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Posted on: December 21, 2013

From my family to your family Happy Holidays!

From my family to your family Happy Holidays!

Happy Winter Solstice Widdershins!  Sorry, but just could not resist the picture.

Fredster has been busy with Christmas/Holiday stuff just like some of you all have, believe it or not!  Plus, he still has one more gift-buying trip to make before Christmas.  Call this one the great booze chase.  So, he hasn’t had a great deal of time to look for the funny or odd news things that are out there.  I do, however, have a few great youtube vids for you.  Okay let’s move along…

Sadly this one has been updated since I saved it

Maybe being around the Kardashians has rubbed off on him too much, but Bruce Jenner apparently was going to have his Adam’s Apple “shaved”.

According to TMZ, the Olympian met with his surgeon in Beverly Hills to discuss a scar on his nose that hadn’t healed from having basal cell carcinoma removed. While in the office, he also had a consultation about getting a Laryngeal Shave, a procedure that would flatten his adam’s apple.

But then, after the news of this leaked out, Bruce changed his mind…for now that is.

Bruce Jenner called his Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Friday and cancelled his scheduled surgery to flatten his Adam’s Apple … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Jenner say he was upset information about the procedure leaked out and blamed people in the doctor’s office.  We’re told Bruce informed them he was taking his business elsewhere.

Well okay then!  And as that I’m quoting that bastion of truthfulness, TMZ, I’ll go ahead and add something else they wrote:

Multiple medical sources have told TMZ … getting a Laryngeal Shave is almost always the first step in gender reassignment.  Bruce scoffs at that, telling TMZ, “I just didn’t like my trachea.”

It does appear though that Bruce seems like one of those folks who love to have plastic surgery procedures done.  You can check it out for yourself here with some pics of Bruce through the years.  Bruce, we hardly know ye.

Sometimes bad things happen to…
well, bad people!

Maybe it was because he was robbing a credit union for educational employees or something but Larry Poulos of Arlington Texas had no more than just robbed the Educational Employees Credit Union of $5,000 when he himself got robbed minutes later.

Larry Poulos, of Arlington, allegedly handed a teller at the Educational Employees Credit Union a deposit slip with the word “bomb” scrawled on the back Tuesday, according to Dallas News.

The teller initially thought he was just kidding, but soon realized he was legitimately trying to rob the place. She gave him more than $5,000 in cash before he fled the store, according to the Dallas Observer, but not before he — and his “I *heart* Texas” shirt — were caught on surveillance camera.

Ole Larry beat a hasty retreat to his apartment, apparently trailing cash from the bag he was carrying.  Seeing this, neighbors called 911.  The neighbors then reported that a few minutes later, two large men walked into Larry’s apartment and then a few minutes later walked out carrying a bag.  When the cops arrived they found that Larry was bleeding from a place on his head.  Larry and his roommate said Larry had just been robbed.  Also, Larry was still wearing his “I *heart* Texas shirt, which had been seen in the surveillance video at the credit union.  🙄  As the HuffPo piece says:

Poulos faces federal robbery charges, while the folks who reportedly robbed him have not been caught.

His roommate was also arrested on an unrelated warrant.

And HuffPo adds this little karmic slap in the face:

Poulos isn’t the only alleged crook to get karma-slapped near-instantly. In May, a man tried to steal a woman’s cell phone and was hit by a bus immediately afterwards. He suffered only minor injuries.

Some assorted youtube videos I though were cute or amusing

This piece was on John Aravosis’ America blog and goes out to our singers here, Mary Luke and MB.

German is renowned for its long words. For example:


Which means “Danube steamship company captain.” They just cram all the thoughts together to make a much more convenient word.

Well someone has done a nifty video showing just how Germans go about creating such crazy long words. It’s a fun video, all in German, and most of it you’ll probably get – at least the first half – and if you speak any Romance languages you’ll probably understand the second half too.  But just in case you don’t, there’s a translation below the video.

Just to get your started the girl’s name is Barbara, and she’s known for her rhubarb cake – rhubarb in German is Rhabarber. So they call her Rhubarb Barbara, or Rhabarberbarbara…

And here is a supposed translation of the entire thing:

In a little village, there once lived a girl called Barbara. And Barbara was known everywhere for her rhubarbcake. So she was also called Rhubarbbarbara. Rhubarbbarbara quickly became aware that she could earn money with her cake and opened a bar, the Rhubarbbarbarabar. The Rhubarbbarbarabar ran well and quickly garnered customers, and the three best-known of these, three barbarians, came so often to the Rhubarbbarbarabar to eat pieces of rhubarbbarbararhubarbcake, that soon enough they were called rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarians. The rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarians had nice beards and when the rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarians wanted to groom their rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeards, they went to a barber. The one barber that could work on such a rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeard was thus a rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarber. The rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarber also went to the Rhubarbbarbarabar to eat pieces of rhubarbbarbararhubarbcake, festively drunk with a beer that was thus called Rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarberbeer. One could only buy the Rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarberbeer in a specific bar and the server in that Rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarberbeerbar was called Bärbel. And so the rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarians together with the rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarber and Rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarberbeerbarbärbel went in the Rhubarbbarbarabar to eat pieces of rhubarbbarbararhubarbcake and clink an ice-cold bottle of Rhubarbbarbarabarbarbarianbeardbarberbeer. Prost!”

