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Posted on: November 9, 2013

West Ham Football stadium crowds of spectators watching match in progress

Hey, happy Saturday Widdershins!  Well this is the football Saturday I have been dreading as an LSU fan: the day we play Alabama.  The Alabama team this season is once again undefeated while LSU has lost two games.  I will also state that Alabama has not played many teams that actually had a chance to beat them as opposed to LSU.  We Tigers have played the likes of SEC teams such as chat’s Dawgs, South Carolina and Florida while Alabama has gotten the wonderfully competitive football teams of Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee.  Oh my, that does contribute to the winning record.  🙄  No sense in playing victim here but suffice to say I’m writing this on Thursday because I’m already jumpy about the game and it’s only going to get worse.  That being said, let’s take a look at some odd or interesting news and a few youtube videos I’ve selected for you.

English fare as opposed to French cuisine

Well it seems the English will no longer be able to refer to the French as “frogs” or frog-eaters as a recent discovery in an area called Black Mead in Amesbury about 85 miles from London yielded some evidence that the English may have had dining habits similar to their French neighbors.

The University of Buckingham said Wednesday that a promising excavation near Stonehenge has unearthed a host of clues about the diet of prehistoric Britons. Among them: A tiny, partially burnt leg bone which suggests the hunter-gatherers living in what’s now known as the United Kingdom snacked on amphibians.

The charred bone was found alongside the remains of fish and aurochs — the wild ancestor of today’s cattle — at a site called Blick Mead in the town of Amesbury, about 85 miles (135 kilometers) west of London.

Sure, the English scientists don’t want to admit their ancestors may have had a yen for amphibian but the evidence may prove them wrong.

Natural History Museum and University College, London, researcher Simon Parfitt said that the dig had provided experts a glimpse of a Mesolithic menu that also included fish, hazelnuts, berries, deer, and boar. He called the discovery of what appeared to be leftovers from a meal of roast toad “really intriguing.”

“Being English, we don’t eat frogs,” he noted.

The toad finding has yet to be peer-reviewed, and one expert — Bournemouth University archaeologist Tim Darvill — expressed skepticism over what he called “the frog story.”

Bon Appétit my English cousins!

It never is too late to learn

And “Granny Franny” will probably be the first to tell you that.  Frances Wood, age 82, decided to go back to college after the death of her husband to whom she’d been married to for 59 years. She’s a grandmother of eight and great- grandmother of two and she said she wanted to refocus her life after her husband’s death.

This isn’t Granny Franny’s first college experience.  She had started college and completed three semesters 63 years ago but dropped out thinking she was going to marry her sweetheart.  That didn’t work out but she did meet her husband on the job and she says she lived a full, exciting life while married.  But, she said she wanted to do something different and challenging after her husband’s death.

Since enrolling in classes at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas, this year as a way to refocus her life after the death of her husband of 59 years, Frances Wood has become something of a campus celebrity. She’s struck up friendships with people more than six decades her junior and was just named honorary homecoming queen by her fellow students. “That was fun!” she told Yahoo Shine. And she’s been learning plenty about finance and history along the way. Wood says she broke the ice with classmates early by handing out business cards with her contact info — and the name “Granny Franny.”

Her personal-finance professor says “She’s great. She’s very engaged in class, and you can tell she just really enjoys learning. Plus she’s very optimistic and she does great on the tests,” he says. “She also wants to be [the students’] friend. She listens to them, and she eats lunch with them in the cafeteria. I’ve seen her sometimes sitting and eating with all the football players.” The biggest lessons the students have learned from her, Gough adds, “is to have zest for life. She’s very energetic and positive.”  All I can say is “three cheers for ‘Granny Franny’ “.  I hope I have that much interest in things and eagerness should I make it to that age!

Some assorted youtube videos

I did not know this about the New York City subway system:

In New York City, subway conductors have to point at a black and white sign. At every hour of the day. At every stop. On every train. Like they’re some sort of automated robot that just happens to go home to families and children and processes complex human emotion. They do this to show that they’ve fully arrived on the platform.

Conductors spend their whole day in that small booth, alone. It is incredibly loud, and they get minimal human contact. We decided to show our appreciation for their work.

Soooo…these folks decided to position themselves below the sign and hold up their own signs to try to get a response from the conductors.  Watch their responses in the video.

Okay, I’m sure you’ve all seen those…I’ll call them “wind signs” that bend back and forth with the breeze.  Usually they are advertising pizza or a car oil change place or something similar.  Well here’s someone who decided to dress up like that as her Halloween costume.  I’ll admit I did find it clever.

Lastly, I’m not gonna say that nola has an issue with potholes in the streets and a lack of repairs for same, but it would appear that this one is growing foliage and has a resident ghoul.  The video was posted on this website. I do love the author’s “motto” for nola:  Paradise plastic. Cheap and fantastic.  Or is that the motto of his blog?

Well Fredster’s nerves are already jumping so I’ll just add:

Allons les Tigres!

And I’ll be doing plenty of this during the game:   smoking-005And if the game goes really badly
probably some of this too:  drinking smiley


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Florida Loses to Vandy..Grumble Grumble Grumble….
Car Transmission Drops after work out…Grumble Grumble Grumble….

It has not been a good week!

Oh please don’t share that bad luck with me!

Well you’ve been awfully quiet today. Did you find your game on teevee?

Oh I meant to tell Annie congrats on USC’s game against Cal!!

Go Tigers! We’re rooting for your team Fredster!

Very nice for the grandma in college. My mom is doing great, keeping very busy in her 80s.

I heard that Nick Satan is thinking of going to Texas next year? And that the Trojans are looking into Chuckie! Ewww.

socal@6: Eh, not gonna happen. The Tigers had chances but just weren’t able to get them to work. 😦

the Trojans are looking into Chuckie! Ewww.

Which Chuckie?

Oh hell, Zak got hurt on the last play by the Tigers. Knee.

Oh well, time to start:

@9 Jon Gruden/

@11: Never happen.

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