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Posted on: September 21, 2013


Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  Since Sunday will mark the autumnal equinox I thought I’d go with a pic of some fall foliage taken…well some place.  LOL!  In looking up a link for the fall equinox I have to admit I was surprised when I found this:

Our ancestors built the first observatories to track the sun’s progress. One example is at Machu Picchu in Peru, where the Intihuatana stone, shown at right, has been shown to be a precise indicator of the date of the two equinoxes and other significant celestial periods. The word Intihuatana, by the way, literally means for tying the sun.

Okay so it didn’t get pasted quite to the right.  My bad.

Earthsky goes on to say:

The knowledge that summer is gone – and winter is coming – is everywhere now, on the northern half of Earth’s globe.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can easily notice the later dawns and earlier sunsets.

Also notice the arc of the sun across the sky each day. You’ll find it’s shifting toward the south. Birds and butterflies are migrating southward, too, along with the path of the sun.

All around us, trees and plants are ending this year’s cycle of growth. Perhaps they are responding with glorious autumn leaves, or a last burst of bloom before winter comes.

In the night sky, Fomalhaut – the Autumn Star – is making its way across the heavens each night.

Now “glorious autumn leaves” come a little bit later here in the south.  To be honest I haven’t seen a trace of them yet.  And in nola it seemed like you went to bed one night with everything green and then the next day you woke up to see the trees had all lost their leaves overnight.  Kind of like this but not so suicidal.

Well let’s move on and take a look at some of the things that caught my eye this week in the odd or funny category.  Just a collection of things I noticed.  No heavy lifting required.

Who’s been sleeping under *my* bed

For Guy Whittall in Zimbabwe it was an eight foot crocodile.  😯  It seems that ole guy went to sleep and woke up the next morning (barefoot of course) and this was underneath his bed!

“The really disconcerting thing about the whole episode is the fact that I was sitting on the edge of the bed that morning, bare foot and just centimeters away from the croc,” Whittall said, according to New Zimbabwe.

Whittall, 40, said the crocodile, which he estimated weighed 300 pounds, likely came from the nearby Turgwe River.

Whittall and a few of his co-workers were able to “rope and haul” the resistant crocodile out from under the bed and back into the wild.

Okay then.  Hell I thought it was bad when I see the occasional “bug” that I either have to spray with Raid or dispatch with a shoe.

Mowing under the influence?

I’m just gonna paste it in

A western Pennsylvania man has been charged with driving drunk while carrying an open can of beer – on a riding lawn mower.

Murrysville police say they found 55-year-old Thomas Marrone driving the mower along a road just before 1:30 a.m. Aug. 30.

Police say Marrone smelled of alcohol and had an open can of Coors Light in the mower’s storage compartment. They say he told them he was driving to his Murrysville home – roughly 6 miles away.

Marrone didn’t immediately return a phone message left at his home Thursday.

He faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday on charges including driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

Well I know why the man was on the mower…because he already had a suspended license!  Hells bells, give the man some credit for at least not getting behind the wheel of a car!! Sheesh!

Texting and driving is bad

And sadly it’s extremely bad when you are a school bus driver with a busload of kids!

The daughter of Venus Cotto-Silva was trying to use her cell phone’s camera to catch a school bus driver that she said had a habit of cussing.  Sadly, what she caught was the driver using her cell phone with one hand to text and attempt to drive with the other hand.  (Notice in the video that the driver wears a seatbelt.  Most school buses don’t have those for the passengers. )  This was in Hillsborough county Florida.

“When she showed me the video, I just couldn’t believe it,” Cotto-Silva said.

A Florida law to ban texting while driving goes into effect Oct. 1, although bus drivers will be exempt.

The 14-year-old girl says she was shooting video to try to gather evidence that the driver curses. Instead, the video appears to show the woman drifting into another lane while texting. Then, it appears the driver finally looks up from her phone and suddenly grabs the wheel with both hands just in time to avoid traffic.

