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Posted on: September 7, 2013


Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  I hope today finds you well.  For the picture above I googled “late summer pictures” and the one above came up.  While it may indeed be a garden since I see a statue in there, it does seem to be one that’s possibly run amok if you ask me.  Perhaps it’s just my city-slicker background but I do like to see a path of some sort when I see something like this.

A portion of history that needs to be saved

I had this bookmarked to write up for a Saturday light post but then I bookmarked it by mistake in the wrong location.  This article is from July.

There is a factory (or former one) in Ypsilanti Township Michigan where the original Rosie the Riveter worked.  And it is going to be demolished if nothing is done to attempt to save it.

The Willow Run Bomber Plant, a 332-acre former Ford Motor Co. factory west of Detroit that churned out nearly 9,000 B-24 Liberator bombers during World War II, is slated to be torn down unless a group can raise $3.5 million by Thursday to convert at least some of the structure into a new, expanded home for the nearby Yankee Air Museum.

Of course there were tons of women who filled the jobs previously held by men before the war, (this article says more than 40,000) but it was at this plant in Michigan that a woman “riveter” got the attention of a film crew there to make a short film about women in the war effort.

Rose Will Monroe, a Kentucky native who moved to Michigan during the war, starred as herself in the film and became one of the best-known figures of that era. She represented the thousands of Rosies who took factory jobs making munitions, weaponry and other things while the nation’s men were off fighting in Europe and the Pacific.

Naturally (??) when the war was over the women were let go when the men returned and the plant went back to manufacturing cars until it was closed by General Motors in 2010.

B-17 Liberator

B-17G “Yankee Lady”

Larry Doe is a 70 year old resident of Ypsilanti who is working to try to save the plant.

“The younger generation needs to know what people went through and be able to go and see what they did and how they did it for our country,” Larry Doe, a 70-year-old Ypsilanti Township resident who has given to the cause, said recently before joining other donors for a trip on a B-17.

Organizers of the plan to save the factory say they have secured around $4.5 million of the estimated 8 million dollars they need.  What they want to do is to acquire part of the 5 million sq. foot plant, secure it and get utility services going.  The Yankee Air Museum say they hope they can tap into some of that “Rosie resolve” to complete their fundraising.  The organizers have a website up and you can check it out.


Could you call it a little “oopsie”?

The Federal Reserve, besides being the organization that bailed out the banks by lending money to the banks at something like 0.3 to 0.5 percent while they purchased T Notes which will yield 2.1 percent (I kid you not, see below**) is at again along with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  (I know this is badly written, but it’s late)

**In another period, JPMorgan Chase, the second-largest bank, swelled its holdings of taxpayer-backed federal debt by $20 billion, which yielded 2.1 percent, while at the same time borrowing $29 billion from the Fed at a rate of 0.3 percent.

Anyway…this same group is apparently no better at making money (literally making the bills) than they are at helping out the economy outside of the big banks.  It seems they have been planning to introduce  a new one hundred dollar bill.  You know, because the old ones are wearing out and we all carry so many of them at one time, they are wearing out from the friction of the Benjamins rubbing against each other in our wallets…no not really.   It was intended to be a more “secure” bill due to several additions to the bills.   “It will have a Liberty Bell that changes color, a new hidden message on Ben Franklin’s collar, and tiny 3-D images that move when you tilt the bill this way or that.”  Well, this got screwed up too.  According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the latest runs of the new bills have suffered from “mashing”.  “When too much ink is applied to the paper, the lines of the artwork aren’t as crisp as they should be, like when a kid tries to carefully color inside the lines—using watercolors and a fat paintbrush.”  (This is clearly unacceptable as the one percenters want nice, crisp, neat one hundred dollar bills.)

This time, recent batches of cash from the Washington, D.C., plant contained “clearly unacceptable” bills intermixed with passable ones, according to a July memo to employees from Larry Felix, the bureau’s director. So the Fed is returning more than thirty million hundred-dollar notes and demanding its money back, Felix wrote. Another thirty billion dollars’ worth of paper sits in limbo awaiting examination, and Fed officials have informed the bureau that they will not accept any hundred-dollar notes made at the Washington, D.C., facility until further notice.

I guess the idea of using fifties or twenties would be too difficult for those 1 percenters since their wallets would have unseemly bulges from the stacks of bills and God forbid, don’t even mention tens or fives.  🙄

Now Mr. Felix of the good ole Bureau of Engraving and Printing said that, alas, it was an “internal quality control” issue and that “internal quality-control measures should have prevented the bureau ‘from delivering defective work,’ and that those responsible would be held accountable.  Now when a bureaucrat (literally a bureaucrat from the Bureau of whatever) says that, you are indeed in deep doo-doo.  So Mr. Felix has ordered the other money factory in Ft. Worth to double up on its efforts at producing those brand-spanking new Benjamins because “There are dire consequences involved here because BEP sells Federal Reserve notes to the Board to finance our entire operation,” he wrote in the memo. “If the BEP does not meet the order, the BEP does not get paid.”      pray

There will however, be costs to the taxpayers to “fix” this:

Taxpayers will have to pay to inspect, correct, produce, transport, and secure all the additional money that will replace the botched notes. Disposing of the bad bills? That’s on taxpayers, too, as are the additional hours spent making up for the mistake by employees of the bureau.

