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Let’s review…

Posted on: September 20, 2013

Morning Widdershin friends.  Here’s to a grand and glorious Friday.

Let’s review.

In talking about the tendency of the Tea Party caucus to always say, “No,” who said, “We could send monkeys to just push the red ‘No’ button?”

A. Jack Hanna

B. Tarzan

C.  Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) self-retired

In analogizing the Tea Party caucus to kamikaze pilots, what publication said, “It’s a practice that doesn’t turn out too well for the pilots?”

A. Mad Magazine

B. Drink More Saki Monthly

C. Wall Street Journal

In explaining the downside of Republicans shutting down the government, who said, “We can’t be Custer?”

A. Sarah Palin when she stated, “Of course we can’t be ice cream!”

B. Donald Trump when he stated, “He’s a loser, Custer wore a toupee!”

C. Rep. Peter King (R-NY)

In explaining the depth of Sen. Ted Cruz’ self-serving, pandering, political cowardice, who said, “Texas State Senator Wendy Davis has more balls than Ted Cruz?”

A. Ted Cruz’ gynecologist

B. Camel toe expert Kathy Griffin

C. An aide to Speaker John Boehner

So, in review:  Mad, crazy things happen.  Politicians sometimes say some very unlikely things, but one thing of Palin Cruzwhich we can always be sure — when it comes to politics, there is always some underlying reason for the madness.

With that as a basis, let’s consider for a moment why the Republican Party, at all costs, would defend big insurance companies and at the same time do incalculable damage to the economy.

It just doesn’t make sense or does it?

The Daily Beast has surmised it’s because of the fundraising cottage industry that has sprung up around lesser known fringe Republicans.  These are the good souls who are capitalizing on the adage, “The best way to separate a senior citizen from their social security check is fear and at the moment the best way to fulminate fear is Obamacare.”

While motives as bald as fundraising scams are nice, neat, and easy to understand, the real reasons are rarely as straightforward.

Here’s what I believe is going on.  Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and various conservative 501(c)(4)s, most notably the political arm of Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation, see Obamacare as the easiest, surest way to motivate the fringe base.  It isn’t just motivating the fringe of the fringe for 2014, it’s about building a political infrastructure for 2016.

When asked what he did on his summer vacation, Cruz can tell about crisscrossing the country talking to the primordial base about killing Obamacare — talking to the most active and certainly the surest primary voters.

Cruz’ plan, underwritten by a half-million dollars from Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation’s PAC, is politically and strategically brilliant.  Cruz knows there is no chance of the defunding plan to get a second gulp of air in the Senate.

The alternative?

He focused on Tea Party held House districts.  He traveled and spoke to adoring audiences spewing a pabulum of fear and unrealistic expectations.  From this little vacay exercise, he raised money, enthralled potential primary voters, expanded his mailing list, and most importantly said, “Republican establishment be damned.”

Cruz sees the Republican Party as just as much of an enemy to his grand scheme as the Democratic Party.  He has managed to outwit John Boehner and the Republican House caucus into undertaking a political suicide mission or as the Wall Street Journal said, “Turned them into kamikaze pilots.”

Everyone — the business community, the establishment Republican orthodoxy, Karl Rove, Republican economists — everyone speaking about this strategy has said it is suicide, but yet it is the course of action acquiesced to by John Boehner Wednesday.

Lion KingA moment for an alliteration interlude:  Cruz’ strategic brilliance would have turned Machiavelli mauve by his maniacal mendacious malevolence.

So let’s review, we have an ultra-fringe politician who really has no allegiance to anything other than his own id, is hell-bent on preventing 30 million Americans from gaining healthcare by sending the world’s economy into a global crisis while destroying his own party.  The only possible political beneficiary — himself.  As Chat often says, “What could go wrong?”

My friends, the next ten days could be a precursor to a reenactment of the 2008 financial meltdown.  All for the edification of a politician who has a total of eight months as Senator.

One final review — where have we seen this type of behavior before?  Watergate, Gov. Orval Faubus, Gov. George Wallace, and most notably Sen. Joseph McCarthy all come to mind.  All examples of a strategy of obstruction and destruction for personal political gain.

After 8 months, Cruz is about to be cruising in some mighty rarefied historical company.  Let’s hope the victim-hood he sows is only his and his alone.

Review over and this is an open thread.


37 Responses to "Let’s review…"

They have been discussing this just a bit ago on Morning Schmoe. They had on Sean Duffy a congress critter from the Badger State. He said the House repubs are furious with Cruz and his ilk in the Senate because the House repubs are being made to look like the “bad guys”. Nah Sean, y’all did that all by yourself.

Another great post, Prolix.

Agree with Fredster. The Repubs have done this to themselves. You break it, you buy it; then it’s yours to display. An ugly broken mess.

Follow the money. There is serious money behind every wing nut thing these people say and do. Every time I gasp, “But they wouldn’t really do that in this day and age!” they do. And they are funded by authoritarian, far, far, right wing nut jobs.

I concur. I suspect that ALEC is behind a great deal of this.

chat@4 and SophieCT@3: You have that right about the money.

What I would love is if the House repubs gets so p*ssed off at the Senate repubs that the bunch of them would be gridlocked; unable to accomplish anything between themselves. There might be a chance then of the Dems being able to take back the House.

@1, Ah, Sean Duffy, yes, that Sean Duffy from MTV’s Real World Boston fame who married another Real World cast member Rachel something from the year Pedro Zamora was on and introduced the nation to the face of HIV. Given Duffy’s Tea Party beliefs and arch-conservatism, it’s a pretty sure bet his house full of kids won’t be watching reruns of the Real World.

