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Posted on: September 23, 2013


Okay so maybe that succession idea of Rick “Good Hair” Perry’s isn’t such a bad thing after all.  The reason I say that is because of the latest installment of what I’ll call “WTF? is going on in Texas”.  And naturally it involves women and what can be done to them or what someone thought was a good idea of what to do to them.

Let us check out Hornet Signs of Waco Texas.  The fellas there wanted to drum some some “bidness” and got a fantastic idea of how to do that.  Let’s make a decal showing a woman tied up and thrown  in the back of a pickup truck!  Awright!!!  Yeeha, that’ll sell some signs for us.

The decal shows a blonde woman in jeans curled up on the bed of a pickup truck, her hair obscuring her face and her hands and feet tied with rope. It’s meant to be slapped on a truck’s tailgate, creating an optical illusion of an actual woman lying in distress.

Hornet Sign makes, among other signage, those wrap around advertisements you see on a bus or someone’s car where the vehicle itself becomes the advertisement.  I’m sure you have seen them.  Well here’s Hornet Sign’s pickup truck tailgate decal in all of its glory:

Sickening isn’t it?

The company decided to make that and slap it on the back of an employee’s truck so he could drive around and show “how realistic its signs are.”  Further, it was a female employee of the company who agreed to be photographed like that!

Apparently the owner of the company got a rude reception to his idea.

“I wasn’t expecting the reactions we got, nor do we condone this by any means,” Kolb said last week.

But over the weekend the story went viral and the company’s Facebook page has been plastered with critical comments from around the country, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Kolb said many people called the store over the weekend and some made threats.

 Amazing Brad, amazing.  What’s amazing is that your little tiny neanderthal brain couldn’t figure out that people were not going to be thrilled with this.  Now this turned out to be such a cluster **** that ole Brad had to pull a publicity stunt of taking the decal off of his employee’s truck and then burning it.  “The company also announced Monday it has donated $2,500 to the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children in Waco.”  Well, you’re learning Brad, you’re learning.  Now ole Brad isn’t perfect in his reasoning abilities because he took umbrage at folks’ reactions to the decal when it came to his own employees.

“While the negative publicity we have received is not unwarranted, we would like to respectfully remind the public that, threats and personal attacks on our employees are also a form of abuse that many of our critics have voiced such outrage and concern over,” the company said in a posting on its Facebook page Monday.

Good point Brad, but, uh, who first started with the image of a tied up woman in the back of a pickup truck?  Oh that’s right.

Brad said “we don’t condone what we put on the tailgate by any means,” (then why did you put it there?) but because of all the bad publicity “…we want to keep attention on this in a positive way now, and see how much good we can do for the Advocacy center here in town.”  Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, Brad is doing his best.  I can see him tap-dancing right now.

Amy Perkins, who runs the Advocacy Center in Waco said that she was appalled when she first saw the decal but she saw something good coming out of it.

“Whenever I first saw the tailgate I was appalled,” Perkins said.

“But the good thing about the publicity is that it’s brought awareness to something that happens in our community.”

Brad, I’ve got a couple of questions for you.  Do you have a wife?  A daughter?  Maybe a granddaughter or a niece or two?   Did it ever cross your mind that someone might think it a good idea to portray your female family members tied up in the back of a pickup truck?  Oh that’s right; never crossed your mind.

This is an open thread.


22 Responses to "TEXAS IS AT IT AGAIN"

I have a dental appt. for later this p.m. so I’ll be back around later in the evening. See y’all then.

Bonne chance.

As for the post, good for the folks who called this jerk on such a shabby stunt.

I really had to wonder what went through the man’s mind to come up with this.

I’ll take ol’ Brad up in my airplane and dump him out at 17,000 ft.

@4: That might be too low.

branjor: sounds good to me although Chat does have a point there.

Oh my…just watched the local news and apparently the Bama players (including the 1/4back) are not happy with their win against Col. State.
It seems it was not a win “up to Alabama standards”. My thoughts:

@7: I second that.

Apparently Nick hasn’t passed along this quote by “the Bear” :

“It’s awfully important to win with humility. It’s also important to lose. I hate to lose worse than anyone, but if you never lose you won’t know how to act. If you lose with humility, then you can come back.”

They start acting all haughty and stuff and they may indeed learn something about humility.

