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Activist/Feminist Wednesday: Guess Who’s Running for Governor?

Posted on: October 9, 2013

Is This Who the Democrats Want to Be?

Remember this horrible logo Obama came up with? I admit, I made some little additions on the sides. 😉

Wendy Davis, that’s who! (Our Lady of the Pink Tennis Shoes) Her strategy is…interesting.

Wendy Davis has a new video promoting her bid for Texas governor.

Let us review:

— Field of bluebonnets? Check.

— Rippling Lone Star flag? Check.

— Hand-tooled cowboy boots? Check.

— Chugging oil well? Check.

What’s missing in the four-minute-30-second spot? Any mention of Davis’ party affiliation, to wit, her affiliation with the Democratic Party.

The two-term state senator from Fort Worth is waging a decidedly uphill fight in the race to succeed Republican Gov. Rick Perry. It’s been more than two decades since Texans elected a Democratic governor,  and Republicans are riding a winning streak of more than 100 victories in statewide contests.

Here’s what I find kind of amusing: This is the same “interesting” strategy used by Democrats and Republicans in New York. I see these campaign ads on peoples’ lawns, and I can’t even tell if they’re for Democrats  or Republicans from the color. There’s no donkey, no elephant, no “D” or “R.” I’m all like, “Do I have to, ya know, RESEARCH these people on the INTERWEBZ or something? Sheesh.” In fact, I seem to remember a certain Presnit who did the same….remember when naming his heroes, he couldn’t seem to find one Democrat to identify with? Instead, he picked my favoritest Chief Executive Evah, Ronnie Raygun.

Yes, I blame Obama for this whole “Who, me? A D?” campaign move.

But you know, something tells me people have figured out our Wendy is a Dastardly D despite her strategy of “not running as one.” A far more important factor in her campaign? You guessed it: Teh wimminz.

AUSTIN — The battle for governor will be pitched on the soccer fields and manicured lawns of Texas’ vast suburbs.

It’s turf that has served as a veritable outlet mall for Republican voters, but it’s where Wendy Davis must improbably succeed if the Fort Worth Democrat has any chance to be the state’s next governor.

“She’s not going to win unless she can get white suburban women to vote for her,” said Jason Stanford, a consultant for Democratic statewide campaigns.

Democrats believe, pointing to polls, that white female voters who’ve been in a long-term relationship with Republican candidates are slowly eyeing alternatives as the GOP moves further and further right. They see hope in the emotional tug of a Davis candidacy talking about health care, education, and leaders who disregard their voices.

Certainly, they were the target for Davis’ message as she began her 2014 campaign last week. Davis strategists hope that an emphasis on health care, education and a business-friendly posture will give her an edge. But counting on Republican-leaning women to abandon the low-tax, small-government comfort of their own party is probably wishful wooing, many pollsters and strategists say.

Well, hold on a minute – the Republicans are now trying to woo people whose skins have [whispering] extra melatonin in them! And we don’t mean Burnt Orange a la Boehner, either! So don’t tell me that white suburban women are out of reach for Democrats. In fact, one thing we do know is that when women vote, they don’t vote the same way. (Unfortunately.)

When we talk about female voters, we need to be specific about which women we mean. White, married, rural and suburban women have been trending Republican for years. In fact, white women as a whole haven’t gone Democratic since 1964. While for single, highly educated and urban women, the opposite is true; those remain reliably Democratic demographics.

Obama, who enjoys a double-digit lead among female voters, recently said that “women are not some monolithic bloc. Women are not an interest group. . . . Women are over half this country and its workforce.” That is as true today as it was when Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg told me the same thing in 2007.

No matter what happens, I think it’s just terrific that Wendy Davis is running for Governor of Texas. For today’s activism, I would suggest a few possibilities:

That’s about all I’ve got for today, Widdershins. This is an open thread.


