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Remain Calm, Etc: Sick Day

Posted on: December 5, 2013

Good Thursday, Widdershins.

I have a nasty cold, and to add insult to injury, I have had a recurrence of sciatica.  Needless to say, Chat is trés blu.

I’m going to stagger back to the sofa with my kleenex, a bottle of cough syrup, the heating pad and some orange juice.  I’m planning to watch old movies as opposed to the news channels lest I add acute depression to my list of diagnoses.

In the meantime, feel free to cuss and discuss any topic that strikes your fancy.


10 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Sick Day"

Chat, please keep calm and feel better.

The other night I watched and read because of the subtitles, “Black Book,” and it is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Highly recommend it if you have Netflix.

Thanks, Prolix.

Well, shit, Chat. It sucks to be sick. Take it easy. Baby yourself. Try to enjoy a movie and/or a long nap. Definitely avoid the news. It sucks, too. I hope you feel better very soon.

There’s a good 1960’s movie on TCM early tonight: “Bunny Lake is Missing” directed by Otto Preminger. It’s a psychological thriller if you are in the mood for that. Includes a fun cameo by Noel Coward. Otherwise try a light comedy or musical.

Beata@3: Oh Bunny Lake is a pretty good one. I’ve seen that before.

I’m having a fun day with, I guess, allergies. Nose is running like a water hose and the eyes are irritated and “itchy”. And of course the weather doesn’t help. It’s in the 70s and a front will pass through and then we’ll drop down into the 30s at night and maybe in the 40s tomorrow. Still, better than the ice storm that looks like it’s getting ready to hit the middle of the country.

We’re getting freezing rain now. I can hear it hitting the windows. It’s supposed to continue until early Friday morning when it will change over to snow. Then temps in the single digits. Yuck.

Beata, be careful. Watching the weather channel, it looks like some of this winter storm and ice will be heading your way. They are talking about this ice storm being bad, taking down electrical wires and such.

@6: The ice is already starting to coat tree branches here which is not good. That could bring branches down on power lines. I am not at all prepared for this. I need med refills and groceries. A friend was going to take me to the pharmacy and grocery store tomorrow morning. I hope that can still happen.

@7: Mandela had such a long full life. His accomplishments were absolutely amazing. May he R.I.P.

Beata: Try to get those meds and groceries asap! Do you think you could get someone to take you today to do those things?

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