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Yerwelcome Day…

Posted on: November 29, 2013

Hear ye, hear ye Widdershinners!  I propose we start a new tradition and it starts today.  Instead of fretting about what obscene wee hour Black Friday shopping starts, the new tradition I propose is to take this day after Thanksgiving to think about how many times we have been fortunate enough  to utter a simple, “Your welcome,” in our daily lives.Your welcome package

Thanksgiving is a good day to take stock of all things for which we are thankful.  Taking Friday to assess how many times we have done something worthy of a “thank you,” seems fitting.

We all have buckets of emotional energy.  The best way to fill our buckets with positive energy is to fill the buckets of others with good words or good deeds and to keep our dippers out of the buckets of others.  See, the parable of The Dipper and the Bucket.

Negativism is easy.  It isn’t the product of particularly stellar intellectual activity.  It is common and pedestrian.  It saps life energy.  It is polarizing and stultifying.  It isn’t happy-making.

Your welcome sign languagePositivity in thought and deed is just the opposite.  It buoys our hearts, our souls, and our minds.  It makes us better people.  It rewards us with the smiles of those we may meet later on our life’s journey.  It challenges us to lift our eyes from the ground to the horizon and beyond.  Positivity is the antidote for the commonplace and the elixir of the exceptional.

Counting your “yer welcomes” is a good way to take stock.  It is a small bit of self-indulgence paying dividends far better than a trip to the mall or another turkey sandwich.

While saying thanks is always important, being able to utter a “your welcome” means you have left the world a little better place by word or deed.  That is indeed worth celebrating.

This is an open thread.


9 Responses to "Yerwelcome Day…"

What a nice post, and definitely food for thought. Giving is good for the soul.

Congrats, Fredster, That was one scary game.

I looked twice and went back to the bed and covered my head. Was sorry to see Mett go down with the knee on his last game but glad they pulled the game out. Looks like we have a promising 1/4back there.

Delightful and thoughtful post Prolix.

@3: Deja vu all over again.

@5: I thought about those comparisons. LOL!

Okay I’m watching the Oregon and OSU game. After it’s over I”m going to have to recalibrate the color on the teevee. Bright is NOT the word for those uniforms.


@7: Possibly but I was worried about the uniform colors screwing up the workings of the teevee. It may have permanent splotches of orange and lime green burned into the screen!

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