My dudes are rooting for Denver tonite. Most L.A./socal people still hate Al Davis, altho it seems kinda unfair to take it out on his kid.

@9: (Gasping, choking, wheezing) Bear was the Bama coach for most of my younger years. The thought of “humility” in the same sentence with “Bear Bryant” is stupefying. Nick is on the same trajectory and cut of the same cloth, only Nick doesn;t prefer houndstooth.
@10: I’m for Denver, too. 2 former ‘Dawgs on the Broncos, zip on Oakland’s team. Terrell Pryor looks like he may give them some new life, though.

I’m for Denver in this one too, Manning dynasty. 😉

I’m surprised Peyton is still out there. The Broncos have a comfortable lead

chat@11: Hey, I had to dig for that one! LOL

@14: Yeah, you did!

Don’t blame him:

The winner of last week’s $400 million Powerball jackpot has claimed his prize, but the South Carolina man is asking to remain anonymous.

socal, got a question. Do those LA and socal folks hate Davis for taking the team back to Oakland?

Could be you might soon see the L.A. Jaguars.

Fredster, I suppose a few people hate for going back to Oakland. But he screwed a lot of businesses and communities over the years, ripped people off millions, and there was lots of press about it. He was like Frank McCourt (our former hated Dodgers owner). Just stole & cheated blatantly & didn’t care. It didn’t sit well with most people, even the fans.

Now I’ve heard the NFL will not let Davis Jr bring the Raiders back, and also heard that they won’t let the Jags move here either. I wish we could get a pro football team, not cuz I feel any personal need for it, but becuz it would give the LA area TONS of jobs. Building a new stadium, running it, etc. Lots of new income to flood the community. Personally, I would love to see L.A. start their own team, start fresh. I doubt the NFL would like that either though. People here do want a pro team, but the fans weren’t thrilled with either the Rams or Raiders when they were here. People here are crazy about the Trojans or Bruins in any event. And of course the Lakers and/or Dodgers.

Speaking of the Dodgers, something really cool happened here over the past few years. During most of my life the Dodgers were privately owned by the O’Malley familty, who ran it well, and the Dodgers would almost always beat out the other teams for tickets sold every year. Then they sold the franchise to Fox, which was horrible and fans hated it. Fox then sold them to a theiving corp-raider type from Boston named Frank McCourt. Even before the McCourts took over, their bad history in Boston preceeded them and everyone on the radio and everywhere else was calling them the McBankrupts. Anyway, they immediately tore up parts of old but still beautiful Dodger Stadium, which L.A. people are justifiably proud of. They added several rows in front of the existing ones, thus screwing the long time season ticket holders, raised…no doubled prices on everything, and made terrible cuts and decisions on the team. After a couple of years, we fans decided enough was enough and we stopped going, en masse! Once one of the more profitable franchises in the sports world, the creep was losing money hand over fist. Then his wife filed for divorce, and McCourt filed for bankruptcy. The way it all panned out is that several billionaires bid on the Dodgers and a group headed by our beloved Magic Johnson won them. Magic promised he would turn things around and the Dodgers were the first team in the MLB to win their division last week. There is Dodger pride again and they are fun to watch again. And it came about becuz the fans stood up to the man, said hell no, stopped going, stopped watching, and got things to change.

Why can’t the country do the same thing, or something similar with our corrupt government? And Wall Street, banks, corporations? We need a dynamic leader.

Socal@18: thanks for the info re the Raiders. I know L.A. is clamoring for a pro NFL team from the things I’ve read. There was even the deal to build the new stadium. The NFL won’t expand at this time and if they did they would probably have to expand by two. Again from what I’ve read the best change for L.A. is for a franchise to move and it is the largest city w/out an NFL team. I had not hear that the NFL (Goodell) won’t let the Jag move. The team is horrible and the fan base there is nil. If it gets bad enough the NFL may let him relocate the team even though this was a condition of the sale to Shahid Kahn:

Weaver announced his sale of the team to Khan later that same day. The terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed, other than a verbal commitment to keep the team in Jacksonville, Florida.

Well verbal commitments are broken all the same so… just sayin’.

I’m not a big fan of pro baseball (compared to football) so I didn’t know that about the Dodgers. That’s great about Magic Johnson being part of the new owners of the team.

Verbal commitments are legally binding in Florida if witnessed.

chat@21: Well I guess they’ll have to kill the witnesses.

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