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Lazy Sunday Movies: Old Favorites

Posted on: November 24, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

It’s the weekend before the holidays begin, and we need some serious relaxation here.  My thoughts turn to old movies……..

At some point in the next couple of weeks, we are all going to be in need of some serious down time.  Let’s plan ahead for a lazy day when we can lock ourselves in with some of our favorites films.

The movies can be from any era, any genre, anything whatsoever.  Just pick the flicks that you would choose to spend a lazy day viewing.  Otherwise, the thread is wide open .

(1) Vertigo, 1958

(2) West Side Story, 1961

(3) To Kill A Mockingbird, 1962

(4) The Graduate, 1967

(5) Patton, 1970


23 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Movies: Old Favorites"

Otis Day and the Knights, Animal House

And the deathmobile.

The great Hattie McDaniel and Vivian Leigh.

I don’t think this movie was ever received well but I’ve always enjoyed watching it.

These were always fun to watch.

I do love Animal House.

@7: It’s a good one, no doubt about it.

“The Awful Truth” (1937), starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, is one of my favorite screwball comedies. In this scene, Cary’s first wife Irene tries to get his relationship with his new bride-to-be’s family off to a real swell start:

Beata, is that like My Favorite Wife? I’ll have to check that one out. Love old movies, the Thin Man ones, anything with Bogart or Grant.

Fredster I’ve never heard of Seven Days in May. Love the other two of course.

Annie, do see Seven Days in May. It;s the story of a proposed military coup. and well worth seeing.

Anyone here remember The Mouse That Roared? Good times!

@3 Fredster, my first thought was GWTW! Great clip. One can never tire of looking at Vivien and her ever-changing face and eyes.

Of course. Duchess Gloriana of the Grand Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

“Midnight” (1939), another great screwball comedy with an all-star cast including John Barrymore:

Annie, yes Seven Days in May is excellent for the genre and it’s something that *could* happen.

Mary Luke, I was trying to find the scene of Hattie/Mammy with her red petticoat that Rhett got for her but couldn’t find that one.

I agree with Mary Luke. I never tire of watching GWTW. Also love all “The Thin Man” movies.

Beata@18: you like seeing Scarlett eat dirt with that carrot! 😉

@19: Mine, too.

This is for SophieCT:

And this is for Pat and DYB.

Haha. Yes, indeed. Thanks for that!

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