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Lazy Sunday Music: Inspiration

Posted on: September 8, 2013

Music is a moral law that imparts belief to the universe.  Anon.

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

We’ve all admitted to some lassitude of late, so I thought that today might be a good time to turn this around and get going again.  There are songs out there that just seem to pick us up and get us moving, and today seems like a good day to concentrate on those songs.

My search revealed that there are literally hundreds of inspirational tunes out there, so let your imagination run wild in this otherwise wide open thread.

Here are my favoirites, in no particular order:

(1) True Colors –  Cindy Lauper, 1986

(2) Remember the Name – Fast Minor, 2005

(3) Stronger – Kelly Clarkson, 2011

(4) Reach – Gloria Estefan, 1996

(5) Stand By Me – Ben E. King, 1960


28 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Inspiration"

Good choices, Chat. I’ve always liked that Cyndi Lauper song.

I hope everyone has a nice Sunday.

Thanks. Beata. It is one of her best.

Saints are on, bbl.

A little something for chat:

South Carolina dropped out of the top 10 in both polls after a 41-30 loss to Georgia.

Saints win against the dirty birds, 23-17.
Two out of two this weekend. Everybdy get crunk!

IU’s football team is having its usual Charlie Brown season.

After we went through our terrible tragedy a few years ago (loss of laker’s brother), for some reason this song always perked us up and helped us to get through a bad day:

Also, its a fun video & lots of football for chat & fredster!

Beata@6: but we know y’all are a b-ball school.

” @8: Luvs me some Alison Krauss. Thank-ye!

socal: Great video!

For socal, from

Let the Mack Brown and Lane Kiffin watches officially begin. Texas’ loss to BYU and USC falling to Washington State on Saturday means the two schools are not only out of the top 25, it also signals the beginning of what could be the end for their head coaches.

There’s a lot of football left and plenty of time to recover. But those losses already have Longhorn and Trojans fans riled up. Brown evened canned defensive coordinator Manny Diaz on Sunday.

@7 Great vid. Dire Straitrs are the best.
Beata, loves me some Charlie Brown.

Love all these vids!

Always liked this song:

Continuing on a flute theme:

Hubbie says he can only pray for Kiffin’s departure.

socal: If he doesn’t do better than mediocre he’s probably gone.

Socal, tell Hubs that we are still celebrating his departure from the SEC.

Round two coming up on football, Giants and Cowboys.

Socal, not that there were hard feelings when he left the Vols, but one guy wanted to do this:

Some Tennessee fans aren’t happy about the way Lane Kiffin left the University. But one Vol fan wants to pay tribute to the former head coach by naming a Knoxville facility in his honor.

The University of Tennessee has a history of naming buildings and streets after former greats. Neyland Stadium, Peyton Manning Pass, and Phillip Fulmer Way are examples.

Knoxville attorney Drew McElroy has filed paperwork with the Knoxville City Council’s Public Properties and Facilities Naming Committee to rename a waste water treatment plant on Neyland Drive the “Lane Kiffin Sewage Center.”

McElroy said after driving down Neyland Drive and seeing all the history, it hit him. Renaming the Kuwahee Wastewater Treatment Plant would be the best way to let Kiffin know he understands why the coach left.

He told Knoxville’s NBC affiliate WBIR, “We don’t have to rename the entire facility after him, just a part of it,” he said.

McElroy conceded just a cesspool at the facility would be enough to satisfy him.

A fitting tribute to his tenure, to be sure.

chat@23: Oh I agree! 😆

ROFL! You guys are a hoot! Told hubbie, he loved it!

socal@25: Oh I think the Lane Kiffin Sewerage Center is so apt for him. 😆

socal@27: She’s right too. The problem is that it’s the left or center Supreme Court justices who are getting older. The damned conservative ones will be there for quite awhile. (it will take dynamite to blast Clarence Thomas off the court and into retirement)

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