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Morning Widdershins: We Told You So……….

Posted on: December 18, 2013

Good Wednesday, Widdershins,  Mad has a scheduling challenge, so you’re stuck with me today.

I’m quite certain that y’all remember the whole, messy 2008 primaries, where we were derided as racists, DINOs, occult Repubs, and any number of less-than-flattering appellations due to our intractable refusal to ascribe superhuman characteristics to the latest Messiah of the Far Left.

I am reasonably Far Left – have been for the vast majority of my life.  At least for long enough that I recognize a liberal when I see one, and I did not see a liberal when I gazed upon the junior Senator from Illinois.  Instead I saw a Javitz-style pro-business, socially moderate Northeastern kinda REPUBLICAN.    I’m familiar with them, as my father was an absolute Northeastern REPUBLICAN of the Javitz-Rockerfeller fiscally- conservative-socially-liberal variant.

Oh, but no.  I was told by dear friends that I could not be more incorrect. This Man was a victim of such crushing social injustice that he would right all that was so wrong with the current system.  I would argue reasonably that he grew up in America’s most color-blind state, graduated from Hawaii’s version of Phillips Andover and attended Ivy League schools, none of which sound even vaguely like social injustice to me, and be rewarded with patient but perceptible eye rolls.  One person who has been a friend for thirty years told me somewhat patronizingly that she realizes that I am from the South, and that likely explained my inability to relate.  She was unmoved by my retort that I grew up in the deep South during the Fifties and Sixties, and actually had more than a nodding acquaintance with social injustice, but what the hell?

Well, let’s take stock here now.  The Dow Jones is at a whole new zenith, and the number of Americans living in or near poverty is soaring.  (We told you so.) Rather than concerning himself with our rights, Barack Obama has pretty well left Bush’s surveillance apparatus in place with perhaps an enhancement or two. (We told you so.)  The ACA rewards industry handsomely for using business practices once considered to be standard and reasonable.  (Uh, huhn, we told you so.)  Three cheers for immigration rights, and the number of deportations is higher than it has been under any other American president.  (We told you so.) Much touted transparency has devolved into a tightly controlled image machine., with the once-adoring press frothing at lack of access. (Snicker.  Isn’t he cool?)  Iraq is a mess, Afghanistan is still in play, and the rest of the Middle East is lighting up like a Roman candle.  Yes, also thanks to Bush, but Bush did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize, either.  ( Et tu, Nobel Committee!!!)

So here we go again, Left-of-the-Left Wing Noise Machine. They do not want, will not have, cannot stand for Hillary Clinton.  No, siree, not gonna do it.  This time, however, there is some feeling that perhaps a woman might be a good idea, so let’s find an acceptable person, and run with it.  Enter newly-minted Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Elizabeth Warren is a great lady who is one of the most junior of all of our Senators.  She has yet to make her chops in Washington.  She has yet to learn the ropes.  She has yet to show us how to pull things off.  Please don’t do this again, because……………………



12 Responses to "Morning Widdershins: We Told You So………."

Shout it Sister! Amen and pass the butter. I’m witcha 10,000%.

Let’s add a few things to your most excellent list: Voters can expect to stand in longer lines carrying more ID than they ever had to do under Bush, more drones are flying and killing, one-half of Guantanamo detainees are cleared for release, but still are sitting in cells, regulations on “Too Big to Fail” are still sitting in the printer queues of Big Bank lobbyists, aid to homeowners who have been defrauded still sits idle, and the biggest most appalling thing that all this hope and change has earned us:

A budget only a half-tick off from the one Paul Ryan wrote out on a bar napkin telling the hungry and unemployed to suck it up because he read a woefully written book in college by a drug addled Russian emigre. The same Paul Ryan who has never had a job in the private sector in his life.

Somehow my sense of justice isn’t inspired.

Brava la chat!

And prolix, regarding Ryan, don’t forget that he availed himself of social security death benefits from father and I believe he has some family members who are receiving benefits from farm bill subsidies.

Couldn’t find the info about farm subsidies but they have greatly benefited from other government programs:

Just so we are clear here — this is how this budget dealio is shaping up: An increase, want to make sure you got that, an INCREASE of $22 Billion in defense spending and it is looking like, while not final, but it is looking like an $8 Billion cut in the SNAP program.

Add that to the effects of the Hopey Changey leadership.

Prolix@3: Well, Patty is from Washington and Boeing does have Defense contracts. The Repubs never wanted sequester or any other cuts to D.o.D.

Great post chat! I hope you’re feeling better.

Can you believe this shiz from Georgia?

@5: Yep. Sure can Jack Kingston is an ars’le.

Great post Chat! My colleagues and I were just talking about the travesty of the ACA last night, and the deal that Obama made with the insurance companies before he started it, and how it started out as a Heritage Foundation idea. And, one of my colleagues is British – he just can’t fathom the complete disaster that is our health care system. It was quite the conversation.

Unh unh unh, we told you so!

Checking in from snowy Massachusetts! Elizabeth Warren cannot do the job of president, no matter how acceptable she is to the “progressives” because she simply does not have the long-standing relationships in the Senate which Hillary worked for eight years to establish. We already look like idiots to the world. What credibility will we have at all if our elite yet again select a person virtually unknown in international circles over our brilliant Secretary and former First Lady – a woman who can get anyone on her now iconic phone in an instant!

Brava Mary Luke!! You said it sister!!

chat@10: Apparently he’s been after her for awhile. Checking him out he started out in Arky. But this article goes back to 2008.

Oh, I know that. But some teensy part of me held hope.

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