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Break out the aluminum foil…

Posted on: October 8, 2013

A very happy Tuesday Widdershin friends. Truly there is nothing so grand as a crisp fall day when the shadows begin to grow as the colors begin to burst. I hope you are enjoying the season as much as I am.

Gaming out "crossing the Rubicon..."

Gaming out “crossing the Rubicon…”

Sunday’s New York Times had a front page article entitled, “A Crisis Months in the Making.” It was about the government shutdown and the culprits planning it.

Discerning Widdershin readers had already gotten the gist of the article last Friday and it was followed-up by Fredster’s great post yesterday, but a new name surfaced as one of the architects of this cluster-fornication — Edwin Meese III. You remember him — the Reagan Attorney General who resigned in shame, but before the door hit him in his “III,” he gave us, “Just say no to drugs and pornography” — the 80s conservative version of serving macaroni without cheese.

It seems Meese, along with the Brothers Koch (they’ve already dropped $200 Million on this effort) and other dusty old men have gamed out the strategy of this shutdown. So in between their Metamucil cocktails, these crusty old farts have decided to play Russian roulette with economy. Luckily, they have their Canadian muppet, Ted Cruz, to headline the apocalypse.

There’s never been a clearer example of the fact zealous men don’t become zealots until they are assured it is someone else’s blood being spilled. That’s the synopsis of what has come out of the hermetically sealed brain-misting sessions of these old geezers. This war isn’t between Democrats and Republicans. It is a war between mainstream Republicans and the Tea Party. A war bought and paid for by the Kochs.

I’m violating one of my rules here, but the rest of this post will not be based upon articles or reporting — it will be pure opinion and speculation. These are just my musings and I don’t want to tar and feather any of the other Widdershin writers along the way. These thoughts might be nothing more than tinfoil hat speculation, but just in case…

Something has bothered me since the beginning of this shutdown showdown. All the pundits keep saying, “There’s no exit strategy — where does it lead?” With Ted Cruz strutting as the messianic drum major in the “Parade of Horribles,” that was an incongruity through which you could easily slip the Grand Canyon.

Tin Foil Hat Guy

People as smart as Cruz and as emotionally wedded to their own iconoclastic grandeur don’t allow themselves to be used as public tackling dummies. This is especially true when it centers around an allegation he lacked the strategic smarts to think through to an “end game.” So what is the end game?

This whole shooting match has been in the works since the spring when the kibosh was put on passing a budget by Cruz and/or Mike Lee. It was followed up by the Koch financed national tour on ostensibly defunding Obamacare. With the end of the fiscal year and debt ceiling coming due within two weeks of one another, the time was right to spring the trap.

Defunding Obamacare was never the goal. Obamacare got the train out of the station, but like hobos in the night, the puppet masters hopped from that train onto another. That train represents several goals. One of the goals is crippling the last years of Obama while electing a Republican Congress through gerrymandering and voter suppression. Another and more important goal, fumigation of the Republican Party by ousting the squishy “business, country club, free-market crowd” and replacing them with true Tea Party believers.

To accomplish this, the national and world economy is driven off the cliff by breaching the debt ceiling. You can hear a growing chorus of Tea Partiers declaring such an unthinkable event is “no big deal.”

Obama will be left on the horns of a dilemma — let the world economy collapse or risk an impeachment cabal.  Of course, Obama can’t sit idly by and watch the economy crumble.  If he steps in and orders the Treasury to exceed the debt limit by executive authority, there sits Darrel Issa and others ready and more than willing to start crying, “Impeachment!”

Impeachment will go nowhere. It will languish, but just ask Bill Clinton how much steam was taken out of his last years in office by the same stunt. An impeachment haka war dance gives the midterm elections a very understandable context for the Tea Party: Are you for impeaching Obama?

Given that defunding Obamacare is impossible, it will continue to rollout and will have lost the ability to invigorate and aggravate the pitchfork crowd. The possible Obama impeachment would put the spring back into the step of Tea Party. And who would be there as drum major — none other than Ted Cruz smirking like a deranged Cheshire Cat purring, “How do you like this end game?”

This becomes a win/win for the Tea Party forces. They have their possible impeachment election issue and even if Obama failed to act, they see a crippled economy redounding against Obama and Democrats.

We crossed the Rubicon in 2011 when harming the country was seen as an acceptable political tactic by the Tea Party and their enablers. Honestly, does this scenario seem that far-fetched? In the stultified, rarefied air of a Heritage Foundation conference room filled with crusty old white guys, this could sound like a plan.

This is an open thread and my apologies to Clancy and Ludlum for the feeble attempt at intrigue.


14 Responses to "Break out the aluminum foil…"

I have a large tin foil chapeau collection. In tribute to our crisp clear fall weather (92 degrees), I have chosen one with a wide brim for today’s post.

It is chilly here today. I am wearing my tinfoil hat with the faux fox trim. Tres chic, if I do say so myself. Most people mistake it for the real thing.

I’m always partial to tinfoil hats since one never knows when you might be faced with an emergency turkey roasting.

If I could send you 15 degrees or so, I would. Our cooler weather starts in about 6 weeks.

Tinfoil hat at the ready here:

Geez, Ed Meese. The man even looked sleazy and slimy. I’m surprised he’s not in some retirement center somewhere

I see the new hundred dollar bills are officially out. I know I’ll have so many chances to get and use them. 🙄

If you have a chance, go over and check out Margaret and Helen’s website and Helen’s latest piece. Hysterical!

chat@8: Yeah, I just saw that!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

I am sooo sick of these people!!!!

Believe it or not, the weather in Houston has actually been bearable this week. This is the first time since I’ve been coming here that I have not minded being outside. Well, except for all the wackos and homeless people who bother you downtown.

Good news about Yellen. I wonder if it will make any difference, or if it’s just one of those things the “progressive” community gets behind to make it seem like Obama is a liberal and/or really does care about them, he really does?

I look good in most hats, but I’m not sure I can pull off tinfoil.

Hey Mad!!! Yep, Houston and nola can be about the same when it comes to that swampy,humid thing.

Regarding Yellen, well we know he wanted Summers until he withdrew his name. We can say at least it’s the first woman chairperson.

Very interesting idea, wouldn’t be surprised if you nailed it.

I look terrible in hats and loathe them after years of attending Catholic schools and wearing a nursing cap that refused to remain atop my head. Thank goodness we ditched the damn things a few years after I graduated. It’s about what’s in my head, not what’s on my head.

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