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Activist Wednesday: To Raise or Not To Raise….

Posted on: October 16, 2013

What the Republicans will look like on October 16th. (Boehner is Owl #4.)

That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to double down on a losing hand, and “stand firm” on refusing to raise the debt ceiling, or to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged Tea Partiers, and refuse to commit political suicide?

The October 17th deadline is coming soon. WWJD? (That’s, “What Will John [Boehner] Do?”) And what shade of orange will he be when he does it? The vote is yours!

This is an open thread.


19 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: To Raise or Not To Raise…."

Funny I am eating Banana Pudding as I voted….does that disqualify my vote?

@1: Probably not. I envision Boehner as at least butterscotch.

How many calories did you burn wit dat puddin’ Fuzzy?

So far Boehner is 100% Pudding.

What kind of pudding can you make with bourbon? Or would it be a pudding chaser with straight bourbon?

Last Friday night some reporter said Boehner’s dinner consisted of “Chinese takeout and cigarettes.” I guess if you use enough plum sauce you can wrap just about anything up in Mo Shu.

You know I thought Soc. Sec. payments would be safe since they have their own dedicated revenue stream as the phrase goes.
Apparently, not so much.

What kind of pudding can you make with bourbon?

Bread pudding with a whiskey or rum sauce.

Well the Senate has supposedly reached a deal. Do I trust that p.o.s. from Texas to do what he says he will? NO.

@8: That;s great!

chat@9: Hee-hee!

@10: Mmmmm…

Well, it’s passed. Only to go thru the same chit in a couple of months. 🙄

Cory Booker wins in NJ.

@12: Yes, but with a very weakened Tea Party. I predict we will not see a replay of this madness next time.

Congrats to Cory!

Beata, let’s hope so.

“I envision Boehner as at least Butterscotch”. Ewww! Love bread pudding with whiskey sauce though.

Can you believe what these asshole teapubs put all of us through these past two weeks? Bastards. And costing us billions of wasted $ to boot. Please God, let them get creamed in ’14.

PS: Laker did Hamlet when he was 17. They director chose to do it in an alternative setting, as they often do, and this Hamlet was done Japanese Samurai style. We had to go downtown and buy laker two different kimonos for his roles. I was an assistant and sat next to the director during the tech rehearsal on the afternoon of the play, and I thought it would be a disaster, set mishaps, and the actors kept flubbing, but when showtime came, everything magically came together and it was a very cool show.

Sorry for the goofy ramble…that quote upstairs brought all that back!

Re the Shakespeare thing, meant to say that the director chose Japanese because of the movie Ran, a Japanese version of Lear.

annie said: Please God, let them get creamed in ’14.

Oh I think that’s the hope we all have annie.


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