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Breaking News, But What Does It Mean?

Posted on: September 10, 2013

The AP reports that Syria has accepted the Russian proposal that all chemical weapons  be surrendered ro “international control” for eventual destruction.  Sounds great, but there are some serious questions remaining.

  • WHO? = The UN, working with Russia.  The Prez has tentatively agrees, but has nt taken all hus cards off of the table.
  • WHERE? – Apparently yet to be determined.
  • WHY? – Maybe because Putin asked him nicely?
  • WHEN? = Please refer to “where”, but possibly “soon”‘
  • HOW? – Please refer to “where” and “when”.

Honestly, I am as thrilled by he prospect of evading any more loss of blood and treasure as I am stumped by the sudden facilitation of this concession.  Perhaps some accord reached at the G20?  Perhaps some initiative by, for, and through Vladimir Putin.?  A massive attempt to further embarrass the Western nations?   What are your thoughts. Widdershins?


6 Responses to "Breaking News, But What Does It Mean?"

Since a cloud was installed in my brain, I no longer know what to think.

However, I will be cautiously optimistic. Better than being rabidly pessimistic, n’est-ce pas?

I concur.


Israelis “Cautiously optimistic”.
Putin will pull ut unless US agrees to refrain from attacks.
UN to have emergency meeting today.

Chat, thanks for posting, the site still won’t let me in.

Looks like Pootie Poot and the UN have found a basis for relevance while at the same time insuring Assad won’t be weakened by strikes.

In any event, the speechwriters at the White House are earning their money today.

No problem, Prolix. Glad I could help.

@4 Prolix Re: speechwriters – ROFL. Anyone taking bets on how many drafts they will go through between now and 8:59 PM?

@3 Chat, my somewhat cynical guess is that when Vladimir Putin “asks” you (and by “you” I mean Assad in this case), you do not say no.

Frankly, I don’t care where a solution originates as long as it keeps us out of another war.

Well, i am singing tonight, so will miss O’s speech. I’ll check back later for TW2 reactions.

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