@3, Sophie, when you chase down the money, in the vast majority of instances, somewhere along the way it has come from a Koch affiliated entity. One thing the Kochs do is to hide behind shadowy siphoning front organizations. They basically do a laundering job on their contributions — making a large (millions) contribution to a front organization listing only a lawyer or someone affiliated with the Kochs and that organization in turn makes the contribution. Depending upon the type of organization and the upstream reporting requirements, the money sometimes makes several different stops in different accounts before it goes to the actual group doing Satan’s work. Of course, the Kochs have Satan on speed dial.

@5, Fredster, I, too, have often wished for open warfare between the do-nothings in the House and the know-nothings in the Senate, but when I think about it a total breakdown in the functioning of government is exactly what the Koch Bros. and the Halliburtons and any other moneyed interest want to happen.

Here’s the way I figure it in my simple, scotch ridden brain: All these corporate Repubs were in high clover during 8 years of Bush. Not much has changed with Obama, but then again, with the roadblocks up at every corner, what could be accomplished.

When Nancy ran the House, things got done, on time and on schedule. No one dared mess with her agenda. That is why she was so dangerous to the corporate Repubs and thus, came Dick Armey, the Kochs, and the various and sundry billionaires who underwrote the Tea Party.

Total gridlock with these sideshow distractions over the debt ceiling and CRs are exactly what these billionaires want — as long as everyone is fighting on Capitol Hill about minutia, no one is addressing problems that might lead to stuff like banking reform, tax reform, immigration reform, election reform, campaign funding reform, and just about any other reform reform.

As long as there is gridlock, they can stay in the Bushey high clover.

@6: Sean Duffy is also a championship log-roller. There’s a joke there; probably a whole bunch of them. Unfortunately, I’m having a brain freeze.

Prolix@6: I did not realize that about Duffy until I saw him on Matthews’ show and then looked up his house website. My God, we’re electing Real World people to the Congress of the United States. Can the Big Brother or Dancing with the Stars candidates be far behind? 😯

@10: Sen. Marie Osmond of Utah?

Prolix@8: Okay, just go ahead and spoil my mental delight at those two groups at each other’s throats. 😦 Still, it would be fun to watch.

Prolix @7, Yes, yes, yes!

Here’s the way I figure it in my simple, scotch ridden brain…

Ha! And we’ve been blaming all the empties on Uppity Woman!

Oh I remember Duffy’s wife Rachel getting her bellybutton pierced on “The Real World.” And drinking a lot. Ahhh, the good old days.

I keep waiting for the Tea Party to self-destruct, but it’s just not happening. I don’t know. What can stop them? The Republicans sure can’t. And won’t. So…..where does that leave us? Am I being too pessimistic?

SophieCT said: And we’ve been blaming all the empties on Uppity Woman!

She still sneaks in here in the dead of night. I caught her one time but let her take the bottle with her.

DYB said: where does that leave us?

we can do this:

Of course we can always do this too:

@18: Is there real butter on that?

@18 & 19: But can we do them both at the same time?

I think the Tea Party has overstayed its welcome in the Republican Party, unfortunately it will take another two epic losses in 2014 & 2016 before they are able to rid themselves of the poison that is the Tea Party.

Even after that, it could be another 8 – 10 years before they are competitive in national elections unless the Democrat Party cocks it up.

Beata said: Is there real butter on that?

Heh, are you kidding? That’s not covered on SNAP.

Beata, that would be too complicated for me to try both at the same time!

Fuzzy I think the “mainstream” Repubs would love to see the T.P. disappear but they’re like the vampire who keeps pulling the stake out of his heart and keeps going.

Very true Fredster my brother a liberal Republican socially and moderate fiscally thinks they are killing the party. My brother is one of many Republicans that believes in Single Payer Healthcare….

My brother is one of many Republicans that believes in Single Payer Healthcare….

Falls down and faints!

Talk about a food chain, with Tea Partiers being primaried by Tea Partiers! Is that the equivalent of a cannibal going to dinner with a group of cannibals and finding himself on the menu and then thinking, I knew I was the tastiest — they only eat what or who they love.

Fuzzy @22, If only. All they have to do is play their God, Guns, and Gays song and their fans get in line. They throw in a few cries of Socialism, and Constitution (you know, the one with only one amendment) and they’re okay.

Prolix@27: Or preying mantises.

And we know what they do to each other first.

Fredster he is the director of risk management and he knows more about healthcare probably than anyone but Hillary Clinton. He is convinced it will save money and provide better care for all Americans. My Brother has been in the business of Government healthcare for 15+ years in the top management position. He thinks our healthcare system in insane.

fuzzy@30: I agree with your brother, the system we have now is insane. You won’t find me arguing with someone like your brother, with the background you say he has.

Chris Matthews just had two folks on the show who say HRC is definitely running for prez in 2016. 🙂

He has managed to keep our healthcare costs very reasonable with the city. its gone from $ 28.00 per payday to 33.50 per payday in 10 years.

Fuzzy@33: Wow! That is not bad at all!!

Brilliant and funny post Prolix! Good god, I didnt realize that we had reality tv people in govt. I never watched that show.

socal, I think when it comes to Congress that the inmates are truly in charge of the asylum. 😯

Iowa has already given us Congressman Gopher from The Love Boat, so Senator Marie Osmond is a distinct possibility.

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