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Lazy Sunday Music: The British Are Not Coming, The British Are Not Coming

Posted on: September 1, 2013

Good September, Widdershins.

This week, Parliament distinguished themselves by resolutely declining another Middle Eastern incursion.  Good for them.  The British are thought to be our closest allies, and if we cannot rouse their support, things look bleak, which is fine by me.  I have no more appetite for further warfare than does Parliament.

Today, in their honor, let’s celebrate British music, to include all the nations in their federation.  Everything from Australia to Canada, Jamaica, the Celtic nations, whatever – if the music or the artist claims kinship, go for it in this otherwise open thread.,

Here’s my list, just a bit longer than usual, but I pared to the best of my ability.

(1)  Lola – The Kinks, 1970

(2) My Generation – The Who, 1965

(3) Honky Tonk Woman –  The Rolling Stones, 1969′

(4) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles, 1967

((5) Foggy Dew – SÍnead O’Commor and the Chieftains, Irish Trad.

(6) Twa Recruitin” Sergeants – A Parcel O’ Rogues, Scottish Trad.

(7) Banana Boat Song –  Harry Belafonte, 1959


13 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: The British Are Not Coming, The British Are Not Coming"

“Ghosts That We Knew” – Mumford & Sons

“What The Water Gave Me” – Florence + The Machine

Good ones, Beata. Hope things are well with you.

A nice Brit march played by the Brits! I didn’t like the first one.

Do we know if the House of Lords voted also?

Happy 90th birthday Mort Walker, creator of Beetle Bailey.

Here’s a nice acoustic-solo version of New Zealander Neil Finn’s “Don’t Dream Its Over” (Crowded House, an Aussie band):

Hubbie sends this, from Canada, Byran Adams:

@7: Not even a clue.

One of my personal favorites

Chat@11: Eh, I was just asking so I could post the twit video.

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