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Lazy Sunday Music: It’s Cold Outside

Posted on: December 15, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

I hear that it’s cold outside, most places anyhow.  Florida has declined to participate in winter this year, so the weather here is quite nice except for the tornado warnings.  We tend to have a coolish week between Christmas and New Year, but there’s no sign that this will even happen this year. What we think of as winter (high fifties, low sixties) arrives in February.

Let’s take today to celebrate wintry music – cold, ice, snow, etc.  There are many songs to choose from, and all genre are nicely represented.  Get the complaining out of everyone’s system, because it’s only 10 days till Christmas.

This is an open thread.

(1) Trains and Winter Rains – Enya

(2) Snowbound – Genesis

(3) Winter – The Rolling Stones

(4) Cold As Ice – Foreigner

(5) A Winter’s Tale – Queen


18 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: It’s Cold Outside"

Nice selection, Chat. Have a great day.

It’s 37 here and the wind chill is 29. Shhhheeeeeet!

I’m going to put up two versions of this. First one is with Ella.

This one is with Blaine and Kurt from Glee.

Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Winter

Oh what a lovely interception Tom Brady just threw! 😛

I wish that I had seen it. That is precisely when the cable died,.

chat@7: Oh hell!!!! And I can’t watch the Saints and St. Louis. We’ve got the Packers and Dallas. Meh.

Maybe I should count my blessings. Saints are getting creamed by St. Louis. Not what they need right now.

Hmmm….. it’s certainly not that the weather here is bad. Maybe they are having to drag people onto the planes kicking and screaming.

I think Mia and FFL are backed up due to flights coming in there that are delayed and then that’s delaying outbound flights.

Well the Saints game stunk, pure and simple. Almost glad I wasn’t able to see it. 😦

Wish I had seen the last 90 seconds of the Phins game, if only to have seen Tom Brady’s face.

Oh it was sweeeeet. I’m sure you’ll see it on the sports segment on your news.

Oops, I lied. Cold front coming – high will plummet to 75,.

chat@16: LOL! Get out the winter coats and boots.

Those would be sweatshirts and clogs.

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