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Posted on: September 16, 2013

Photo credit to JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit to JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

They just cannot wait to start playing “connect the dots” when it comes to Hillary Clinton and a potential 2016 candidacy , even when the dots are not there.  WaPo has a piece up about some penny-ante crook, Jeffery Thompson, who was a former DC city contractor.  Supposedly Mr. Thompson secretly bankrolled a candidate’s race for DC mayor and now there are supposed to be documents filed in a court case that show that Thompson “secretly backed” a GOTV operation to benefit Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Thompson “allegedly” (the WaPo’s own term) paid Troy White over $600,000 for the Clinton effort.

This all came to light as a result of Thompson’s involvement in the above-mentioned mayor’s race in DC.  Quoting from the piece:

Prosecutors have been building a case against Thompson, who has been described in court documents as the financier of a secret campaign for Gray’s successful run for mayor, and court records show that he is the subject of a grand jury investigation.

Neither Thompson nor Gray has been charged, and the mayor has denied any wrongdoing. Thompson has not been named in any of the documents, but several people with knowledge of the case have identified him as the businessman in those documents.

The piece goes on to say that:

The investigation could have implications for Clinton, who is weighing a second run for president in 2016 and is seen as an overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination.

This all came to light when White, a marketing executive from New York, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor tax charge.  The Post goes on to say: “The investigation could have implications for Clinton, who is weighing a second run for president in 2016 and is seen as an overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination.”  Really?  That’s odd because people involved with the 2008 campaign say they don’t recall Troy White or his GOTV effort.   Supposedly White helped Clinton’s efforts in Texas and at least North Carolina and Indiana.  But as I said, folks involved with the 2008 campaign can’t recall the guy.

A senior official on Clinton’s 2008 campaign said no one in the campaign’s senior leadership or with budget-making authority knew about White’s independent canvassing campaign. Other senior officials said they had never heard of White.

“I’m absolutely certain he had nothing to do with any of us,” said Garry Mauro, chairman of Clinton’s Texas campaign. “I was at the headquarters almost every day, I traveled the state, and I never heard of this guy.”

The piece goes on to say that when Hillary was trailing Obama in the 2008 race that White contacted the campaign about helping but:

After campaign officials declined his services, a longtime Clinton adviser, Minyon Moore, helped connect White with Thompson, who agreed to fund his canvassing operation, according to the documents and interviews. [italics mine]

Utrecht, the Clinton campaign attorney, emphasized in her statement that the campaign “turned down Mr. White’s services.”

The Post piece says that Minyon Moore was a “senior adviser” with the campaign in a number of areas, but she was supposed to have expertise in getting out the African American vote.  According to court documents, Guy Cecil who was the national field director for the campaign told White “Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to use the street teams.” The person described himself or herself as a ‘big fan”’and expressed a hope that ‘we can work together soon’.”  To me that sounds like a nice “thanks but no thanks and let’s have drinks sometime”.  But of course never let the truth stand in the way of a good narrative.

Next, Minyon Moore emailed both Guy Cecil and White saying: “I am piping up saying we need your (White’s) services.” Moore told Cecil in the same message, “Let’s [find] some money. I will fight for it.”

And it was at this point that Moore introduced White to Thompson (no official campaign people that I see here) and then Thompson agreed to fund the effort.  Now it gets sticky here with a lot of “prosecutors allege” stuff:

According to prosecutors, White maintained contact with Moore, who arranged for Clinton’s Texas campaign office to provide White’s “street team workers” with campaign-prepared materials — such as bumper stickers and yard signs. Moore also gave White “confidential internal information” about the campaign’s itinerary, according to the court filing.

“The paid street team workers and canvassers then were directed to attend these campaign events to show support for [Clinton] and disseminate and distribute [Clinton’s] prepared materials,” according to the document signed by White.

I see a lot of claims but I don’t see any concrete proof.  White was asked by the judge if there were any contacts between himself and the official campaign and he responded “yes”.  Well I could say I had contact with Colonel Sanders because I got to shake the old guy’s hand when he was there for the opening of the KFC franchise in my dad’s hometown.

The Post article goes on to say that Thompson “has a long history of supporting Bill and Hillary Clinton, making donations to their political campaigns as well as to the family’s charitable foundation.”.  Yeah, I’m sure there are thousands of folks who have contributed to the Clinton campaigns (count me in), but I don’t see anything sinister in that.

What this entire thing sounds like to me is guys who operated behind the scenes and unofficially, (Thompson and White) who now have some heat coming down on them who are willing to say or do whatever they need to make themselves appear in the best light.  The individual who was in charge of the Texas campaign, Garry Mauro says he never heard of White.  This entire thing seems to be all about Jeffery Thompson and Troy White and the efforts to “get” them.  The fact that it involves Hillary’s 2008 campaign tangentially and the fact that she may run in 2016 is just a little bit of lagniappe for the WaPo writers.  It’s never too early to start the Hillary-hatin’.

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13 Responses to "THEY JUST CAN’T WAIT…"

There are still some folks out there yammering about Whitewater, too.

Yeah, I saw something about Whitewater a little while ago. Funny. And of course still beating the benghazi drum at every possible opportunity. So absurd.

Nice post Fredster. Hope the teams you wanted won yesterday.

At least a dozen dead in shooting at Washington Navy Yard.

chat@1: Yeah, if you go to the wapo article, the commenters bring up Whitewater, “travelgate”, the Rose law firm and (h/t socal) Benghazi. God or goddess only knows if Hillary wants to go through all of that bullshite again or not.

I hear there was someone who once got a speeding ticket associated with a traffic accident in Iowa who voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary. No word yet on whether or not any cows were injured, but there’s a documentary on Fox scheduled for later this week, Sean Hannity calls it “quite moooooving.”

Prolix@5: You know Faux news and Insanity will call for a full Congressional investigation and will swear that there was a conspiracy to kill or maim the cows to force the price of beef up and it was all due to Hillary’s money that was in cattle futures. 🙄

@6, Fredster, are a Faux News researcher hiding amongst us?

@6, let’s try that again, “Fredster, are you a Faux News researcher hiding amongst us?”

Got to remember to proofread before I hit send.

Prolix@7 & 8: Oh no, I’m a mole snooping around over there.

@8: Hint: you can always go back and edit your comment. I’ve had to do it numerous times, when fingers and brain don’t cooperate with each other. 😉

Well, cowabunga.

Well deserved……

Really this is the best the Hillary-Haters can do? I say Bring it Hillary eats this kind of stuff for breakfast its penny anti.

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