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Thanksgiving Travels aka Planes Trains and Automobiles

Posted on: November 27, 2013


Madamab is in travel mode, but not for work.  She’s on the way to visit for Thanksgiving and let’s hope she makes it with the weather the way it is lining up.  When she asked if one of us could do the Wednesday post for her and why, I immediately thought of the hilarious movie about turkey-day travel or travails!  What can you say about holiday travels nowadays?  It’s torture, that’s what you can say.  If you are flying you have worries about the weather, as we do this year, and you get to be up close and extremely personal with your friendly TSA employee, plus deal with an entire lot of people you’d really, really, really rather not get to know that well while barreling through the skies in a tin can.  If you are traveling by train you mainly have options only in the northeast or if you happen to live on or near the few train routes we have in this country.  Also, forget it if you are thinking cross-country unless you leave several days before your holiday celebration.  There’s always “the dog” aka Greyhound, but most of us don’t want to relive any scenes from Midnight Cowboy.  There is a new option in bus travel called megabus which looks interesting, and they also have wi-fi on the buses! They even look halfway decent as you can see from the picture below:

Then there is always the automobile, which we Americans are in love with but then there’s that pesky weather thing again.

All of this is to lead up to the movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, which I guess we’ve all seen at one time or another and have probably been able to sympathize with.  How perfectly it described the nightmare of trying to get from point A to point B around Thanksgiving!  planestrainsautomobiles02

The movie featured Steve Martin as the fastidious business traveler who gets bumped from first class into “steerage” sitting next to John Candy as the perfect slob.

planes-trains-and-automobiles-poster[1]The movie is just a complete laugh riot all the way through and perfectly described the horrors of holiday traveling, closed airports and tacky motels, especially the tacky motels when you have to share a room and a bed with a perfect stranger! PTA-underwear

And let’s not forget Steve Martin’s encounter with the rental car lady!

PTA-FUI’ve got a few youtube clips of the movie here which I hope you enjoy.

another good one here:

The one which had me almost fall onto the floor, laughing so hard:

And lastly, the car rental scene involving the worlds worst car rental agent (note –  copious use of the F word!) :

Okay Widdershins, I hope all who may have been:  in the air, on the road or riding the rails have or will soon be arriving at their destinations with no problems and hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving!  Should you still have a loved one who is traveling by air this holiday you can check the FlightAware Misery Map here.


38 Responses to "Thanksgiving Travels aka Planes Trains and Automobiles"

I’m only traveling by subway. And that better not be ruined! Of course, it’s NYC public transportation. I’m not sure I would recognize good service if it happened….

Happy travels ya’ll!!!!

Looks like a super movie.
My granddaughter and boyfriend are coming in from Philadelphia. Fingers crossed.

chat: You’ve never seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles? It’s hysterical! You’ll have to try to get hold of a copy and watch it.

DYB, it’s the subways so you never know!

I’ve also never seen “Planes, Trains and Automobiles!” But I have seen “The English Patient!”

But I have seen “The English Patient!”

Quick, where’s Pat?

D@5: Oh you ought to see if you can find it on Hulu or something. It’s funny as hell. Directed by John Hughes.

BTW, that flight misery map looks ugly in the NE!

I’ve always meant to catch that movie, but somehow never ran into it. Why isn’t it on cable around this time of year??

Where is Pat?!

Good question about why it’s not on this time of year. I’d love to see it again.

Pat has disappeared forevah I’m afraid. 😉

Just checked and PT&A is available on netflix and I-tunes, not on Hulu.

GWTW is on AMC.

My boyfriend will arrive tomorrow morning and stay in town for the weekend. He’ll be moving back here permanently in January. I’m so happy about that. He’s very kind and a real blessing to me. He loves my mother too!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

@12; I’m going to watch that movie now. I’ve never seen it. Thanks for the heads up, Fredster.

