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Posted on: December 23, 2013

christmas shopping crowds

For me this would be suicide

Here’s Fredster’s wish and hope that your Christmas or Holiday or whatever will be exactly what you wish it to be.  Whether that is a big gathering with tons of family around or whether it’s a situation where you will be going the solo route.  Sometimes we don’t have a lot of choice.  And then sometimes we do have a choice and our preference is to be more on the solitary side.  Growing up, many, many times Christmas was just with my parents and me.  There were times my father could not get leave for the Christmas period and so we would “celebrate”, just the three of us.  Obviously we couldn’t or didn’t make it a big whoop-de-do with just two adults and one child.

I’m also not going to tell you to be joyful about anything just because it’s the Christmas season.  Sure, I’m willing to say that probably most of us are “holding on” and getting by, but I don’t know what the situation is for each and every one of you so I’m not going to tell you to be joyful with situations I know nothing about.

So here’s hoping you have an enjoyable Christmas doing whatever it is you want to do.  If you have some things in life that you are joyful about now, that’s great!  I would raise a drink to you except I don’t drink anymore so I’ll raise a “faux” drink to you!  I’ll catch y’all in a few days.

When we get inside I'm gonna pee on your Christmas tree

When we get inside I’m gonna pee on your Christmas tree (bah but no humbug)



Okay, so I won;t tell you what kind of a Christmas to have.

You know, this year for whatever reason just seems off in terms of the holidays. It just seems “not right” in some disjointed kind of way.

So, lest my “humbuggery” infests and infects the rest — enjoy your Christmas Eve eve.

chat@1: I don’t wanna be joyful. 😛

Know what you mean Prolix.

Hey, looks like we have dueling humbug + happy here. I’m ready to fall on the happy side, so now we’re even. Many hugs to all.

@2 Prolix, yes, something is “off”. Several of my friends have noticed this feeling.

@MB: No humbug, just a bah. 😉

@ Mary Luke, glad I’m not alone in that feeling, along with Prolix and your friends.

If anyone is around and interested, A&E is running a Duck Dynasty marathon. 😆

There will be plenty of time for bah later. And for Duck Dynasty, too.

Fredster, well written post. This year we chose to work our asses off and pay for our Cancun trip next Spring instead of doing anything for the holidays. Laker was totally cool with it (he is going to Cancun and sharing a room with his cousin–we are going with my sis & her husband and son, as it is both of our 25th anniversary). We have a lot going on next month, concerts and NAMM show, so we are content to rest up and save up this month.

annie: got a “thank you” from a friend I sent the Christmas ecards to and he said he and his wife just really had no “Christmas spirit” this year. When I read it I though “Thank you!! It’s not just me!!”.

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