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Posted on: December 4, 2013


Widdershins, Mad is taking a well-deserved break today, so I thought that it might be interesting both to hear from Pat (even in absentia), and to discuss her 2013 predictions.  See what you think, and chime in below the original comments. – love, chat.

It’s that time on the calendar to begin to look forward to a better year than the one that has passed but I’ve got to admit, I’m “not feeling it”.   My inner cynic finds this almost an impossibility.

Congress cannot get its act together to even come close to serving the American public but instead are engaged in another “fiscal battle game of chicken” where a few moronic holdouts would rather watch the nation fall into the abyss before they would even consider raising tax rates on the very rich.

But in the “spirit” of the season, I have managed to come up with a few “predictions” of my own. Feel free to agree or disagree as yours are as good as mine as we sit and wait for the sound of us plunging off the cliff and further into despair:

1. John Boehner will be re-elected into the role of Speaker of the House not because he has done such a great job, or that his popularity has risen to new heights, but because the congressional GOP is looking at even worse candidates seeking that title and even they are not crazy enough to consider “Speaker Cantor” as a substitute.

2. The Tea Party as we know will begin to lose its clout. Should we actually find ourselves going over the “fiscal cliff” they will begin to feel the backlash their obstructionism has produced. Watch for those who originally backed this movement to put a lot of sunshine between them and their own ambitions if I read this one correctly.

3. Barack Obama will finally reveal his admiration for Richard Nixon which will put to rest all those rumors referring to him as a DINO thus validating what some of us have suspected all along.

4. Hillary Clinton will write another book thus paving the way for her run in 2016.

5. Chris Christie will either go on a serious diet or undergo lapband surgery in preparation for his announcement to do the same.

6. Climate change will continue to wreak havoc across the globe showing us that it may be too late to correct our past indifference to the warnings that went unabated.

7. The effort to ban assault weapons will eventually subside – as it always does – until the next tragedy when lip service will be paid but will eventually subside until the next tragedy.

8. Scott Brown will announce his intentions to run again for the Senate.  He may very well win.

9. Michele Bachmann will announce her plans to run for the Senate.  No, she hasn’t gone away.

10. The Kardashians will continue to make millions based on nothing more than having their pictures taken.  Talent not a requirement.

11. Donald Trump will never STFU as long as Fox News allows him a forum to spew his crapola.

12. In the meantime, Fox will drop Sarah Palin from its lineup in hopes of raising its IQ with other “deep thinkers” like Michele Malkin and Ann Coulter.

13. The Supreme Court will rule against same sex marriage. I can feel this one in my bones.

14. The Boston Red Sox will have a better season but I’m not holding my breath.

15.  Lindsay Lohan will face arrest for something.

My prediction is that very little will change in 2013. It will stand as a replay of the past 4 years where politics trumps the common good with each side vying to maintain power at the expense of the rest of us.

For the most part we will have to wait until the midterm elections in 2014 to see any change so for now it may be best to just sit back and prepare for a repeat of all we have come to despise when the word “leadership” is tossed out there like a chew toy.

The same old playbook sung to the strains of “Auld Lang Syne”.

Bottoms up!



Pat i would love it if #3 actually came true!

Pat, your Prescience is to be admired – all truly will occur although I’m not so sure about Boner. Like Mary Luke (BBS) if Obama actually came out as a Nixonite, that would be better – after all Nixon was more progressive (albeit paranoid) than most of the democrats of this era.

Pat I’m with you on #8 as well. Ed Markey is no match for Scott Brown in the important areas, like playing to the media. Heck, Brown’s married to the media. I think a certain portion of the Massachusetts population just likes the idea of having one republican around. After all, they elected Romney. And speaking of media, they are so out of touch that they are already extolling Markey as the savior of MA from the evil republicans. Not so fast.

(After all, if we’re voting media savvy and looks, Ben Affleck would have been more likely to defeat Scott Brown!)

