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In us we mistrust…

Posted on: December 3, 2013

Good afternoon Widdershins.  Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving and Yerwelcome Days were bountiful in the pleasant memories they produced for you and your families.

It must be December.  Just like clockwork the one-sided “War on Christmas” has erupted in its annual skirmish.  That War on Christmasinimitable wartime correspondent, Bill O’Reilly, armed with his faithful soapy loofahs, has once again sworn his perennial fealty in protecting the “good Americans” so they can “worshop” at the nearest mall of choice comforted with the Muzak of the season.

Last night’s breaking news from the war front:  “Rhode Island has officially dubbed their celebratory state tree a Christmas tree instead of an atheistic conifer otherwise known as a Holiday tree.”  Crisis avoided.

December also brings us a Congress where both Houses will be in simultaneous session for four overlapping days.  That’s right — four whole days.

There’s quite a bit on the congressional to-do list.  There’s things like immigration, worker job discrimination, increasing the minimum wage, unemployment benefits, retraining benefits for displaced workers, reforms to the tax code, a jobs bill, a water bill, confirming Janet Yellen for Fed Chair, numerous judicial vacancies, continuing the ban of plastic guns that fire real bullets, and a little worrisome thing hanging out there — funding the federal government.

Not to worry though, this Congress will be record-setting.  The record they are set to break is for the least productive Congress in the history of the country.  Previously that honor belonged to the 1995 Congress led by the “Gingrich who stole Congress” with a total of 88 public laws passed.  This Congress, led by the burnt umber Boehner, has passed less than 60 public laws.

Future member of Congress?

Future member of Congress?

Let’s take an example of the illusive logic dogging these over-employed legislators who could be favorably compared to rutabagas in stretch wigs if it were not so insulting to root vegetables everywhere.

Without being able to definitively inflict the pain of a $40 Billion cut in food stamps, Congress has passed no farm bill.  Without a farm bill, there are no commodity price supports.  Without them, be prepared for milk costing $7.00 a gallon.  That’ll teach those food stamp moochers who dare to splurge on milk for their children.  Hopefully, it will teach the rest of us the corrosive futility of electing a bunch of people who believe the First Amendment should stop after, “Congress shall make no laws.”

There was a small article over the weekend that might shed some light on why Congress is so abysmally dysfunctional.  The article recited the findings of a survey concluding that, “Americans don’t trust one another.”  Only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted.  In 1972, one-half of Americans felt that way.  Two data points result in an alarming trend line.

Regrettably, we see others not with the potentiality of goodness, but rather with a jaundiced eye of preordained potential for evil.

In explaining our wary nature, two-thirds of Americans say, “You can’t be too careful and you have to be suspicious in all Trust torn 2your everyday encounters.”  With crime falling in both the 1980s and 1990s and now at, or near, an all time low for violent crime, we have constructed personalized penitentiaries steeped in the mistrust of others.

With these self-imposed sentences of less civility and increased social isolation, we have lost a true sense of a shared national fate.  It is no longer “united we stand,” but rather “divided we feel reinforced in the isolation of our mistrust.”

Is there any question why a fictitious ginned-up issue like a “War on Christmas” so conveniently exists?  Or why it is such heresy to aspire toward healthcare coverage for those who face bankruptcy with an emergency room visit?  Or why it is acceptable to carry handguns in churches, in bars, or even on playgrounds?  We have withdrawn our helping hands and instead filled them with firearms to do battle not with an unseen foe, but with ourselves.

Maybe — just maybe, a Congress based on the loudest, angriest, least informed malcontent sitting in the back row at a town hall is more representative than we would dare to believe.  I hope not.

This is an open thread.


6 Responses to "In us we mistrust…"

The War on Christmas diverts everyone’s attention from the War on Us.

@1, and the list of casualties is climbing. I am really amazed how calmly everyone takes the constant reminders about the obscene concentration of wealth. No one seems to mind that it is a chronically debilitating condition for the economy and it bodes poorly for the long term.

The record they are set to break is for the least productive Congress in the history of the country

If Harry Truman had the “do nothing Congress” what the hell can these fools be called?

This is when we could use a newly-minted M.B.A. to whop a bunch of metrics on this crowd to measure how effective they are at their jobs.

continuing the ban of plastic guns that fire real bullets

I did see that the critters managed to pass that one. Amazing!

Love the cartoon with O’Reilly!

I think the turnip brains are already in Congress.

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