Note:  on the video you can turn on the closed captions which are in German and then thoroughly confuse yourself!

Love this Star Wars edition of Bohemian Rhapsody!  (about 6 minutes)

Now you may think this is cruel, but if you’ve ever been bitten by a red imported fire ant (RIFA) you may get some satisfaction watching this video.  “RIFA are known to have a painful, persistently irritating sting that often leaves a pustule on the skin.”

Now who doesn’t love Pengys and who wouldn’t  love a pengy Christmas parade!

While we know we’ll celebrate the winter solstice with snow and ice in some areas here in the U.S., but in OZ down under it’s summertime so why not take the Black Swans out to ride some waves!

Finally, for all of y’all who have had gift wrapping duty for yourselves and others, let’s not forget Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunty Chippy and her Chip’s Tips for giftwrapping.

Okay, that’s all I have and as I said I have to go on the great booze chase today and we are expecting nasty, rainy, and possibly severe weather in tonight so I want to run my errands and huddle in for the evening.  The weather will probably come rolling through around 3:00 a.m. Sunday so that’s always a purrrfect time for severe weather!  Oy!

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Okay Widdershins, if you have any comments, please share them below.  Hope you have a great day!


12 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

The owner of the pengy march removed the video so I had to find another version of it!

Loved the surfing swans! I will check out the other vids when I get home tonite, which won’t be til late. Good thing I’m a night owl anyway.

Thought this fluffpo piece was interesting. I’ve been saying this myself since the 80s, that Reagan wrecked the country. Actually I don’t think he had any control himself, think he was a tool that the very rich used for their ends. I am always amazed when I hear people praise Reagan. His reign was clearly the time period when the corps started taking over the government and the workers started getting the shaft. I lived through this myself with every job I had. I will never forget Reagan’s “simplifiying” the tax code. What that meant was tax hikes for the middle class and poor and tax breaks for the rich and the corps. I was a single young woman at the time trying to put myself through school while working 1 and one half jobs. I filed long form 1040 and got money back every year. After the “tax simplification” I lost all my deductions, had to file short form and pay! I was working at a cement plant in Wash State at the time and the two accountants I worked for went to a meeting to learn about the new tax laws. The next day they were visibly shaken and were sad old men after that. They had been staunch repubs & Reagan lovers up to that meeting.

Gotta fly! Have a great Saturday Widdershins!

socal: Raygun was just an actor who hit his marks and said his lines. You will never convince me that he wasn’t having early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease by the end of his first term and certainly in his second term.

I think we should be more tolerant of Bruce Jenner with his trachea travails — I know I have several internal organs I have never seen, but I wish were more aesthetically pleasing. And the observation about his potential gender reassignment, the question I have about his alien species, just how many genders are there?

Honestly, how many people have the time to sit around and think about their tracheas?

That anthill art was pretty amazing. I just wonder what the blood alcohol was on the first person to say, “Hey, wonder what would happen if…”

Prolix@5: Oh I am (or try to be) tolerant of Bruce. Anyone who married into the Kardashian clan definitely has my sympathies!

That anthill art was pretty amazing. I just wonder what the blood alcohol was on the first person to say, “Hey, wonder what would happen if…”

That must be close to the redneck thing of “Hey watch this!” and then everyone runs!! 😆

@Rhubarbara: couldn’t be more timely, Fredster! I was at my voice lesson this afternoon, wrestling with Schumann, who somehow managed to compose music so beautiful in German – I know not how! I think I sounded like Rhubarbara!

@Mary Luke: LOL! I have to admit that I love sung German, anything from the Bach Chorales to the Beethoven 9th, to (some) operas. However, I could never be able to sing it and definitely I could not speak it; I tried once. i got a CD “learn German” thing because of two friends from long ago who are German and also a friend’s wife who is German. I struggled with it and finally said “Oh hell, they can understand me!”. 😆

For Rhubarbarann and the surfing swans:

I know someone who has made a serious study of the gender ‘question,’ and I seem to recall that there are five genders (and I do not refer to variations of male/female) in the ‘natural world’ away from ‘civilized’ cultures. Actually, I am not so sure we are the civilized ones, insisting that everyone must fit into our idea of ‘normal.’

chat@8: Cute!

I’m watching Tulane actually turning around a bowl game against U.L.-Lafayette. I’m surprised.

@7 Fredster, I’m with you. I don’t think memorizing pronunciation for a few songs will ever qualify as “speaking” German.

@8 Cute, Chat! LOL

@Mary Luke: Oh definitely not. I would practice my little phrases from the c.d. thing and then look at an actual German text and said to hell with it. 😛

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