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Posted on: September 30, 2013

tv snow

No it’s not that last night was the series finale of Breaking Bad.  Nor was it because there was an exceedingly good football game on Sunday Night Football.  Nor was it because Fredster was upset over the LSU/Georgia football game.  No, it’s just that I had a couple of unsettling things happen and time simply got away from me.  Now it’s not that I think you’ll sorely miss my daily ramblings but I promise to make it up later in the week.

This is obviously an open thread.  What’s on your minds today?



Well, speaking for myself, the end of “Breaking Bad” feels like a dear friend has moved away. I wanted to know the ending, but I didn’t want the ending to happen.

Fredster, given all that you have been through this weekend with the game on Saturday and the end of “BB” — you deserve a day of chillaxing.

Hope everyone is ready to celebrate the beginning of Obamacare by shutting down the government. Only in a country with a Congress populated by bipedal creatures with slightly less intelligence than that of a box of hair.

Prolix, w/out going into too great of details, it was a medical thing with a friend of mine. He is okay, but I just happened to call and his wife answered his cell and told me where they were (E.R.) so I went to join her and hold her hand. I had to catch the replay of B.B. and just refused to turn on the laptop in case I saw something about the ending before I saw it.

Well Walt went out with a bang didn’t he? 😉

Must be something in the stars, Fredster. Truly an unprepared Monday all around.

Well, I’m settling back to watch the government shutdown. And apparently Bibi paid us a visit while i was at work today.

So it seems that Obama has had a worse Monday than any of us. I do, however, agree with the prez that these congresscritters should not be holding the government for ransom.

I never thought I would be saying this if you asked me this back in 2008, I stand against the GOP!!! I stand with the President… Finally a Backbone.

@1 Prolix, i love your comments, however, I refuse to give the brainless “bipedal creatures” the dignity of a capital “C”. It offends my sensibilities to type with a “c”, but they are going to have to earn back some respect.

Mary Luke, I “c” what you mean. I fear this whole thing is going to get much uglier before it is resolved. I can’t believe they are so clueless as to stick the “conscience clause” onto a continuing resolution and expect anyone to agree to it.

Just announced the Moderate Republicans are revolting against their Party Leadership and the Tea Party….

Mary Luke said: Must be something in the stars, Fredster. Truly an unprepared Monday all around.

Agree wholeheartedly!

I do, however, agree with the prez that these congresscritters should not be holding the government for ransom.

And no skin off their noses/backs or whatever because they will continue to be paid for however long this goes on.

Fuzzy@7: Now that sounds interesting! I would love nothing more than an internecine war amongst the Repubs. 😆

I’m not thrilled with Obamacare either, but I also hope he continues to hold that spine up. If he caves – he’s finished. Might as well just hold the elections now and move on.

On a somewhat related topic. CNN and NBC have cancelled their Hillary Clinton projects. The guy who was going to behind the CNN documentary says he found literally no one willing to speak to him; neither Democrats nor Republicans. No one. He couldn’t even get existing footage from Pat Robertson’s network. He naturally (because why wouldn’t he) is blaming Hillary for all of this. He says this is a blow to Democracy and is not Hillary Clinton’s finest hour. Now, I will agree Hillary told her own people to keep their mouths shut, but she can hardly be blamed for Pat Robertson keeping his library closed!

I have never seen “Breaking Bad,” but I’m so glad I don’t have to see my facebook friends posting about that damn show anymore!

@10 DYB, I’m thrilled the “Hillary” projects were derailed. They were going to be the same old hit jobs we heard all through 2008. It’s started already in the media.

CNN and NBC have cancelled their Hillary Clinton projects

Oh my, what will Reince Preibus do know concerning the Republican Debates in 2016?

We may be on the way to a Saints rout of Mia, Saints 35 Fins 10.

Shutdown time.

Oh, for heave’s sakes. The Republicans are whining that the Dems won;t negotiate. Cry me a river, will you?

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