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Posted on: December 9, 2013

Texting the elves or setting up a connection?

Good day Widdershins!  So is everyone getting all “Christmasy” feeling?  Well, I’m not. I tell you, I’m about ready to start shouting “Bah humbug!”.  It may just be the cold, rainy weather we’ve had lately, with one day’s respite and then it will continue for the next three days here.  Next, add in that the  crowds are starting to grow in all of the stores as we get closer to the day and I’m almost ready to scream!  I mean, I don’t expect to experience  crowds at Rite-Aid or Walgreens, but there they were!  👿

Now I have never been partial to large crowds, and maybe it’s because I don’t have any small children within the family to share Christmas with, but I seem to get less and less tolerant of the holiday crowds.  I will admit that when my niece and nephew were growing up it was fun to be around them as they opened up gifts and such, and I did enjoy going out to get their gifts and the same goes for getting them for the Momster and my Dad.  I suppose I’m just turning into an old Scrooge!

With that in mind, I thought I’d dredge up some really awful Christmas songs to put everyone in the same mood I’m in when it comes to “the Holidays”.  If you have any bad Christmas shopping experiences or bad songs to share feel free to share them in the comments below.

This song seems to be responsibility of the poor soul who sings(?) in it.  Gawd help him for inflicting this upon humanity.

I’m sorry Rosie, but a singer you are not.

Sorry, but Larry the Cable Guy doing much of anything, is, in my opinion,  bad.

I simply cannot believe he did this: ↓

A perennial favorite on these types of lists:

And lastly, one of Pat’s favorites:

Okay folks, it’s an open thread.  I’m gonna go back to my mutterin’ and grumblin’.



My fave is from The Pogues.

“Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it’s our last”

How about indulging your child with the lovely gift of potential mauling via large untamed mammal?

Beata@1: Well that about sums it up, doesn’t it? I wonder if that’s available on a holiday card? LOL!

chat: There are folks who would try to get that.

Haha! Those were all a hoot! I hate the BS-iness of Christmas also. The crowds, the materialism (special shout out to the Lexus commercials-for-the-really-rich), the tacky stuff everywhere, whether on tv or in the stores. Plus, people seem meaner and/or more depressed. My family in general is not into it. My sibs all do their own thing with their own fam, my mom goes to one of their houses for dinner. We also keep it very simple here in our household. A nice dinner and gifts, sometimes we go to a friends house for dinner. But we don’t make a fuss.

annie@5: I really do hate to sound like ole Ebeneezer, but I really wanted to just lose it when I was in first, Walgreens, and then Rite Aid. People were just all over the place in both stores and I had one simple thing to pick up which they were out of at Walgreens so hence the trip to Rite Aid. And this wasn’t on a Monday where people were lined up to get prescriptions. Note: I have a cynical point of view that folks call in sick on Monday and then call their doc to get something phoned in to the pharmacy, go pick it up and then they can always say “See, I was sick! The doctor phoned in this prescription!!” 😆

@2: The combo of that song with footage from Shirley Temple movies is just plain weird. It certainly put me in a Christmas mood! Ho-ho-ho. I admit I hate holidays in general. I try to ignore them as much as possible and hope they go away soon. Very soon.

I need to go yell at some kids to get off the ice rink that is my driveway. That should be fun. Have an awesome evening, everyone. Don’t get run over by a reindeer.

Stay warm Beata!

I love Christmas, and I do make a big deal of it. Unfortunately this cold is Scrooging up my preps.

chat@10: Okay, Beata and I promise not to show up at your door and Bah humbug you. 😉

My bungalow is a no bah-humbug zone.

@11: Well, I would “Bah Humbug” Chat at her door if I could get out of my driveway. That will probably be sometime in March.

@13: And chat would probably invite you in. 😆

I will refrain from mentioning the temp here.


@16 Now THAT is “bah humbug” material, Beata. I was feeling guilty for being so unmotivated about Christmas…so glad I came here!

This is what our Christmas parade looks like/

Both good ones Beata and chat, as I sit here, temps in the low 40s and dreary rain coming down. Bleh.

chat, they do those parade of lights at most of the harbors here on left coast also. I’ve been to many. They are really pretty. When hubbie & I first got married we lived in a nice community called Westlake and we lived right on the fake lake. The residents there would also do a fun little parade of lights & it was fun to sit on our deck with hot cocoa with lots of booze and watch it go by.

We spent a few Christmases at Hawaii btw. Also some Thanksgivings. My Dad loved to go in November or December.

More holiday fun in Florida:

I like that the woman who wanted the Nativity scene didn’t mind the Festivus pole at all and chalked it all up to free speech.

ANd just occasionally the weirdest things in FLA accidentally make sense.

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