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Posted on: October 12, 2013

Paris in fall

Paris in the fall

↑At least that’s what I told the google to search for

Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  Although it may be fall in Paris and cool and rainy, here in Bama it will be in the 80s today and sunny.  We have had a hint or two of fall but nothing too bad.  Today my Tigers will be playing Fuzzy’s Gators in Baton Rouge.  And while the Tigers are playing at home, the Gators have a good defense and we’ll just have to see about this one.  Kickoff is at 2:30 central time so I won’t be around until after that.

So, how old is that plane you’re on?

I stumbled on this piece when reading something about the aircraft wars between Boeing and Airbus.  Also, I thought about our Madamab since she is our resident jet-setter currently.

The World’s airlines are buying lots of new shiny planes of all sizes and types, and thats good news for travelers, giving them some sense of justice now that airfares are going up and airlines are raking in profits. Even so, the skies are full of old clunkersDC-9s, 717s, early versions of the 757 and 767 and 737, to name a few.

The venerable 757, no longer produced, debuted in 1981, which means that there are some examples plying the airways that could be 26 years old. So how do you tell an aircraft’s age?

Well, for one thing you can try to observe the registration number or “Nnumber” on the tail of the plane.  Then, you can go here and look it up.  For instance you can look up Air Bucharest and find out that they have a total of one plane, a Boeing 737 that is 18 years old.   If you are on a U.S. airline, then you can go here and check the plane out by the N number.

Now, as the article states there are also a number of “less geeky” ways of checking an aircraft’s age:

The flight attendant call button icon is wearing a skirt or it’s labeled “stewardess.”   

•  There’s an ashtray in the lav on or the seat’s armrest.

• There’s a razor blade disposal slot in the lav.

• There are video monitors hanging down from the ceiling.

• There’s a no smoking sign above the seats rather than a turn off electronics symbol.

• The in-seat power outlets are DC instead of 110-Volt (granted, some newer aircraft have no in-seat power ports at all).

• There are three engines instead of two or four.

• The company that made it no longer makes the plane.

• The company that made it no longer exists.

• The economy class seat padding is more like a La-Z-Boy than a church pew.

• There’s a landing gear over the tail instead of at the front (a DC-3).

• There’s a stairway to the outside in the tail.

Well, I think you get the drift here, there are a lot of old clunkers out there.

Is the National Weather Service sending out pleas
for financial assistance?

Sure, those Weather Service guys and gals are a geeky bunch but perhaps this is too clever by half.

Someone at the Anchorage, Alaska, branch of the National Weather Service seems to have a very important message regarding the federal government shutdown: “PLEASE PAY US.”

The acrostic message appears to have been included in the first paragraph of a weather alert issued from the office on Friday. In an acrostic message or poem, the first letters of each sentence in a paragraph combine to spell out a word that is separate from the larger text.

Employees at the National Weather Service, like many other federal government workers, have continued to show up for their jobs even as the government is in its fourth day of a shutdown.

NBC News attempted to contact someone at the office, but no one was taking credit, or blame, for the release.

A permanent link to the NWS update containing the acrostic message was changed a few hours after it was discovered. But technically, the original message is still up on the weather service site but is being pushed farther down the page as each new meteorological alert is issued.

If you right-click on the image you can open it in a new tab and see it full sized.

Some assorted you-tube clips

A couple that I found that were kind of funny or cute or in one case interesting (how to make a Mickey-D’s’ apple pie).

This little pupper must have had a full day of chasing balls, or squirrels or something because it is just tuckered out and then wakes itself up.

How to make a Mickey D’s apple pie at home.

This couple was riding on their motorcycle when they came upon a situation on the highway; an elk in rut.  Well the elk decided he wanted to get closer (and friendlier?) with the motorcycle.  You can read Heather’s description of the encounter.

And finally, all I can say is “this poor deer”.  I don’t think this is going to be an attractive look to the female deer.

Okay Widdershins, let me know below how your day is going.  I’ll see y’all in the afternoon after the game.

Allons les Tigres!


14 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Sorry ’bout that Chat. When are your injured players supposed to be back playing?

Gurley -poss. for the WLOCP
Bennet – sometime this season.;
Other 4 out for the year.

Other 4 out for the year. 😯

Good grief!

Hey, are the youtube vids playing for you? I tried putting them in on the visual screen instead of the text screen and they played for me, but I just didn’t see the beginning of the vids.

@ Fredster I just love the Paris painting. So beautiful!

Mary Luke: Thanks! When I did the search it returned a number of paintings and this one just struck me for some reason. I think I liked the cafe with the Eiffel tower in the background.


I do wish they had gone for the final t.d. or field goal after the Gators wanted to play slap face and got a 15 yd. penalty!

Bummer for Chat, Fuzzy, and for us Dodger fans. 😦 Yay for Fredster though. Interesting about the age of the planes. Loved the cute doggie and the elk vid. That thing was wild chasing them down the highway.

socal: Chat’s Dawgs had a lot of injuries that affected them. I’d guess and say Gurley being out is their greatest loss. Sorry about the Dodgers though. Has USC already played?

I laughed myself silly at the dog vid. You could just see what was coming and apparently its owners were sitting there waiting for the crash! LOL!

Damn! The Aggies and Ole Miss are being delayed because of the Mich. Penn State game being tied. 👿

Geez….Mich/Penn St in fourth overtime. 🙄

USC played on Thurs nite. Their new coach is Ed Orgeon (sp?). They won and he seems like the exact opposite of Kiffin, which is good. Time will tell.

socal@13: I thought I had seen that they played earlier this week but wasn’t sure. Congrats on the win. BTW, is Lane still waiting in the airport parking lot? 😉

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