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Activist Wednesday: Didst Thou Vote?

Posted on: November 6, 2013

I knew I forgot something…

For many of us in these United States, yesterday was Voting Day. (A British colleague informed me that it was also Guy Fawkes’ Day in England. Fireworks, public rioting…you know, a typical day in the UK.) Since I know I am amongst friends, I am here to confess my shame: I didn’t vote.

My failure to do my civic duty was completely unintentional. I blame it on the teevee! For while I have seen dozens of ads for various local politicos, not one single one of those ads mentioned the date of Election Day. And frankly, they were so bad…here’s one for someone running against someone. Tell me this doesn’t make you want to consider nails on a blackboard as an alternative.

I realize that none of this excuses me, but there is an additional wrinkle: I am no longer home on Tuesdays 99% of the time. (I am in Houston right now, in fact.) So, if I were to have voted, I would have had to procure an absentee ballot weeks ago and send it in. These days, I can barely plan a weekend, much less figure out the intricacies of absentee voting in New York.

Nonetheless, I still don’t absolve myself. I was a poor American citizen yesterday, and I hope you did better than I.

Were there elections yesterday that made a difference in your area? Please share in comments. In my corner of the US, Chris Christie was re-elected in NJ (don’t get that at all, sorry, the man is a hater of public education), and the new mayor of New York City is…Bill de Blasio, the first Democratic mayor since 1989. (About FREAKING TIME.)

I hope to somewhat make up for my lapse with a beautiful song. This is an open thread.


10 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Didst Thou Vote?"

No, I didn;t. We did not hold an election here. That said, it’s good to see a populist in New York politics win out.
As for Christie, he is a Bushie from “Joisey” with East Coast “attytude”. From everything I’ve read, he will cut deals with the Dems to move things along. he will learn to live with the minimum wage hike that he bitterly opposed but his constituents voted for so overwhelmingly. Other than that, he is an obese, bloviating bully who seems to enjoy unloading on female teachers. My suggestion is to send some HS football coaches to ask the same questions, and see if he refers to them as “you people”. Perhaps he’d like to tell them how they are running “failure factories”.

We had an election in two weeks ago in my home parish in La, that was a first: two women candidates vying for a district judgeship! I can vote absentee since i still am a property owner there and have not registered anywhere else. Anyway, I forgot to do my absentee ballot request for that one because it was at such an odd time. It’s a fairly simple process in La: I get the absentee request from the Sec’y of State’s website, print it out, fill it out and fax it to the Registrar’s office. They check it and then mail me a ballot.

There was nothing for which to vote yesterday, but given the normal proclivities up here in the hills, that usually doesn’t stop people. Up here they vote early and often. There are many cases of drive-by-balloting.

Chat, I have to agree with everything you say about Kubla Christie. His sense of self certainly hasn’t had lap band surgery. Anyone who dwells so much on themselves is an emotionally unstable house of cards. His deal cutting with the Democrats is nothing more than political expediency and careful stagecraft. The only thing that separates him from a southern Tea Party cracker is his accent. The pundits who say he will have a problem in the early conservative primaries are just fooling themselves because the only problem he’ll have will be sufficient seatbelt extenders on the plane — his policy stances are right in line with the more rabid elements. My worry — whether he plays the role of a stalking horse against Hillary. That could well be a real problem.

Prolix, check email pls. Thanks!

@ MB That was the most beautiful performance of “Signore Ascolta” I have ever heard. Who is the soprano? I should know, but I don’t recognize her. Was it Tebaldi with a strange wig? I’ve heard her 1959 recording with Bjorling and Tozzi many times, but this doesn’t quite look like her.

@MB. OK, found her. Caballe. That would have been my guess. The very slow tempo, her phenomenal breath control and her final lingering float are all Caballe hallmarks. I am forced to concede she outdid even Tebaldi on this…no small feat.

@3: If he doesn;t get the Sandy repairs on the road, or alternatively, explain where the money went other than to rebuild the Boardwalk and produce a teevee commercial featuring his family, it could get interesting. Apparently, much of that funding was given for low and middle income homeowner’s assistance. This looks like it might be a repeat of Haley Barber and the port repairs post Katrina.

That was beautiful. I would so love to see Turandot. I’ve seen it on tv of course, but never in person.

Sorry all for my absence I have had a major issue my car’s transmission went and I am worrying where the $$$$ are coming from I hate cars…. Also my dealership sold me the wrong kind of warranty so its not covered!

Fuzzy I saw you commented earlier Thurs. and meant to comment on it but the day got away from me. Sorry about your car. 😦

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