“The scary part is, see how quickly she grabbed the wheel?” Cotto-Silva said, pointing to the video.

You can see the video at the link.    The driver has been suspended and let’s hope she doesn’t return behind the wheel.

Okay I don’t know WHAT to call this!

Other than bizarre.  This took place in Albuquerque NM and maybe the woman is trying to stay healthy while still sampling some of Walter White’s and Jesse Pinkman’s products.  All I can say is something has clearly affected her mind.

It seems that a man who lives in Nob Hill in Albuquerque lives on the preferred running path of a woman jogger who, it appears, just might want to wait another fifteen minutes or so before starting her jog.  I offer that as a suggestion because possibly she has eaten before her jog and while jogging has to make a side trip to this man’s house where she…well she poops in his yard!  Now to honest it looks more like an alleyway instead of a yard (and yes there’s a video!) but still she has done it multiple times and “Bobby” is getting a bit perturbed by it.

At first the man, who did not want to be identified, thought the person in question may have been homeless, and that it was a one-time occurrence.

But he said it’s happened at least four times, the most recent being this past weekend.

The first time was Easter Sunday. The woman jogged near his home, made a turn, heading toward an alley nearby and did her business, the man said.

“This is malicious fecal distribution,” he said.

The man said the woman always strikes on weekend mornings, and he’s captured the event on a security camera.

And  yes as I said, there’s a video.

“Bobby” says if he catches the woman again he is going to turn a hose on her. I think a better idea might be to wire a speaker somewhere near the spot and when he sees her doing her thing he can simply play this on the speaker. I’m willing to bet that will be her last visit to her “dumping spot”.    😆

Okay Widdershins, how is your day going today?  We’re having raiin here in AL and I’m afraid the LSU/Auburn game in Baton Rouge is going to be the “Mud Bowl” because they are going to have rain from Friday night through Saturday and parts S.E.LA are under a flood watch.  Hope the teams have a good running game!

This is an open thread.


34 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Beautiful pic, up in the post. Its starting to feel like Fall for me here, the liquid ambers haven’t started turning yet, but there’s something in the air, besides the shorter hours. I’m always a little sad to see summer go, but we usually have beautiful Falls here, mild days with extra blue skies, actually, a nice time to go to the beach in Malibu.

This is kinda funny. Hope it doesn’t bother Chat:

A Somali terror group, supposedly linked to Al Qaeda took over a shopping Mall in Nairobi and murdered anyone they could find who wasn’t muslim. They killed around 30 people, men, women & children:

@3: Nope, just another day at the “Duh.

Gee socal, thanks for being Debbie Downer there with the Fl and Somalii terror group. 😉

@me ⇑ Oh hell I did the suicidal leaves.

Need to check the wx for nola and b.r. for later tonight. I’m hoping they get a break in the rain so that at least the field can drain some.

Allons les Tigres!

And congrats to Chat’s dawgs. Oy, we get to play them next week between the hedges. I’m not looking forward to that since they have played some (as crazy Les says) “quality opponents”.

this sounds ominous for the game:

LSU parking update: Heavy rains force closure of four parking lots

But on the bright side parking is available in a garage on campus:

Passes for the parking garage can be purchased for $40 as you enter the garage

I could stay home too and watch it on the teevee.

Did anyone (either of you!) try to play the little audio file that I figured out how to embed? It’s the little speaker and arrow icon.

Hi all, many apologies for the brain f*rt on Wednesday. This is a very dramatic project I’m on.

Off to go see “Glass Menagerie” with Zachary Quinto and Cherry Jones…looks like it’s about to thunderstorm mightily though. Hopefully I’ll be in the theatre by the time it hits.

@6: sorry! But I did get the ball rolling for you today! 🙂 I thought the FL thing was funny, though. Comedians have always made hilarious fun of California, especially us goofy socalians. Yes, I did click on the link, very good, but the sound of an attacking large dog might have been funnier. That woman is disgusting btw.