Beata@13: Oh how wonderful for you!! That sounds fantastic. Couldn’t be happier for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and hopefully no one is traveling! We had light traffic today, but hurricane force rain this AM. My storm coat was still drenched at five o’clock and I had to wear it on the drive home. Otherwise, all ok, and planning a peaceful turkey day tomorrow with my father and sister.

Be well, dear Widderfriends!

@Fredster, I am turning on PTA right now!

Mary Luke, I’m going to watch it also, but probably switch back and forth between that and GWTW.
Hope you have a great turkey day!

Oh, I so love Vivien Leigh! This is really going to be a tough choice!

@17 GWTW and Vivien are winning here. The tv was set to AMC because I was watching gorgeous Hugh (and that McKellan fellow is pretty good too!) in X-men, so as I turned on the tube, Scarlett was just throwing herself on the staircase after Rhett departed. So now I’m hooked.

Mary Luke@19: Uh-oh! 😆

OMG! PT&A is painfully funny. I don’t know if I can stand it!

Beata, I had forgotten about the movie until I was thinking of things to write for this post. It really is hilarious!
Steve Martin is about to throw his big fit!

The scene is just missing something w/out the F words. 😆

Beata, I’m so happy for you!!! 😉

Fredster, what do you mean Pat is gone???

@D: Oh I was just teasing. She was having some health issues but we haven’t heard much from her lately. I think she commented…what…about a month ago?

Beata, have a lovely weekend.

wow, didn’t think I’d get hardly any comments on this post. I’m surprised…and glad. Thanks y’all!

“The English Patient” always brings people together!!!

@28: Hahahahahahahahaaa!!

Well I’ve watched GWTW 2 and 1/2 times tonight. That’s plenty for a year.

Ah, I loved John Candy. Steve Martin also. My fav Steve Martin skt was on SNL when he did King Tut for the first time with the great original SNL band. It was in the 70s, my older sis & I shared a cool condo on a hill and we had a bunch of people over and watched SNL. We were screaming with laughter during that skit/song. Hysterical.

i’m not cooking tomorrow. Am working daily & hubbie didn’t want me to do it. You guys won’t believe this, but we are going out to have a turkey dinner at a fun restaurant in Malibu!?!? Doesn’t seem very Thanksgiving-ish, I know, but we’re goofy people here on this little strip of America. Working all day Friday & having turkey again Fri nite at Sis-in-laws.

Hope all you dear Widdershins have a lovely Thanksgiving! Will check in tomorrow sometime. Hugs to you all!

I remember that skit well because the Tut Exhibition was going to come to nola. I think the reason they did the skit was because the Tut thing was traveling across the country.

You have to work on Thanksgiving? Awww!!!! Enjoy your Malibu turkey! How can it be any different? Wait a minute…we’re talking Cali here…never mind. 🙂

Best thread in weeks.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating out on Thanksgiving! If the food is good, and the company is good, what’s the difference!

A Happy Thanksgiving to all my TW2 friends. You are like family.

@30 Fredster, you outlasted me! I drifted off to sleep when Rhett left and took Bonnie to London.

I felt as if I really “got” the emotions behind the story for the first time. Must be the wisdom (?) of advancing age.! 🙂

DYB@34: Nothing at all wrong with eating out for Turkey day. I was just making light of how sometimes they do things differently in California,

Best to you and your also Mary Luke!

I’m not working today, yesterday and tomorrow. In fact, am catching up on laundry today.

Yes, the King Tut exhibition was all the rage wherever it went. I lived in San Francisco when it was there at the art museum in Golden Gate park and the lines were always miles long, so I never saw it.

annie@37: Ohhh..I misread your comment, my bad.

Those lines were terrible in nola too but a friend and I toughed it out and got to see it. Every time I’d get disgusted because it seemed like we were just standing, the line would move up just a little bit so we ended up staying. I was so tired of it all by the time we got in, I didn’t feel like I really enjoyed it.

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