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Sushi and the shoe drop in Key West

Sushi and the shoe drop in Key West

Note:  Our madamab is in the wilds of…someplace where she doesn’t have internet access so I’m taking her post for today

Yes fellow Widdershins we have survived another year.  So what will 2014 bring?  To be honest, who the hell knows.  Will the Repubs and Paul Ryan succeed in making cuts to Social Security so he can starve granny even more than with the food stamp cuts?  Will we face another possible shut down in the government since Congress will need to deal with another debt ceiling increase?  Again, have no idea.  One would hope that the Repubs, tea-partiers et al learned something the last time but I wouldn’t really count on it.  However, for one day, let’s not worry about it, and be just like Scarlett.  I and Chat have football games to watch, her Dawgs and my Tigers both play bowl games today.  Here is wishing success to both of our teams.  And those aren’t the only games on today.  I have several on my schedule highlighted to watch today including (ugh!) Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  Go Sooners is all I can say.  Oh and I also hope that if Bama wins, that their drunken-ass fans will behave better than a previous time they were in Nola.

And speaking of the New Year, how many of y’all make New Years’ Resolutions?  And, how good are you at keeping those resolutions?  You can take the handy-dandy polls below to give your answers.

Happy New Year Widdershins!


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