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working poor who won’t get Obamacare in Louisiana

* lie about health care once again

Lil Bobby Jindal of the gret state of Loozieana, through his Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals, Kathy Kleibert,  had some good news for poor folks in the Nola area except it wasn’t good news for some of those poor folks.  You see, around 60,000 poor folks around Nola have been able to get primary care from a limited expansion to Medicaid in the metro area  through the Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection.  There has been a waiver in place since 2010 that allowed these folks to have up to 200% of the federal poverty level and still be able to obtain free treatment at the community clinics which are located across the metro area.  However, the waiver program comes to an end this year.  Lil Bobby has announced though that he happened to find an extra $6.1 million dollars to keep the program going, but with some exceptions.  Lots of exceptions.  For instance:

  • one third of the 60,000 people currently receiving care will no longer be eligible –  only those whose incomes fall below 100 percent of the federal poverty level will be able to participate
  • health care providers will no longer get any money to help them pay for facilities and equipment needed to serve patients in local neighborhoods
  • there will be no supplemental dollars paid to health care providers at the end of the year based on the number of patients they served
  • (and the biggie) the rates paid for services provided will drop by 13 percent

Now you might say “Fred that isn’t too bad”.  That’s certainly what Kleibert said.  And in fact, for those who aren’t going to be eligible for this care any longer, she even had a line of b.s. to dish out.  Ms. Kleibert said that for those folks who jindal-nopeare over the 100% rate of the federal poverty level, there will be the (taa daaaaa!) Federal health insurance exchange where they can apply for health insurance!  Except that’s not true.

You see, the original design for Obamacare was that those who made over the federal poverty rate, but below a certain income would go into the expanded Medicaid portion of Obamacare.  We know however that that option disappeared in the decision by the Supremes that let the states opt out of the expanded Medicaid portion.  To quote from this excellent article:

The original idea of the Affordable Care Act, known affectionately as Obamacare, was that single adults who have an annual income of less than $15,850 and $32,500 for a family of four, would be covered by Medicaid because they fell below 138% of the poverty level.

Federal subsidies were supposed to be given to those whose income falls in the range of 138% to 400% of the poverty level so that they could afford to buy insurance on the state-based exchanges.

In those 21 states that are not expanding Medicaid, many people will not be eligible for Obamacare or even to claim for subsidies from the government to obtain their medical coverage.

According to the Urban Institute, if these states do not expand their Medicaid, about 4.9 million people will not be insured by 2016 and there is a possibility that the figure may be even higher if the six states that are considering expansion but have not approved it yet decide not to do so.

Benjamin Sommers, assistant professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, said that there will be many low-income adults who will just not be able to get insured because there are no affordable options open to them.

So guess what?  Lil Bobby and his Health Secretary flat out lied.  Those folks who make more than 100% of the poverty level but less than 138% are just sh*t out of luck.  But those of us from the gret state are all too familiar with Bobby and his untruths and half truths.

The Great Polling Debate
(or don’t believe those lying eyes of yours)

Our guv has been in a state of high anxiety and deep depression ever since that poll came out last year that showed his popularity down in the 30s in the state.  Well, one way to fix that is to conduct your own poll and skew the questions and the sample to the ones that reflect more favorably on you.  Then you can publicly announce that the latest poll shows your popularity or approval rate at higher that fifty percent!

But now we have two separate political polls—both by political conservative organizations—that show vastly different results. One shows his approval rating hovering around 50 percent while the other has him at an abysmal 35 percent—one of the lowest rankings of any governor in the history of Louisiana.

You see, the “good poll” was conducted by OnMessage a company out of Alexandria Va which happened to hire Bobby’s best bud to run a “southern branch” of the company.

OnMessage. Sound familiar? It should. It was OnMessage that hired one Timmy Teepell to head up its Southern operations in Baton Rouge—except there was never a Baton Rouge address or telephone number in Baton Rouge for the company and Teepell’s Jeep has remains parked in the back lot of the State Capitol since his hiring.

Now about the same time Bobby released “his” poll, a PPP poll came out (damned f*cktard LIBERALS!) that showed him with a 28 percent approval rating!  And the poll even said he would run behind a (gasp!) Clinton in a presidential race!

Fifty-nine percent of Louisiana voters said they disapprove of the job he is doing. According to PPP, those numbers make Jindal the least popular Republican governor in the country and the second most unpopular governor overall (Democrat Pat Quinn of Illinois is the lowest rated governor in PPP’s polling). At 41 percent, President Barack Obama actually boasts a higher approval rating than Jindal in Louisiana, according to PPP.

PPP’s latest also found Jindal, who’s thought to be considering a 2016 bid, tied for fourth in a hypothetical Republican presidential primary in Louisiana. When PPP tested him against Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical general election matchup, the former secretary of state claimed a 7-point lead among all Louisiana voters.

Well that’s one of those golldarned liberal groups.  I mean, certainly a Republican pollster conducting a poll would find a better approval rating for the guv.  Except they didn’t.

…on Monday, another poll released by Conservative Intelligence Briefing put Jindal’s approval rating at 35 percent, even lower than SMOR’s numbers from six months ago.

Second-term Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal is occasionally mentioned as a presidential contender in 2016, but he has some work to do back home first. He is deeply unpopular two years after he was re-elected over token opposition. Only 35 percent of respondents view Jindal favorably, versus 51 percent who view him unfavorably. In a hypothetical 2016 presidential matchup, respondents in our poll picked Hillary Clinton over Jindal, 44 to 42 percent.

However, as Clancy Dubos writes, the in-house poll is the one to be believed because all the citizens of the state know that lil Bobby is a “Supreme Leader”.

What’s that, you say? Our Beloved Supreme Leader’s poll was biased, skewed in his favor by under-sampling black voters and over-sampling white Republicans? Only enemies of the Republic would propagate such nonsense.

Yes, it is true that Louisiana’s electorate is 64 percent white and 31 percent black. And it is equally true that the poll, taken by OnMessage, the political consulting group led by Our Beloved Supreme Leader’s right-hand man and home-schooled left-brainer, Timmy Teepell, had a sample that was 67 percent white and merely 22 percent black. But, as Team Jind assures us, black folks don’t vote in proportionate numbers, so why should their opinions count when measuring how beloved is Our Beloved Supreme Leader?

The same principle applies to sampling opinions of Democrats and Republicans. While the “official” voter registration rolls show that 48 percent of our state’s voters are registered Democrat and only 28 percent are registered Republican, the OnMessage sample was more accurately calibrated — to measure the true depth of voters’ passion for Our Beloved Supreme Leader. It thus had a sample that was 41.5 percent Democrat and 40 percent Republican.

See? It makes perfect sense to anyone who is not in league with “rebellious elements.”

You see?  Our Beloved Supreme Leader, Jind Il-Sung explains to us why we should not pay any attention to those “other polls” because they “are ‘pure fiction,’ Team Jind says, because they are the work of Democrats, liberals, bloggers and other undesirables.”  Ahhhh…when Jind Il-Sung explains it that way we can forget about the lies uh untruths, uh stories he and his minions have told us about the poorer peoples among us being able to obtain health insurance when the health exchanges open up.  Our Supreme Leader was so happy with being able to give health care to the poor (some of them) even though he cut back the number eligible, cut back the reimbursement rate, won’t get any funding for building and equipment…he was so happy with this and for his new-found favorability in his own poll that he even gave himself a round of well deserved applause.


Supreme Leader, Jind Il-Sung courtesy of Gambit Magazine

This is an open thread.  Oh and yes I know that lil Booby was on MTP yesterday.  I was able to avoid that.


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