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Posted on: November 18, 2013

happy birthday

Yes I know you already told us yesterday about your birthday, but today is the actual day so we’ll celebrate it today!

And actually, uh, I uh, sorta got behind with getting a post ready too.  I got waaay involved watching the Saints game and then before you know it, the Chiefs and Broncos were on.  But the real kicker was that I have spent the last 4 to 6 hrs on healthcare dot gov and then on the sites of several different insurance companies looking at all of these plans, trying to understand half of what they have written, how it will apply to me, what the co-pays and cost shares are and the rest of it.  It does seem that hardly any of the plans have decent prescription coverage when it comes to maintenance drugs, or they are at least not as good as what I have currently under PCIP.  That sadly comes to an end Jan. 1st 2014.  😦

So anyway, happy birthday to our dear chatblu:  great poster, commenter and terrific on-call nurse to all of the Widdershins, as well as me personally and a couple of friends of mine.  🙂

You’ll notice below that I got you a birthday cake and it’s up to you to blow out the candles.  😉  Just save up a big ole breath and blow ’em out!     birthday cake

Oh and I’ve made arrangements for some of your town’s finest firefighters to go over and sing you a serenade!  firefighters

So, happy birthday Chatblu!  You have become a dear friend even though we haven’t met!   Hugs!!!

Of course Alvin and the boys have to chime in too:

And finally Rowlf the Dog from the Muppets has a contribution also.

Hope you have a great day today!


16 Responses to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAT!"

Not only am I 65, but Mickey Mouse is 85 today.

chat@1: Wow, did not realize that about Mickey. Steamboat Willie has been around for awhile!

How about the Florida State Anthem, fittingly enough, Old Folks at Home”?

Happiest of Birthdays Chat!

I hope this is the best of years for you.

Did Stephen Foster write, “Old Folks at Home?” It sounds like one of his diddies.

In any event, Happy Birthday.

He did indeed. Thanks./

Happy, happy, birthday and many more, Chat! You are the heart and soul of this little group, and i always look forward to music Sundays.

Happy birthday chat!!!!! I hope it’s a wonderful day filled with food and booze!!!

Happy Birthday, Chat!!!

You even managed to bring DYB back from wherever he’s been hiding! A 3-month-long marathon showing of “The English Patient” perhaps?

Beata said: A 3-month-long marathon showing of “The English Patient” perhaps?

If that’s what it takes to keep him around!

Yes, I can now re-enact every part in that movie! 😉

OT: My mother’s femur was broken a couple weeks ago at the nursing home. She was dropped. Nothing can be done but try to control her pain which the nursing home is failing to do. She is suffering a great deal. Please say a prayer or keep a positive thought for her. I’m at my wit’s end about it. When I saw her today, she silently mouthed “I love you. Good-bye.”

You are in my thoughts.

Beata@12: Thoughts and prayers are with you. ♥

@12 Beata, I am so sorry to learn about your mother. God bless you both.

Chat, many happy returns! I hope it was a great day. Beata, sending you and your mother good vibes.

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