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The Progressive Sparkle Pony Returns…

Posted on: November 14, 2013

US-CONGRESS-KERRY-STATEIn the last 72 hours the so called Progressive wing (aka Hillary Haters) of the Democratic Party attempted to reignite the “Magic” of 2008.  You remember the “magic” a well prepared front runner with credentials to spare gets sidelined by an unprepared unknown “Rock-star” whose most notable achievement was 147 Abstentions in 2 years as junior senator from Illinois with a record that left many thoughtful Democrats (read Hillary Clinton Supporters) asking what does this guy stand for?

The Media has had 370+ days of Hillary Clinton watch, they are looking for any story on a Democrat challenger that can help them sell soap powder, toothpaste, and dish detergent. They to want to “make things interesting” for the primary in 2016. They were ready to seize on anything no matter how ludicrous or divorced from reality it is.

Who is this new Darling of The Progressive Hillary Hater wing of the Democrat party?

Junior Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren- TA – DAH!!!

Never mind Senator Warren has already endorsed Hillary Clinton for President along with every other Female Democratic Senator.

Never mind that Hillary already over credentialed and in the words of future speaker Nancy Pelosi “ “Hillary Clinton is the best prepared candidate in the history of the Democrat Party.” following it up with “I hope she runs if she runs she will win.”

Never mind Ready for Hillary and Team Hillary Clinton and other groups are organizing to make sure that there are boots on the ground in Iowa. New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Millions are being raised and lists of potential donors and volunteers are being compiled.

Never mind Hillary has 66% 0f the Democratic party behind her declaring her their first choice. Not only are democrats behind her but they are enthusiastically behind her.

Some one is trying to get the Hillary-sphere all worked up over this nonsense. The question is why?

We all remember 2008, I call it the Red Herring campaign, After Hillary had a 3 way tie in Iowa -17 delegates for Obama,16 Edwards, and 15 Hillary everyone went Ga Ga for Barack Obama. Forget that in the next challenge Obama lost and in Nevada Obama lost. He won South Carolina. He won in every Deep South state and there he won big , except in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, oh and Florida.

We remember the real red Herrings of the “Birth Certificate”, affiliations with ACORN, and many other distractions that I believe helped ensure an Obama victory because Clinton For President resources were wasted on chasing these down. Had those resources been focused on Edwards in November of 2007 we might have forced him to drop out and his 16 delegates would have gone to Hillary and all of a sudden Obama has lost 3 of the first 4 contests and the situation on Super Tuesday would have been quite different.

Well, to quote the Gipper “Here they go again” now its Elizabeth Warren, a wonderful Senator who would make an outstanding Treasury Secretary tailor-made to piss off the Republicans and Wall Street. Its a good Bet Elizabeth Warren’s Endorsement comes with the caveat of being considered for a cabinet level position.

Unfortunately for the Haters and those with Clinton Derangement Syndrome who are coming out of the woodwork this is not 2008. The Party wants to break a tradition of not being able to get back to back democratic nominees into the Oval Office. You can’t do it with an unknown, an untried product.

As much as I like Elizabeth Warren, I do not believe she can beat a Republican n November 2016. The Right would have a field day with her. If you don’t want President Chris Christie or Rand Paul, we need some one that will be elected. That person is Hillary Clinton.

This Article sums it up best:

I wrote on “Rise Hillary Rise” the following on Veterans Day:

Okay Hillary Supporters we must keep our eye on the prize, and not be distracted by sidebars on what the progress-a-bots are doing or planning. They have a lot less power than the media is giving them credit for, also look for the deep sell here, its been Hillary for 370 days since last election. 

The Media is looking for a story, a faux story on a divided Democratic Party is a good one. A story on Progress-a-bots touting a New Darling is even better it sells toothpaste, deodorant and dish soap. It also distracts us Hillary organizers to waste time and resources on fighting non-existent brush fires. 

All it is we need to focus on is building a large war chest for Hillary’s campaign, it is our biggest fire wall against a challenger from the left. We need to get boots on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire. Iowa has 54 delegates Hillary needs 40 + to prevent a challenge or to eliminate one.

Had Hillary had $ 100 million in the bank on Labor day 2007 Obama would not have run. Had someone leaked the Edwards Affair story in November 2007, Hillary would have captured his 16 delegates and won Iowa 31 to 17. Would we have seen a different outcome by May 31st 2008? I believe we would have.

