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Consolation prize — an oxymoron…

Posted on: August 23, 2013

Morning Widdershins — here’s hoping your day is a great one and the root of your smile is found in your soul.consolation prize

The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.

That is one of my favor quotes. It explains so much about life in general and politics in particular.

Too many people forget that politics is the footrace to see who is able to make decisions about public policy. The policy is what matters. The footrace ought be forgotten when the finish line tape is broken.

Governance by way of public policy seems to no longer matter. By way of example:

  • The single unifying creed of the Tea Party Republicans is making sure 30 million poor people don’t get healthcare.
  • Over 100 years of economic theory and science is heretical as opposed to the “perfectly immoral me-first” Ayn Randian theory read by college boys as they were stuffing wet towels under their dorm doors while firing up their learning bongs.
  • Even though two-thirds of food stamp recipients are children, elderly, and the disabled, they should be drug tested before they can receive the princely sum of $4.00 a day in food assistance.
  • There is to be no path to citizenship for anyone, including Dreamers, unless a business wants to buy them into employment servitude by sponsoring them.

There are no great artists left on the Right, there are only those with the consolation prize of perfect confidence.

Take for instance Rick Perry — an Obamacare hater of the first order and denier of healthcare to millions in Texas by opposing the expansion of Medicaid, but Rick Perry is lobbying for $100 Million in additional funding from the Community First Choice (CFC) program. The Community First Choice program is Medicaid coverage for at-home care for the disabled instead of shunting them off into institutions.

Problem is — the CFC program is a part of Obamacare. So succinctly put, Rick Perry wants $100 Million from a program that he wants to defund and abolish. Oops!

Tea Party prizeTo followup on Chat’s wonderful post of yesterday, take Sen. Ted Cruz for instance. Cruz and his ilk want to skip the inconvenience of a government shutdown and use the debt ceiling as leverage to defund Obamacare. In short, his cure for a sprained ankle is double amputation. His sentiment of defaulting on the national debt and throwing the world economy into a tailspin reminiscent of 2008, only bigger, is gaining ground in the Republican House leadership. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating — we passed the Rubicon somewhere after 2010 when injuring the country’s economy became an acceptable political tactic.

The lack of doubt and the perfect self-confidence represented by these whimsical, farcical positions leads me to believe that a political judgment has been reached. That judgment:  Unless some unrelenting and merciless calamity isn’t visited upon the country in the next three years — so epically tragic to make people forget about the cause and only focus upon the breath-taking severity, the Republican Party knows they are headed for extinction. Their only play is to foist economic devastation so widespread as to hope it is associated with Obama and his policies thus masking their causal fingerprints.  Their hope for survival is predicated upon being nothing more than a surviving alternative.

It isn’t a bad plan for the traditional Republican demographic of Wall Streeters and One-Percenters. It is dystopian for the rest of us and certainly not much of a consolation prize.

This is an open thread.


15 Responses to "Consolation prize — an oxymoron…"

Sen. Tom Coburn has alluded to the possibility of impeachment of the president over the “IRS scandal”. although he modestly admits to an imperfect understanding of the term “High crimes and misdemeanors”,

Lil Bobby in La declined to participate or implement the Community First Program, citing that the Feds “just wouldn’t be flexible enough” for them. It would have raised the reimbursement rate for home health care by 6%. Bobby’s spokesperson said “Such a big expansion, he said, also would have overtaxed the state’s home care providers.”. At least Perry or someone in state govt had enough sense to realize that helping the least among us is a good thing.

Prolix said: Even though two-thirds of food stamp recipients are children, elderly, and the disabled,

Don’t forget that the majority of recipients are white also. A lot of folks would like to imply otherwise.

@1, Chat, I’m at a complete loss for Coburn, a supposed friend of Obama who is retiring. Why on earth he is out there flinging crap like that? Things are bad enough as it is — maybe their political calculation is: If we can’t whip up the red meat base enough over Obamacare, let’s whip it up on an up or down vote on impeachment — meaning the Repub primaries will be a question to the candidates: Do you support impeachment? That will certainly grind the government to a halt for the remaining two years.

@2, Fredster, the Community First Choice program is also a higher quality, lower cost alternative for states. It is just so much smarter and a more comfortable alternative than institutionalization.

That will certainly grind the government to a halt for the remaining two years.

That well may have been the idea. LOL!

@3, Fredster, here are a few facts that the Repubs conveniently overlook when they are pandering in their red meat meetings:

1. Of the 254 counties with the largest food stamp eligible population, Romney carried 213 of them.

2. 55% of food stamps go to families whose income is under $10K a year.

3. There’s less than 2% fraud in the SNAP program.

4. 25% of those people who are eligible don’t sign up because of the hassle and stigma. Less than 40% of seniors who are eligible sign up.

The new Repub proposal is halving the expenditure for SNAP — from $80 Billion to $40 Billion. There has been nearly a doubling of recipients since the economy crumbled under Dubya in 2008 — crumbled because Dubya turned his back on the atrocities being sold on Wall Street and by his crippling of the white collar crime division in the Dept. of Justice. After 9/11, 500 of the about 600 white collar crime attorneys were reassigned to terrorism duties — talk about crisis opportunity — it was a convenient way to set loose Wall Street. You never hear that side of it from the Repubs.

is also a higher quality, lower cost alternative for states.

Yeah, well the die hard repub governors like lil Bobby have never let something like common sense get in the way of their ideological purity.

Less than 40% of seniors who are eligible sign up.

That’s the one that bothers me the most. In their final years we can’t make sure our old folks have enough to eat? I know some people will say “oh they can sign up for Meal on Wheels for the elderly”. Problem is that those programs got a hefty cut due to the…tada!…sequester.

There has been nearly a doubling of recipients since the economy crumbled under Dubya in 2008

They (the Randians or whatever) conveniently forget that fact.

Off topic but…you may or may not know they’ve had a little problem with a sinkhole in Assumption Parish LA , near Bayou Corne. What happened was a salt dome/cavern built by a company failed and it’s growing and growing. This happened yesterday, as you can see, in just seconds.

@7: Rather a large collection of inconvenient truths.

chat@12: True dat.

@12 and 13 — When I hear these Tea Party Reps say things like, “Well, someone told me they saw someone in Kroger’s using food stamps to buy filets and we have to stop the fraud,” it just drives me nutz.

An anecdotal secondhand story that wouldn’t be allowed in traffic court to refute a $25 fine, and these Tea Party mother frackers are basing a cut of $40 Billion to food aid for the poorest of the poor. It is beyond belief.

And why doesn’t someone stand up and say it just that plainly? Poor people, particularly children and the elderly don’t seem to count any longer. Not that they ever counted for much in Washington, but this new crowd are a new breed of hateful, spiteful, mean-spirited, angry monied whores whose whole philosophy can be summed up by, “I got mine, sorry about your luck.”

If there are slum tenements in hell, that’s where they’ll be.

Sorry, got a little rantilicious there.

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