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Flipping 2013…

Posted on: December 31, 2013

A great New Year’s Eve Widdershin friends.

To say goodbye to 2013 is not at all unpleasant for me. It hasn’t been the worst of years, but it hasn’t been the bestStop watch 2013 and 2014 of years by a long shot. It has been the consummate “meh” year. Here are a few things I remember, please add to them.

The stock market rose 30% for the year meaning a paper gain in wealth of $5.2 Trillion, but somehow nearly every single Republican in the House of Representatives thought the exorbitant amount of $1.33 a meal was too much to spend by way of food stamps on the poor.

Edith Windsor, after a 30-year loving relationship with Thea Spyer, got a huge estate tax refund courtesy of the Supreme Court saying, “Duh, DOMA’s not fair.”

Miley Cyrus dropped a Wrecking Ball on Hannah Montana.

A meteor hit Russia with a big blast and then Edward Snowden did too.  Snowden liked the airport terminal so he stayed. Between the two, most Russians would probably prefer keeping the meteor and sending Snowden into outer space.

We have 5.7 million missing workers — people who have dropped out of the workforce and have stopped actively looking for work. Rand Paul thinks they should be treated like starving artists since they need to suffer a little more.  Rand, the off-sprung of Ron Paul, believes cutting them off unemployment is the least we can do for them. Uncharacteristically accurate, he is right — doing absolutely nothing for them is indeed the very least we can do.

During 2013, there were a bunch of people wandering around shouting to themselves in the streets.  Remarkably, it wasn’t Congress. It was the Google Glass testers. I wonder if anyone at Google Galactic headquarters thought about pairing them up.

2014 pushing 2013We were almost at war with Syria until we weren’t. Sadness prevailed among the neocons until someone finally looked at an atlas and figured out Iran was close enough to count on their “Start a War” coupon cards. The added bonus is the fun of going about scuttling Iranian peace negotiations. Why talk when you can bomb?

It seems the biggest event of 2013 was reliving a horrific event of 1963. Abraham Zapruder knew we didn’t need to see the blood spatter explosion. Fifty-years later, I wish the cable channels had exhibited his sense of decency.

It seems like 2013 was the year of the filibuster. Wendy Davis used it to protect the reproductive health care of Texas women. Rand Paul used it to protect, as he said, “Jane Fonda from being killed by a drone while having a cup of coffee at a sidewalk café.” And Ted Cruz used it to hear himself drone on and on and on.

Prince George arrived courtesy of Kate and Wills — here’s hoping he has more Middleton than Windsor genes.

Anthony Weiner needed a pair of jeans before his selfie fest.

Chris Christie was re-elected governor of New Jersey spouting off about building bridges. Too bad his henchman watched too many Soprano reruns and closed the George Washington Bridge.

Given the way Kim Jong Un treats family, Dennis Rodman should quiet down on calling him “brother.”

3D printing became an issue for all those NRA aficionados who envisioned their Second Amendment rights entitled them to whip up a gun in the middle of the night in case they couldn’t get to any of the 50,000 gun shops or gun shows.

Paula Deen thought 2013 was a pretty good year until she realized it wasn’t 1863.Firewords 2014

2013 was the year where House Republicans thought it was a good idea to vote 47 times to repeal the right of about 50 million Americans to get healthcare.  They also thought it was a travesty for a few percent to no longer be allowed to pay premiums for bogus trash policies covering nothing. Just one of many examples of their 2013 consistent inconsistency.

Breaking Bad ended. George Zimmerman continues.

Pope Francis made it cool to wear old shoes and care about the poor. He thinks we’ve heard enough about abortion and gay marriage. He thinks we should hear more about healing and helping. An unpopular philosophy for the “pious for profit” crowd.  I’m betting on Pope Francis.

At $25 Billion, the government shutdown proved to be the most expensive tantrum ever staged on the planet, but North West is still less than a year old.

Please add your thoughts from 2013, this is an open thread.



19 Responses to "Flipping 2013…"

This past year might best be described as annoying.

Well damnit, the “like” widget is hanging up on me. For the record: I liked this post.

for me the year was between “meh” and annoying. Won’t mind seeing it pass by the wayside.

And thanks Prolix for reminding us of all the news we needed to remember was just “ookie”. I don’t know how to spell that word. LOL!

Ahhh!! Some Ella. Great choice chat!

Sorry I haven’t been around today.

Hope everyone has a great New Year’s eve.

Great post, Prolix. Loved your Christmas list too!

Happy New Year, Widdershins!

Happy New Year to you too Prolix and Sophie CT also.

For those who have a rather strong constitution, Anderson Cooper tweeted a nude picture of Kathy Griffin. Somewhere Anthony Weiner is chomping at the bits and sobbing about what could have been…

Prolix@9: LOL!! So glad I’m watching Duke and the Aggies.

While I know that the NY Ball gets a lot more attention, let me introduce you to “La Gran Naranja”. Ours goes up, rather than down.

In Key West, they drop a drag queen in a red pump

chat@12: I so want to capture a pic of that….and I just got it! It goes on the post for tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone!!!! It’s gonna be a good year, right??? 🙂

Happy New Year, Widdershins!

DYB and Beata, many hugs.

Happy New Year Widdershins! Great post Prolix! Yes, it was a meh year! Hopefully, we’ll all have special things happen in 2014. Its a beautiful morning here, and I’m off to work.

Fredster, hubbie watched that Aggie/Duke game. He said the Manziel kid did play fabulously. He’s looking forward to the Rose Bowl.

annie@17: Yes he did play well, in the 2nd half. The first half it was all Duke which was quite surprising, imo.

DYB??? Hello!!! HNY to both you and Beata.

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