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Lazy Sunday Movies: The Spies Who Love Us

Posted on: October 27, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

Much as been said about the NSA this week.  Heads of states have been steamed to hear that they, too, have been “monitored” by the NSA at some point or another over the past decade – for their own good, of course.   Then there was my new personal idol, the bored passenger on the train who live-tweeted the interview by the “former national security” guy (cough, cough).  All in all, I figured this would be a good day to revel in old spy movies.

The genre goes back almost as far as the beginning of films as we know them.  There are hundreds and hundreds of good ones from which to chose.  I’ve listed mine below, and I’m looking forward to yours in this otherwise open thread.

(1) North by Northwest – 1959

(2) The Manchurian Candidate – 1962

(3) Three Days of the Condor – 1975

(4) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy –  2011

(5) The Good Shepherd – 2012


15 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Movies: The Spies Who Love Us"

Love all of these movies. Three Days of the Condor is one of hubbies all time faves.

OT, but Laker wanted to send this beautiful song to you guys, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant with an orchestra. Gorgeous:

Off to work!

That’s lovely/ Thanks, Laker.

Oh yes Annie, thank Laker. That’s a good one!

Here’s an oldie but goodie.

Another one with Redford, with Brad Pitt

Bruce Willis and Jack Black in The Jackal

The Eye of the Needle.

So many spy flicks, but plenty of time.

Whoa! Take a look at this!

I wonder who our back up center is? From everything I have ever heard about the Pounceys (despite their being Gators) they are pretty nice guys.
Further, gun trafficking? In Florida?? We laugh at your fooking gun trafficking. Here, we call that “yard sale” or “Secret Santa”/

Smiley and Karla:

Oh Beata, good one!! Forgot about that one.

We laugh at your fooking gun trafficking.

Exactly. Buy in FL, few gun laws or restrictions, bring to MA and sell, *many* gun laws/restrictions.

That’s why I-95 is “The Gunshine Freeway”/

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