I saw this and I wanted to die

Well not really, I wanted to LMAO.  Now y’all know I am an LSU Tigers fan.  And along with that goes a certain amount of  dislike for the University of Alabama football team.  It’s not because Nick Saban is there but was at LSU first, because he left LSU to go bomb as the head coach of the Dolphins and then went to Bama.  It’s not because they beat us in the National Championship game because they did play a helluva lot better than LSU.  No, it’s because their fans are crude, rude and classless as I wrote in my first guest post here at TW.  So you can imagine my delight and feelings of schadenfreude and just outright glee when I saw that the current Miss Alabama (who goes to Bama) was going to wear this thing at the Miss America Pageant.  She intends to wear this for the “Show us your shoes” parade on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City.

Miss-Ala-dress for Miss America pagent

And speaking of shoes, she’s’ got those too:

Miss Alabama's shoesThe little hat in the pic is supposed to be representative of Nick Saban’s hat that he wears at practice.  The houndstooth fabric is a “tribute?” to the late Bear Bryant of Alabama who always wore a houndstooth hat at the Bama games.  In honor of that Bama fans even today will wear houndstooth anything.  The poor man died in 1983 and they still won’t let him rest.

Oh and I dearly loved this from an article on about the dress:

“I knew it was going to be wonderful, and Chandler was the same way,” she said. “I was so excited and so overcome…when we left Ann’s that day that was all we could talk about all the way home.”

The buzz the dress caused when it was picked up by national news outlets shocked both her and Champion, Teninbaum said.

“It’s exciting,” she said. “We’re just overwhelmed that people are taking this much interest in because it was special to Chandler. I’m just glad that so many people think it’s special also.”

Oh I thought it was special too.  I thought it was sooo special I did this:

iQvkpG5 - lmao

Lastly, since I was talking about the Boardwalk above, how bout a little Boardwalk Empire music?  And let me know in the comments how your day is going.  This is an open thread.

Now I won’t be around much today because SEC football games start off at 11:00 a.m. central time and the last ones start at 6:00 p.m. Central time, but I’ll try to come by inbetween games.


14 Responses to "SATURDAY LIGHT FARE"

Terrible about those hundred dollar bills!

I was just up in Montreal for about a week for the Film Festival and the new Canadian bills are great. They are plastic! Obviously soft plastic, fully bendable and bunchable, but then the bill pops right back up again! They made it indestructable and looks to me pretty uncounterfittable. Once again, Canadians get it right! Meanwhile, we’re still watercoloring ours with fat brushes.

Hey D!! {{{waves}}} That’s interesting about the Canadian currency. Yep leave it to the Canucks.

How was the film festival and Montreal?

Hot damn!!! 41-30.

Hey Fredster! The Festival was a lot of fun. And Montreal is a beautiful city. The food is amazing! I had poutine, like, 4 times. At least. The Belgian waffles – OMG. And the bagels? Yes, I will say it: better than in NYC.

French fries with gravy? You’re now an honorary Southerner, as we put gravy on just about everything.

LOL D…I think Chat is right.

Congrats chat to your dawgs. It was a nail biter for awhile there.

It was, but my redecoration of the area behind the sofa paid off. I was quite comfortable until it was safe to come out late in the 4th.

chat@7: I wasn’t going to go there.

Somewhat embarrassing, but 56-17 against UAB (Alabama Birmingham)

Hubbie says he’s too embarrassed to put USC school colors up! Congrats to you & Chat though!

Hubbie & Laker are sick to death of Lane Kiffin. Who are you guys rooting for next week with the Bama/AM game? I know you can’t stand Nick Satan, but how about that AM qtrback?

Nice post, Fredster as always! Sorry I’m so late to get here. I like the picture, btw, it reminds me of Washington State in the summer!

Sorry i’m late getting here socal. I had tried to watch ESPNU on the ‘puter but had to download a “codec” and it turned out to be malware. I had to go in and uninstall a few things and then run malwarebytes which took three and a half hours!

I watched the USC game. Oh Lanie can’t do too much can he? Y’all need to run him out of town! 😆

Chat and I were discussing the Bama/A&M dilemma. The best thing we could come up with was to cheer for A&M until they trounce Bama and then hope that Johnny Football does something to get ejected from the game. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

What did you think about Miss Alabama’s outfit? She needs to have someone do this to her:

1-Alternatively, we can root for a 0-0 tie after 5 overtimes,
2-Lane Kiffin is toxic.
3-Muck Fanziel tee shirts are already available.

ROFL! You guys are a hoot! And agree with everything you said, of course! And that Miss Alabama outfit was hideous!

Fredster, hope your computer is ok! That sounds like a real hassle!

socal: Yeah, it’s okay now. When that msg. popped up about the codec it made sense because those are what enable videos to play on your computer. But when I was installing it I saw something about “conduit” and community toolbar. Tried to stop it then but too late. If you ever see anything that wants to install a community toolbar run away from it. It takes over your browser and makes changes in the registry and is a pain in the @ss to remove.

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