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Remain Calm, Etc: On Cruz Control

Posted on: August 22, 2013

Good Thursday, Widdershins.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has recently made the astounding discovery that he is also a citizen of Canada.  Astounding to him, at least.

Senator Cruz was born in Calgary to an American mother and a Cuban father who fled to the US, but did not become a citizen until 2005.  His parents were working in (what else?) the oil industry at the time, and a few years later returned to Texas.  Cruz received his undergraduate degree from Princeton, and his JD from Harvard.  He was named primary editor of the Harvard Law Review.   

Sen. Cruz enjoyed a top-notch Ivy League education, and  is described by many as “off the charts brilliant”, and indeed has a meteoric career in politics. Nevertheless, this “OTC”  brilliant man was quite surprised to discover that he holds Canadian citizenship as a birthright, along with the American citizenship passed on by his mother.  Who knows, perhaps he is a Cuban citizen courtesy of his father as well.  At ant rate, Sen. Cruz insists that he will renounce his Canadian citizenship tout suite, dissociating himself once and for all from our pantywaist neighbors to the north who insist that their citizens are entitled to a decent lifestyle.

This is a revolting development for a man who seemingly has is eye on the prize of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I have been fascinated by the reactions of my Fundie friends who ranted and raved about Barack Obama not being an American citizen because he had a Kenyan father and probably wasn’t even born here.  Somehow, Ted’s Cuban father and Canadian birth are fine and dandy, because after all, it’s Canada.  Canada, I suppose is actually a suburb of the nearest American city of your choice, while Kenya does not possess a contiguous border with the US.  The same Fundies who screamed and carried on about Obama being a first-term senator when he ran are fine with it with Cruz, because he has “fresh, new ideas”.  This is deja vu all over again, albeit with a rightward twist.  Amazingly, my Fundie friends do not see anything even remotely odd about their sudden change of feelings.  It all seems quite reasonable to them.  Even those pinko institutions of higher learning attended by the Obamas have suddenly become academic meccas now that they have discovered that Cruz matriculated within their ivy-laden walls.  Go figure.

Seriously, I’m not certain that anyone knows for certain if Senator Cruz is actually eligible to run.  The Constitution states that only natural citizens may hold the office without actually describing what that means.  The question came up when Sen. John McCain ran, but was quickly answered by the fact that he was born in the Canal Zone when his father was posted there.  At the time, the Canal Zone was an American territory, plus his father was in the Navy and US military bases are considered to be US soil and issue US birth certificates.  (My BFF was born in Cavite, Philipines while his father was assigned there and has his original “US Registration of Live Birth” form.)  But what the hey, exactly, is a “natural citizen”?

For those of us born to American parents on American soil, that’s easy.   We are most definitely “Natural” citizens.  After that, things get murky.  I have heard a number of Constitutional law professors mumble something to the effect that “yeah, probably, Ted Cruz is a ‘natural’ citizen”, but that falls somewhat short of being a ringing endorsement.  The Supremes have never weighed in on the matter, so who knows?

I must, however. give props to Donald Trump here.  When asked about Sen. Cruz’ ability to run for President, he replied “Probably not”.  At least he is consistent.

As for the Canadians, they thus far do not appear to be too broken up by Sen. Cruz’ announcement that he plans to disavow his Canadian citizenship.  Tweets from our northern neighbor have run the gamut from “Ted who?” to “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”  From what I’ve read, it’s going to take Ted the better part of a year to ditch them, as he has to explain in writing why he does not wish to be a Canadian (that should be interesting), and undergo some sort of security clearance.  It’s not quite as simple as saying “I renounce thee” three times.

The Cruz candidacy may take off, or may stall out at the first hard turn.  I have to believe that the Canadian birth might be a little bit awkward, but time will tell.  If nothing else, it could be intereresting to watch.

This is an open thread.  Come on, everyone – let’s stand on cars and freeze.


14 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: On Cruz Control"

Ted Cruz is an Idiot they have a cool national Anthem and the folks are so polite and tidy….

Some Tea Party folks Consider Canada a 51st state…. we should be so lucky to have the good people of Canada as Fellow members of the USA that would be 20 additional Senators all Democrats or liberal leaning by republican standards and 45 representatives….Hummmmm

I think the Republicans might want to reconsider Annexation …

Why would Canada wish to annex? They are better off as they are.

Oh new today 29% of Republicans hold Barak Obama Responsible for the slow response to Hurricane Katrina….only 28% of Republicans hold George Bush (the President in 2005) responsible for the slow Response…. Reality Dysfunction Personified.

That is fascinating.

At some level I can see why Ted Cruz was surprised to learn he was near his mother at the time of his birth — Damian never claimed his real mother either.

While I’m a huge fan of our northern neighbors, I would be supportive of an international go-to-pieces over the renunciation of the Canadian citizenship. I think there should be a process whereby we could say, “We don’t want him even though his mother claimed him since we believe she was under the influence of Ted’s real father, Satan himself.”

@3, Fuzzy, I saw that too — mass dissociative disorder — if you ask me, the entire Repub party are carriers of the disease.

@6: LOL! Bickering over whose citizen he is not? What a great plan. Perhaps we should involve the UN – that would really torque him off but good..

I do not usually link to Lawrence ODonnell because I rarely watch him. I usually change the channell, oh, about the time his face comes on the screen. However, this is delightful…all 16 minutes of it.

Well that wasn’t the clip I wanted. The one I saw had O’Donnell explaining the steps Cruz had to go through to renounce his Canadian citizenship.

Fuzzy@3: Sadly, that was a poll of Louisiana Republicans who believe that. Even sadder, is this:

Nearly half of Louisiana Republicans — 44 percent — said they aren’t sure who to blame.


Well lookie here Miz Chat. Look who is the 1st team ALL SEC quarterback. It isn’t Manziel or McCarron from bama, but Mr. Murray from Georgia!

Fredster I believe that 72% of Republicans in Louisiana are either Liars or incredibly stupid….

Fuzzy I’m going with the incredibly stupid. 😉

Give them time and they will find a way to blame it on Clinton .

Very funny post! Thanks for the giggles, Chat!

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