hospice for my stepdad, who was at home til the last two weeks of his life, then was transferred to a nursing home, where he died.

Beata: re chat’s suggestion. That can be done. They offered it several times for the momster and I kept rejecting it out of hardheadedness. Check into this.

Beata@34: and you shouldn’t have to do that. The procedure to hydrate her seems like something that will work for her situation. You should do it.

Cmon Okies!!! Beat Nick Satan!

I’m just about holding my breath here.

Beata, it was only a few days, and he was not conscious. They don’t last long without the fluids. Still, as you say, it was the hardest part. My Dad said he saw Jesus right before he lapsed into the coma. He hardly ever spoke, but said Jesus and pointed. The hospice nurse was there and asked if he saw Jesus and he nodded. She said she had seen that before.

@31: Hospice was not helpful. I had it for her a few months ago and then revoked it. They promised a lot of things and didn’t provide them.

Hospice does not suggest withholding food or fluid. Also, there may be more than one hospice provider.

HT!!! Hugs and condolences!

Ouuuuuu…lil Nicky looks upset!!! 😆

Nick is coming unhinged over there on the sideline.

They recommended to me that I stop hydrating my Dad when he was in a coma. I was concerned about him suffering of course, but they (the Dr & Nurse) said it wouldn’t cause him to suffer and that he was dying and his brain and organs were shutting down. He died a day or two later. I did wet his mouth with the sponges and the water lay in his throat. It was hard, but he had come to hate life. He had had an amazing life and hated being old and bedridden and helpless. He wanted to die on his clock and not have his life artificially extended. He actually lived much longer than his Drs or he himself ever expected. We feel good about our care of him his last few years, we took him on several vacations, and many fun events, when he was in the assisted living home, we visited or had him constantly. We made his last few years as happy as possible.

Fredster @ 43 & 44, Ha! Good, I will check out your youtube later. My guys are watching the game & of course rooting for OK. My mom is from OK. Omg, they just got another TD!


Y E S !

Laker said to me “what have I told about calling Nick Saban, Nick Satan?” & I said, “that’s its an insult to Satan?” An oldie, I know.

YES and YES and YES!!! Lil Nickey will throw his players under the bus once again.

Hilarious! Love the jumping thing.

Oh the gumps will be crying in their beer on Bourbon Street. 😆

Whoa! They sacked him 7 times?!?

annie@50: I luv collecting those smiley gifs and using them when I can.

So, I wonder who you and Chat will be rooting for in the Championship game in Pasadena? Pasadena’s population is giddy with excitement at having 2 bowls. The businesses are looking forward to the extra income.

annie@54: Oh it won’t be Auburn. Go Noles!!!

Pasadena’s population is giddy with excitement at having 2 bowls. The businesses are looking forward to the extra income.

Nola loves it when they get a twofer like the Sugar Bowl and then the Super Bowl. Those dollars just roll in.

btw, Chat, love your post, you chose your stories well. I just read it, when I first popped in, went right to the comments to see if you guys were watching the game.

What is Noles?

Chat lives in FL, but isn’t her alma mater in GA? And isn’t Auburn the main rival to the Red Tide?

annie: It’s the Fl. State Seminoles…Noles.

And yes chat graduated the Univ. of Ga, but they play Auburn each year and the two are not, shall we say, friendly.

Auburn and Alabama do have an instate rivalry but Auburn also has a rivalry with Ga and Alabama also has a couple of SEC rivalries too.

Ahh…thanks for explaining. I know more about the Pac 12 rivalries.

@annie: Yeah it’s difficult to know the rivalries for the conferences that don’t involve your fave team.

The folks on who are LSU fans are having a field day over the Bama loss. LOL! I haven’t been to yet to see what the bama people are saying but they will be in big time denial.


Red Cross of Oklahoma on Sugar Bowl: ‘We understand Alabama’s need for relief and privacy during this difficult time’


Annie, there are a lot of “border wars” in the SEC. Georgia has 5 borders – NC (different conference) SC (the other USC), Tennessee (UT and Vanderbilt), Alabama (Bama and Auburn) and FL (gd Gators)., Therefore, we have six archenemies, plus the instate battle with Georgia Tech. So, here’s to you, Tide!

@63; do you hear the calls now? :Pawwwl, this is unasseptible. Just unasseptible, Pawwwwwwwl.”

Beata: late getting back to you, but I did go the ‘long route’ with my mother, who would not take water nor food. (I gave up on food after the first time it came back up.) I almost lost my nerve but had a doctor come to the apartment. He said this was a natural way for her to go. I was surprised at how very long it took since I had long read that ‘castaways’ can go much longer without food than without water. (But that does not seem to apply to those dying in bed.)

As to hospice care: most wait too late. My brother-in-law died the very day they began to help with home care. OTH, family called in hospice for my sister (in another state) and that organization has substituted nursing advice for doctor visits. She continues to have painfully swollen legs.

I have a DNR for my in-her-50’s Downs daughter, and end-of-life instructions for me in the fridge door, plus a son empowered to see that my wishes are carried out. I have cared for too many elderly relatives and a husband whose stroke rendered him essentially helpless: I would choose to go more quickly.

The rule of thumb is “3”. Three minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

chat@63: posted Saban’s post-game news conference but I didn’t watch it. I didn’t want to see him throw his players under the bus yet again.

Hey all!

I’ve already blocked most of 2013 out of my mind! So I can’t say what my favorite was!

I will say in Carlos Dangers’ defense that the second bout of oversharing didn’t come as he ran for Mayor; those photos were shared much sooner, but only leaked when he ran for Mayor. And the young lady he shared with has already gone on to make adult films. I will say I’d always heard he was actually a big jerk (sorry, no puns intended!) and a bully, but I’d never seen it until he went on the Bill Maher show not too long ago. He was there to discuss Obamacare and his overselling of it and quite rude behavior to the other guests was quite telling.

I still think Hillary will decide not to run!

What do you football fans think of the Chris Kluwe article on why he was fired from his team?

I thnk Chris might be right about why he was fired.

I believe every word that he said. Apparently, many of his brethren agree with him, and retirees with the stature of Michael Strachan have openly supported the concept, so the old straight white guys that run football at all levels may just want to get the message,

These Kluwe stories are very interesting to me. And I know nothing about football! I only know him from that hilariously amazing letter he wrote to the right-winger politician about gay marriage. He was very brave to stand up – he knew he’d get at the very least peer pressure to shut up. Obviously it was more than that. So I’m curious to see how this story plays out over time.

The actual percentage of gays in the general population leads me to believe that there is likely an equal percentage of gays in sports.

@75: Really why shouldn’t there be?

Oh, exactly so. It only stands to reason.

RIP. Phil Everly.

OMG! And we were just talking about them the other day!

Yep. Thought of that as I was posting it.

Omg! So sad about Phil Everly.

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