18 Responses to "Activist/Feminist Wednesday: Guess Who’s Running for Governor?"

Perhaps she might consider becoming Our Lady of the Pink Handtooled Boots for the campaign.
And au cotraire to Greenspan, from CNN:

“As the pair recently wrote in the Texas Tribune, suburban women have been trending away from the GOP in recent years. In late 2010, a University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll found that 50% of suburban women identified as Republicans. Two years later, 43% called themselves Republicans. And in their most recent survey, in June of this year, the number had dropped to 38%. Over the same three-year span, the number of suburban women calling themselves Democrats jumped from 37% for 46%.”

Unfortunately, Wendy has some built-in constituencies. Let’s see: There’s the 25% of Texans who don’t have health care, there’s the women who have to drive hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to seek reproductive health care (two trips are needed for any procedure), any parent who believes their children should be exposed to the science of reproduction, and the list goes on.

May Rick Prettyhair and his stylist bouffant in peace.

Go Wendy!

@MB, there were an awful lot of white women who showed up for her filibuster. And those were only the ones who showed up. We know that statistically one in three women has had an abortion. And those are only the ones we know about. How many women never tell anyone? How many are living in those nice suburban, ostensibly republican homes and were subjected to illegal abortions which they’ve never mentioned to their present husband or children.

I know she has to do a lot more, but she might have a much larger constituency than we think. It’s a swing issue, and I wouldn’t be surprised if as many as 40-45% of women had had at least one abortion. (Chat might have some insight here from her nursing career.) And don’t forget, women who had to get abortions illegally or jump through all kinds of hoops, or even leave the country to obtain an abortion are a large voting block, in their sixties, seventies, even eighties. Nobody ever forgets an experience like that.

Oh, and I forgot, how many “D & C’s” were (and probably still are) performed in private ob-gyn offices for middle class and affluent women?

Mary Luke said: Oh, and I forgot, how many “D & C’s” were (and probably still are) performed in private ob-gyn offices for middle class and affluent women?

There were a lot of those that occurred in the 50s and 60s, so I’ve heard.

Oh, absolutely. In taking gyn histories, I;d say it’s easily 45%, although the bulk of my patients were indigent or at least medically indigent. Although these days, most abs are done medically using a pill to induce abortions. Only later terms require the “dusting and cleaning” approach.

Sadly, hardly a mention of this:

According to the 2010 census, the Hispanic population in Texas ballooned by almost 3 million during the previous decade, and it’s safe to assume that number has only expanded since then. Much as it does nationally, this demographic trend in Texas works unmistakably in the favor of the Democrats, who have capitalized on the abrasive anti-immigrant rhetoric emanating from conservative pockets of the Republican Party.

If the Dems can get a strong GOTV program going in the Hispanic community Davis may be able to overcome the white, Republican, suburban, women voters.

Not only that, but look at all the Katrina refugees. That in and of itself signals an impending shift.
Damn few Repubs lived in the 9th Ward.

Good point chat! Of course the Katrina diaspora also played hell with politics in La. That solidly Dem Orleans Parish vote isn’t quite there anymore.

For a good piece on the monster the Repubs created (The Tea Party) check out this piece by Tim Dickinson in Rolling Stone.

Long but a good read.

chat@11: Yeah, it was a long piece but I found it fascinating. The monster that Boehner and Cantor encouraged has grown up and bitten them in the arse and they can’t control it now.

Just watched the first episode of Am. Horror Story: Coven!

Oh this is gonna be gooood!!!

Hey listen, I am one of those women who are supposed to lean Republican according to that article. Whatever! Wendy might surprise them all. I donated!

Hey Mad, although Tx definitely is Republican country, “womens’ issues” may play a bigger factor in the guv’s race than anyone knows. Add in the hispanic vote which is only going to grow and Wendy may have a better shot than the pundits believe.

Fredster, as the old saying goes, I’d watch Jessica Lange recite from the Yellow Pages.

Sweet sue@16: You and me both! She gets a chance to “chew the scenery” in these shows but I love it! 🙂

I’ve got two words for anyone who thinks a woman with a D after her name can’t win the Texas gubernatorial race: Ann Richards

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