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Remain Calm, Etc. : Seuss Sez

Posted on: September 26, 2013

Good Thursday, Widdershins.

Today’s post is my small way of acknowledging Senator Ted Cruz and his unprecedented (un)filibuster of his own party’s effort to defund Obamacare/shut down the government, a principle to which he firmly subscribes.  To this end, Senator Cruz read “Green Eggs and Ham”.   In order to render homage to this absolutely stupefying event (and with deepest apologies to Dr. Seuss), I give you today’s post.

Cruz don’t snooze.

Cruz don’t snooze.

Don’t snooze, Cruz.  Don’t snooze, Cruz.

I do not like that Cruz don’t snooze.

Do you like his run-on schmooze?  I do not like his run-on schmooze.

Do you like him here or there?  I do not like him anywhere.

Do you like him in the House?  I do not like him in the House.

I’d like him quiet as a mouse.

Do you want him to make a fuss?  I do not want him to make a fuss.

I’d like him to get on a bus.

Do  you like him reading Seuss?  I do not like him reading Seuss.

In fact, I don’t like Senator Cruz,

I do not like Senator Cruz.

I do not like his run-on schmooze.

It makes me want to drink some booze.

It makes me want for Cruz to lose.

Today, today, I say!

I want him gone, anyway.

Now this one is an open thread,

So post whatever’s in your head.


31 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc. : Seuss Sez"

Very well done, Chat. I love it.

There’s nothing in my head, btw.

What do you think of the new (noon) publishing time?

What do you think of the new (noon) publishing time?

it corresponds well with my waking up time. 😉

Happy birthday George Gershwin.

I’m meaning to yell here: I L.O.V.E. THIS POST!

If we ever get to the point of having a greatest hits of posts, this one for sure gets my vote.

For work once I had to do some extensive research on Theordor Geisel on a copyright issue — he was quite the interesting human.

Thank you. I felt puckish.

Prolix said: I’m meaning to yell here: I L.O.V.E. THIS POST!

But did you “like” it at the top? 😉

I suppose that it;s possible to love something or one without liking it or them as well……..

Now I did.

Due to my recent unfortunate battle between Chrome and Vista, my ability to “like” stuff has been “unavailable.” Since I did something, not exactly sure what, I can once again “like” things. Unlike the Repubs.

Prolix@11: I had tried to run Chrome and did not like the way it worked at least for me so I unstallled it. It wasn’t until you mentioned the issues you were having that I realized that could have been the same things you were going through.

I have an easier time with Chrome than IE.

chat@13: It seems that Prolix and I were/are both using Vista and Chrome apparently doesn’t like that version very much.

Damn! This got put up on youtube quickly!

@14: I have Win7. That could be the difference,

chat@16 : yep I think that’s the difference.

@15: I agree with Ted. I like those little White Castle burgers.

@18: They are tasty.

Krystals for me, please.

Is anyone watching the VT_GT game? What is with those helmets? They look like the are made of linoleum/

Outstanding Dr Seuss (A liberal Democrat) would be proud of our Chatblu! Huggles and cuddles. This weekend is a trip to Orlando for what I hope is a quiet weekend of sampling the delicious food and Wine at EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival….

Oh and Sarah Palin Weighs in On Ted Cruz Jabberwocky:

Polls Show that a majority of Americans Prefer the Affordable Care Act to Obamacare….WTF? are we becoming a country of Idiots?

There is really no way to tell yet.

@25: We need more time to determine if we are becoming a country of idiots? When will we know for certain?

We will need more time to tell if this is a pattern or a temporary mass hysteria created by an OD of Fox News.

That hypocrite (Cruz) in the Senate today:

Although Cruz repeatedly warned his Republican colleagues that a vote to advance the Senate’s budget bill was akin to supporting Obamacare, he later voted in favor of advancing the legislation.

Chat, you rock! That was hilarious. Also funny about the ACA vs Obamacare! Was that a Faux News poll?

socal@29: Not sure where that came from. I did see it mentioned on one of the tv shows…Maddow? Matthews? Not sure.

Chat, I learn from Stephen Marche over a Charlie Pierce’s place that Ted “Clothhead” Cruz was actually trying to do a Jesse Jackson. JJ gave a masterful reading of Green Eggs and Ham in Congress back in the day:

(My first attempt to embed, so if it doesn’t work, here’s the url;
As Marche says: “we knew Jesse Jackson and you, sir, are no Jesse Jackson.”)

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