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Lazy Sunday Music: Dear Congress

Posted on: October 13, 2013

Good Sunday, Widdershins,

Back in The Day , our local radio station used to accept dedications.  You could call in and ask the deejay to dedicate (insert your chosen song) to (insert name or names) from (chatblu).  Sometimes you were even broadcast live making said request.  For those too young to remember this, please refer to American Graffiti.  Today, I would like to commemorate this practice by asking you to post songs that you would dedicate to Congress if you could.

As per usual, the songs can be from any era or genre.  You may dedicate them to an individual, or to the group as a whole.  In fact, feel free to post anything on this otherwise open thread, and have a great day,

(1) This song is dedicated to the House Republicans.  May they go down in flames in 2014:  We’re Nor Gonna Take It, by Twisted Sister.

(2) This song is dedicated to the unpaid labor who are still toiling away, especially those who are working for free to keep Congress comfortable,  May they get new bosses soon:  Frustration, by Genesis.

(3) This song is dedicated to the women and children who are being denied food and infant formula while Congress continues to chow down on tax-payer subsidized dinners.  Another Piece of my Heart, by Big Brother and the Holding Company.

(4) This song is dedicated to Speaker John Boehner, who has outlived his usefulness and is watching his poll numbers tank:  Shutdown, The Beach Boys

(5) This song is dedicated to Sen. Ted Cruz, the catalyst of the meltdown:  Hit the Road, Jack by Ray Charles.


12 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Dear Congress"

Too much football this weekend, I’m behind on everything

My congresscritter and your congresscritter were sitin’ by the fire,
my congresscritter told your congresscritter I’m was gonna set your government (and Obamacare) on fire…

(very lame I know)

Dedicated to the tea-partiers and John Boehner.

For Ted Cruz, heh.

To Washington pols:

To the Orange Man, Michelle Bachmann, Eric Cantor etc.

we’re not going away

Dedicated to all those who wait for these folks to do their jobs

I cannot believe what the Saints just did, or rather didn’t do. ARRRGHHH!!!

@8: I feel your pain.

For Ted Cruz:

Excellent addition, Beata.

Thumbs up Beata!!

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