Tsk, tsk BBS, what would your daughter say if she looked at this comment? Mind you Ben Affleck is very nice to look at, so I think it is a very cogent comment in this age of the Kardawhatevers. So much for good governance – pick the pretty one?

Oops just reread the comment and it came off as a subtle attack on BBS. Mea Culpa – I would never attack Mary Luke or any other regular. Must be all that wine I imbibed tonight (just woke up) Please forgive me – I’m not normally that agressive.

It’s interesting, the Scott Brown prediction may well indeed come true, but this time he might run from New Hampshire. When there are acceptable nudie pictures of you, the world is your oyster or something like that.

Who would have thought the Kardashians would have to recruit someone with a messianic complex to keep them relevant? Really! Sometimes a former Olympic decathlon winner publicly going through gender/species reassignment just isn’t enough.

It’s amazing how many were spot on.

Hey y’all. I had a doctor appt and labs to get done today, trying to get in everything I can before the end of the year, plus getting a couple of scripts filled and faxed while I still have the el-cheapo co-pays for them. I’ll be back later.

Attn: Annie and our other Cali friends. From the Weatherbug:

The coldest air of the season so far is infiltrating far south into California. Residents of the major metropolitan areas from San Diego to San Francisco, including the greater Los Angeles and Sacramento areas, will have their furnaces working overtime tonight and early Thursday.

A large dip in the jet stream across the western U.S. swept a cold front across southern California late Tuesday. This is allowing cold and dry air to surge southward across the state. With the cold air in place, clear skies and winds calming tonight, the entire state will cool down rapidly after sunset.

Pat’s prediction that very little would change in 2013 proved correct. It was like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

I have hopes but no predictions for 2014. I hope next year’s elections will turn the country in a more liberal and sane direction. I also hope the Cubs will win the World Series and IU football will triumph in the Rose Bowl game.


You’re right. It’s c-o-l-d here. All the way down to 40 tonight! Send blankets! (I have relatives in Wisconsin, and you never heard anybody laugh so hard as when I was complaining about this.) But really. For us, it’s cold.

What I want to know, though, is this: If I can get a million for having my picture taken, where do I go? I could use a million about now!

You ain’t kidding! Its freezing here. But, pyscho that I am, I went out today in shorts and a sweater! We turned on the heat though, and I drank hot tea all day.

Interesting post. Looks like she got most of them right.

Fredster, hope your Dr visits turned out well.

I enjoyed the past couple days posts, but too tired to comment.

@11: Stay warm, Annie!

We are under a winter snow storm alert Thursday and Friday. Next week’s low temps here will be 5 degrees or less.

Son of a gun, it sounds like big fun.

@13: Bundle up, Quixote!

@10: That was very smart, Fredster. Hope it all works out well for you.

I need to see the eye doctor and have a few other medical things done before the end of the year, too. I have been so focused on my mother’s health lately that I have been neglecting my own.

La was commenting the other night. Now we need to hear from HT.

HT, where are you? Check in and let us know how you are! I miss you!

Sigh. We’re back in the 80’s here.

Regarding Pats prediction about Scott Brown, this just popped up:

He’s thinking of running for senate in New Hampshire?!?!

@20: Scott Brown should stick to selling bobblehead dolls on Facebook. I think he’s found his true calling there.

It’s amazing how many were spot on.

Indeed. But I’m very happy Lucky 13 was one of the ones that did not come true.

quixote and annie: Saw on the bug that it might get down really cold in the Central Valley:

The fertile Central Valley will see temperatures dip into the upper 20s, with rural areas plummeting into the low 20s. These temperatures will damage crops and endanger exposed livestock.

(sigh) There goes the produce and oranges. 😉

Scott Brown reminds me of the local politicians in La who are term-limited and once they hit that limit in one job, they start scanning the horizons for the next elected job they can go for and foist themselves on the electorate again. Perhaps if he runs he’ll lose that race too and he will take the hint.

@22: Amen sister!

welcome back Pat….Hugs Michael

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