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Lazy Sunday Music: Fatigue

Posted on: November 10, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins,

This has been a really busy couple of weeks, topped off by Number One Grandson ‘s sixteenth birthday yesterday.  To put it plainly, this poster needs a long, sustained nap.  In that spirit, let’s review songs dealing with being tired.

The songs can be about being physically tired, about sleeping or needing to sleep, about being sick and tired – whatever you’re not too tired to post would be just fine with {{{yaaaaawn!}}} me.

So let’s hear it in this otherwise open thread.


(1) I’m So Tired – The Beatles, 1968

(2) All the Tired Horses – Bob Dylan, 1970

(3) So Tired of Being Alone – Al Green, 1971

(4) Tired of Waiting for You – The Kinks, 1965

(5) Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day, 2005


24 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Fatigue"

No Lily Von Shtupp?

P.S., Hope you had a grand time with number one grandson!

I did. He’s a great kid, but then again, all three are. We went to the Dubliner in Ft Lauderdale for lunch.

I’m sorry. I’m still:
and also

Oh yes, we almost went there! I’m glad you had a good time.

Pauvre Fredster! Hubby is still bummed out about the Redskins’ loss, so I relate.

Sorry Fredster! I know that was a painful one. Everyone I know was rooting for the Tigers. Hugs to you!

That Madeleine Kahn bit was hilarious. I can’t look at all the tired vids cuz I have to go to work in an hour. Hubs & laker are going to see Buddy Guy tonite.

Eh, it’s okay. We’re gonna sic Pierre the Pelican on Nick Saban and Tuscaloosa.

btw, love that pic at the top of the thread with the Golden Retriever and the guitar. Too cute!

@1 Oh, poor Madelyn. Makes me sad and angry every time I see it. If men had ovaries, you can bet there would be better early diagnosis and better treatments. There has been zero, I repeat, zero, progress in diagnosing and treating ovarian cancer since Gilda and Madelyn died. One of my closest friends lost her sister this week to ovarian cancer. Zero progress.

And while I’m ranting, those fruitcakes who criticized Angelina Jolie for trying to save her own life have no business commenting until they’ve lost a relative to a disease the medical powers that be show no interest in diagnosing or treating. After all, it’s only women dying.

End of rant. Apologize for intruding on Lazy Sunday. This one is hitting too close to home this week.

Mary Luke@10: Oh my I didn’t realize that Madelyn had ovarian cancer. I’ll show my ignorance here but there aren’t any diagnostic or screening tests they can do ovarian cancer are there?

Not really. The early symptoms are vague. Generally by the time it’s found, it’s inoperable.

chat@12: Oh geez.

Well it might have been a disaster for LSU last night but at least the Saints are making up for it, 28-10 against Dallas.

Hubbie called me at work this evening & told me that justin bieber almost took off the front end of our car on the 101 freeway. Hubs says he was going around 100, weaving in & out of traffic like a maniac. One of the kartrashian creeps did this to us last year, the one that has the two kids with the oldest daughter. I’m so sick of these “new” celebrities, the reality stars, the young pop stars etc. They are such assholes. Driving like maniacs, wanting to cut in front of you in lines, demanding free stuff or large discounts, its horrible. I have lived around, worked around, and hung out with many old time celebs, the ones with actual talent, and I rarely saw them act like these new famous freaks. Society is going downhill at breakneck speed. I weep for the future for my son.

Woo-hoo! Saints over Dallas, 49-17!

annie@17: The beebs needs an ass-whuppin’.

Beata, is that Julie London singing Fats Waller?

ok, it couldn’t have been biebs, I think he’s out of the country, but it was his famous chrome car, one of his hangers on I guess.

I have a Julie London cd.

annie@21: that’s okay,he still needs an ass-whuppin’. 😆

@20: It’s Julie London singing Hoagy Carmichael. I love her voice.

@17: That’s horrible, Annie. I’m glad no one got hurt.

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