Congrats to chat & her dawgs! Hubbie & laker are watching their Trojans and I made them sausage sands with sauteed onions on hot french bread.

Could your game get cancelled? That rain sounds serious.

MB@11: Not to worry abt Wed. We’ll soon have Fuzzy up and running. (Fuzzy I’ll get with you on that). Enjoy the play!

Hubbie said that kiffins young daughter has been severely bullied at school the last few weeks by the kids of disgruntled trojan fans. Very cruel. And very low-lifeish of the parents to allow their brats to pull this crap.

MB is always doing something interesting! Hope you enjoy the show! I enjoy Cherry Jones in anything.

We are heading downtown after the game, have some errands to run.

socal: Oh I was just teasing with you, of course. 🙂

When I was writing the post I seemed to recall that we could embed an audio file if we had a link for it so I had to search around for something. I agree about the barking dog but I couldn’t find an .mp3 for one. And yes that woman is disgusting! 👿

Short of the place flooding out, I doubt they would cancel the game. I saw one report that they had had no rain at LSU since early this a.m. and I beleive the field has a slight slope along the sidelines so that would help with draining it. Keeping fingers crossed.

@socal: That’s totally uncalled for by those fans. No excuse for that.

We’ll catch you later when you get back from d/town.

Has college football season started? Why didn’t someone tell my alma mater’s team?

I love the pic of “fall foliage taken…well some place.” Really cracked me up.

I’m off to get some lobster, beer, and cigarettes with my SNAP benefits. Then I’m heading to the beach. Top that, MB!

chuck@18: well you google and you takes your chances. You find a purty picture but you get no info. It’s sorta like those pictures of the “family” that’s in the picture frames when u buy them at K-mart or wherever. Who the hell are those people?

Hang ten surfer dude!

The audio thingie in the post terrified my cat, btw. She’s hiding under the bed now. Maybe I can lure her out with some lobster.

Sorry Chuck. There is a volume control but you have to start the sound first. I’m sure some lobster will tempt your kitteh out from under the bed.

If you are so inclined, pop the top of a brewski and sit back and watch some great football: Rhode island at William & Mary. I’m sure it’s going to be a nail-biter.

having to call a timeout in the first few minutes of the first qtr…not good Auburn, not good at all.

I’m watching Michigan at UConn. I always root for the Big Ten except when I don’t. Like for Purdont.

chuck@23: I understand.

21-zip LSU

Go Huskies!! (Like I care…)

Funny (Bad Human)!

So why did our ancient ancestors have so many methods of tracking the equinox or solstice and most people in this century don’t pay them much mind?

That’s amazing with UConn.

So why did our ancient ancestors have so many methods of tracking the equinox or solstice and most people in this century don’t pay them much mind?

We don’t plant crops? Just guessing.

Toni Basil is 70!!! Yikes!!

UConn leads heading into the 4th quarter and Toni Basil is 70. This does not compute.

Derek Jeter is at the game with his girlfriend who looks 15.

How was the lobster Chuck? Did you pick up some smokes too?

This does not compute.

The mind boggles, doesn’t it?

I’m almost embarassed to put this up, the way LSU’s defense kind of shut themselves down the 2nd half.

So what happened with LSU? Trojans won, but barely.

@socal: Well it was 14-0 in the first qtr, then 21-0 at the end of the first half. Then Auburn comes roaring back and scored 14 pts in the 3rd plus another 7 in the 4th (LSU scored also) but it ended, LSU 35-Auburn 21. It should have never gotten to that point.

This does not bode well for next week against Chat’s dawgs.

Yes, your game next week should be a nail biter.

Exactly socal. Chat will hide behind the couch at bad times for Ga and I’ll be putting my face into a pillow just moaning “No…no…no.” Can’t curse and yell at the other team when it’s the team of one of your bestest buds. 😉

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