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Lazy Sunday Music: Post Tryptophan Edition

Posted on: December 1, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

I don’t know how y’all are feeling, but I’m still semi-somnolent.  The tryptophans are wearing off, but I’m still tired from Thanksgiving, exhausted and saddened by the end of CFB season, and looking around at the amount of stuff that needs to be done to get ready for Christmas.  The BFF retrieved the Christmas stuff from my storage facility, and I do not exaggerate when I tell you that every flat surface of my living room, dining room, and hall are littered with potential joy.  There’s just not a lot of time to be allotted for a post Thanksgiving collapse.  Stimulus is required, and quickly, please.

I’ve made my list of five songs that might just get me going, and I’d appreciate your input.  Please post any tunes that come to mind, and anything else that’s on your mind, in this wide open thread.

(1) Conga – Miami Sound Machine, 1985

(2) Shout – The Isley Brothers, 1967

(3) Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy – Big and Rich, 2004

(4) Higher and Higher – Jackie Wilson, 1967

(5) Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry, 1976

(6) Banana Boat Song – Harry Belafonte, 1956


27 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Post Tryptophan Edition"

I can take Holly Dolly in small doses.

Yep. Most move[worthy selections.

Hey, all. Touching base.

I am unable to send out email from the address we all have for each other. It has been this way for quite some time. We need to touch base.

I struggled to even post here. Couple of times it gave me error messages after I submitted the comment. And that was while logged onto WordPress.

I am going to send Pat and MB an email through another account. When you two see an email come through from an unfamiliar account, tis I. I want to touch base with you all about some work I have continued. Research work. Will check back in a bit after I send out the email to see if anyone checks in. Perhaps come back for a couple tunes. Really, really, awesome to still see all the familiar names and avatars. Hey, Chat and Fredster.

Hi La-t-da! So good to see you here. Please don’t be frustrated if it takes me a little while to respond. I am now traveling every week for work and have very little time/energy left over to post. Hope all is well.

La, it’s so great to see you! Hope you are okay.

No problem on your response time. So glad you responded! Just really really wanted to make sure we still have email contacts. I did send out the email. Just let me know you got it that way I know you have some contact info for me. I am so glad you checked in. Best to you and yours, as always.

Oh, Beata, what a treat. So glad to see you. I think of you often. Just earlier to day as matter of fact. Saw the name Beata while reading something today actually. Prompting me get over here and make sure we all still have contact.

Things have actually been pretty hairy. Maybe not quite as hairy as fuzzy’s face in his avatar image…lol…but pretty challenging. Hope you are okay as well.

I still love music though. My taste are pretty diverse but this one is good to help sum up some of the challenges along the way.

Another on from that album. Great album!

Something a little different been listening a lot to lately during my research project.

@13: La, we still have that ESP connection or something. I looked at your avatar under The Widdershins’ front pagers list earlier today and thought about you, hoping you might get in touch with us. Now here you are. Did you hear me calling to you?

Goddess bless, all. Good touching base.

Yes, dear, I can still hear others calling through the frequencies when the calls go out. I actually have quite an amazing journey to share with you. Some of out connection here and at the other blog we were on for a while.

Hold on to your booty, Beata. In some of the sociological work I have continued that goes along with a huge genealogy project I took on, seems I come from a long line of Jesuit Missionaries. A couple became Priest that were part of the founding of one of the Jesuit Universities. Another a Mother Superior. I am about to go to a shrine where she was as a Mother Superior next week. I will be carrying in my pocket a medallion of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. A woman whom I never met in person, that I worked with on another blog during the primaries of 2008, had mailed it to me way back then. The smallest of worlds, encircling back around.

Hope you are well, Beata, and I hold you all very dearly, and always will. Even a note given to me by a stewardess with words of support and continued courage, along with a little bag of airplane goodies she had handed me as I was getting off the plane, when I went to Oregon to traveler in the primaries, hangs on my refrigerator. Just pulled it out of a file the other day and hung it up there. How can we not all still think of each other.

@21: That is fascinating, La. I hope you find what you are searching for in your pilgrimage to the Shrine. Be well. Say a prayer for my mother there if you are so inclined.

I have not forgotten the people I came to know in 2008. Many of those relationships were bittersweet but worth remembering nevertheless for the lessons I learned from them.

I do feel so inclined, Beata. And, I will. @19 Was with thoughts of your mother when I posted it. I will give it another listen before going to bed. I will check in later in the week. Nite.

Hey la!!! Good to hear from you!! (bad typing at fast speed while watching football!)

And, one more refresh before off to bed appeared Fredster! I am so pleased. Will check out some of your front page work when I check back in. Nice!

Good night, La. Sleep well.

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