Lets not lose focus here. The Progress-a-bot Darling Challenger is a Myth now created by the wishful thinking of a few Hillary Haters looking to recreate 2008. Everybody lets keep our eye on the ball.“

Elizabeth Warren is a good Democrat, She wants to see a woman in the White House and she wants it to be a Democrat. She is I hope smarter and more humble that the Progress-a-bots think she is. I hope she tells them to pack sand and go bother Former Representative Kucinich.

We in the Hillary sphere need to keep our eyes focused and let the Media have its fun while we do our work unbothered and under their radar. This time the element of surprise is on our side.   That is because it is in plain view.


14 Responses to "The Progressive Sparkle Pony Returns…"

well here it is folks My take on the Progress-a bots (TM) I am certain this Warren Story is all made up and exists only in the mind of one deluded writer at “The New Republic”

Congrats Fuzzy!! Somehow the “like” button got turned off so I had to go back and “check” the button for you.

Great post! Let’s hope you are right about this being in the mind of one writer at TNR, although I did see Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell talking about the possibility of Warren as Prez on their shows.

Oh and I’ll email you and let you know how to tweet the post in the TW twitter account.

Great post Fuzzy! Well said. Agree with you on all points.

Also love the title! 🙂

Fuzzy, from your fingers to God’s ear. I’m with you 100% on all points. Elizabeth Warren is a wonderful “new” Senator and I hope she’s in the Senate or Secretary of the Treasury as you suggest, during all 8 years of Hillary’s Presidency.

Nicely done and thanks for posting this reminder for all of us.

Great post, Fuzzy. I like Warren but she should stay in the Senate where she can get much needed work done there. I hope she continues to support Hillary and will not bow to any pressure to wage a primary battle against her. I would hate to see Warren become the Democratic Party’s “fresh new thing” in 2016 and spoil Hillary’s chance to become POTUS. We’ll end up with a Pres. Christie or worse.

Hillary in 2016! Let’s get it right this time!

Beautifully done, Fuzzy.
Staggering back to the sofa.

@8, Hope you feel better soon Chat!

Great post, Fuzzy.

The Title is a nod to the infamous Public Option Sparkle Pony From Madamab’s posts on the ACA back in 2009-10….

Beata said: We’ll end up with a Pres. Christie or worse.

And that’s what these “progressives” or what have you do not seem to understand. Grrrrr!! 👿

Interesting piece by Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone:

By Tim Dickinson
November 13, 2013 5:05 PM ET

Today, the Obama administration unveiled the first-month enrollment figures for Obamacare — showing that just 106,000 Americans have managed to select an individual insurance plan. The figure is roughly one-fifth of what the government had projected would enroll in Obamacare’s opening weeks.

The new system for buying insurance combines more than a dozen state-administered insurance marketplaces as well as the troubled federal exchange. To date, the state exchanges are outpacing federal enrollment at a 3-to-1 clip. Here are the top seven exchanges, ranked by number of insurance seekers who have selected a plan:

1. California: 35,364
2. Federal Exchange: 26,794
3. New York: 16,404
4. Washington: 7,091
5. Kentucky: 5,586
6. Connecticut: 4,418
7. Colorado: 3,736

Within the federal exchange, several high-population states stand out for sub-par enrollment. In Texas, which leads the nation in those uninsured, just 2,991 have selected plans. In Illinois, the number is 1,370. New Jersey? 741. The results in low-density red states look like rounding errors. Wyoming: 85. North Dakota: 42.

The news is not all bleak. Nearly 400,000 people seeking insurance through the exchanges were determined to be eligible to enroll in low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). And on a conference call today, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted that despite its catastrophic launch, should now be considered “open for business.”

“It’s getting better every day,” Sebelius said. “So I’d urge people to visit the site.”

And naturally the p!sser is the Repub guvs who did not want to do a state exchange and instead relied on the Feds are among the ones who are bitching the most about it! Hypocrisy anyone?

Oh and for those who may need to purchase insurance or know someone who needs to and is using the Fed exchange, you can also go here to check for coverage:

It works opposite from the the fed. exchange. You put in a zip code and then it immediately returns the available policies for your area. After it gives you those, you can then put in your age, tobacco use, and income info and you will see the info on any subsidies you may qualify for.

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