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RNC’s BFF Not…

Posted on: August 13, 2013

Excuse the less than expansive title, but I thought I would be all kool and “with it” this fine Tuesday.  I hope this day finds y’all kool and “with it,” that is if you aspire to be kool or “with it” or even “without it.”  As the kidz say, “Whatever…”

A couple of articles have piqued my interest.  Before I fall headlong into the first one, let me posit a query — I just loved it John Housemanwhen John Houseman said that in Paper Chase.  The query is this:  If you had a reliable friend, a friend upon which you could always count, would you not listen to that friend when you were told you had gone bat crap crazy?  My guess is that you would listen to that friend.

It seems as though the RNC has a divergence of opinion on the issue.  There are data that seems to indicate the Republican Party is failing to listen to their most consistent friends — those who are sixty-five and older.  The 65+ demographic has been the most reliable and consistent friend to the ruby-red party, but that BFF symbiosis seems to be fraying.

The new polling indicates of those who are 65+ only 28% have a favorable view of the Republican Party.  In the same age cohort, 40% view Democrats favorably.  Now that is something that will put the squeal into the Reince Preibus’ whine.

Without going too deeply in the polling data, another snippet stood out for me.  While the Republican Party still enjoys a 5% lead over the Democratic Party at 46% to 41%, that five percent lead represents a downward spiral from a 21% lead in the last couple of years.  You know what they say, “Two data points and you have a trend.”  The trend isn’t pretty.

When it comes to specific issues, this age demographic favors the progressive point of view on Medicare (89%), women’s pay (87%), and expanding child care (77%).  When it comes to the bread and butter wedge issues of the RNC like aid to the poor, immigration, gay rights and gun rights, a majority of the 65+’ers find the Republican position too extreme.

Roger Ailes:  As John Houseman would say, "The resemblance is uncanny!"

Roger Ailes: As John Houseman would say, “The resemblance is uncanny!”

So how do I know this is good research?  That is where the second article comes into play.  No one has ever accused Roger Ailes of Faux News of being dumb — he’s been accused of just about everything else, but dumb the man is not.  The Faux Network has always dominated in the over 65 demographic.  So much so, the average age of the Fox audience is listed at 65.

Now, as astute readers you are asking yourselves, this seems a little too convenient with the demographic roulette wheel always coming up on 65 when it concerns Fox.  The answer is simple — the ratings companies don’t track demographics over 65,  So in the teevee business, when you hear the demographic 65, it could just as well be 265, because no one publicly tracks beyond that age.

So Mr. Ailes has made a change in the “primetime” lineup or is reportedly going to make a change in the primetime lineup to lighten the demographic load.  His gambit, switching out Sean Hannity (the dumbest man to ever be paid to talk on teevee) with Megyn Kelly.  Mr. Ailes is hoping to attract a younger demographic with Ms. Kelly.  The question remains, what will happen to all those red-meat Hannity fanatics who live for the daily dose of the most recent fact-free conspiracy theory spewed by the brunette Barney Rubble look-alike?  The answer to that query is still pending.

On this you can be sure — if Roger Ailes sees or senses the demographic shifting, it is indeed real.

What are you reading today?

This is an open thread.


10 Responses to "RNC’s BFF Not…"

I have read many of the same studies, and I must wonder who the hey these over 65 folks are. We’re talking about Boomers, who famously began the revolution. I suspect that many of these “over 65-ers” are actually over 70, and members of the “Happy Days” group.

Hell Weeks Continue at work as 25,000 Returning Gators vie for only 15,000 Service Activation Time Slots…every night I come home tired fix dinner and attempt to clean up then throw myself on the bed…sleep and wake up do it again…It will all be over on Monday I am told.

Hope Fredster is better!!! Big Bear Hugs!

I think the 65 and older crowd is finally waking up and abandoning FOX. Why don’t they track + 65ers they are the second fastest growing segment of the population after the + 100’s….

I wondered what prompted Faux to do such a thing to Hannity. I mean, it’s obviously a bit of a demotion and his fans won’t like it. Why would Faux risk making them angry? This is a pretty good explanation!

I’m also…”intrigued” by Alec Baldwin getting his own show on MSNBC. I mean, this is a man who had to delete this twitter account because he was unable to control his temper. Can you imagine him on live TV? I mean, pass the popcorn!

@1, Chat, Undoubtedly, the age cohort of Fox is heavily skewed to the 70+ crowd. I just find it amazing that they didn’t move sooner because their audience is literally passing away on them. Unless they do something to replace it, like bring in someone like Megyn Kelly, who is a philosophical chameleon to try and attract a lower demographic, Fox’s days, while not numbered, are surely darkening in terms of audience.

@2, Fuzzy, sorry work is such a drain on you right now. Better days ahead.

As to the over 65 crowd, from my limited understanding, they have just not been tracked traditionally because: 1) They aren’t big discretionary spenders typically, and 2) They aren’t susceptible to traditional marketing ploys — either too wise or too pattern-centric in their purchasing habits.

But, I agree with you — given that they are the fastest growing demographic, I imagine there will be some enterprising market researcher who figures out a way to track them.

@3, DYB, great to see you. I imagine Hannity reached the end of the line with his constant harangue based upon the latest Drudge conspiracy of the day. Ailes pitched Beck and Hannity tried to pick up Beck’s demo, but Hannity is not smart enough to polish the “rap” like Beck did.

I don’t think Hannity will be thrown overboard though — he might be given the 7:00 hour with Shep Smith being moved. There’s still a market in the Faux world for Hannity and Hannity isn’t going anywhere because he’s not only the dumbest man on teevee, he’s also the luckiest.

Alec Baldwin answering to anyone — there’s no one capable of managing a volcano on steroids — his countdown to meltdown will be a shorter shelf-life than Keith Olbermann.

Prolix said: There’s still a market in the Faux world for Hannity

Yep, insanity sells!

From that WaPo link:

Ailes wanted to see a point of view as well. So Megyn started to act a little less smart and a lot more Republican when she was on air, and suddenly there was chatter in the hallways that she was in the running for Greta Van Susteren’s prime-time slot.


@8, Fredster, I saw that quote. From another article I had read the week prior, Greta Van Sidemouth was asked about whether she would continue in the 10:00 hour. Her response, “During my last contract negotiation, I was guaranteed a primetime slot.” Translation: Girl’s gonna stay at 10:00 or get a nice deposit in her basket.

How are you feeling?

Prolix@9: Greta rules!

Eh, feeling better. I haven’t had any green or yellow, uh junk, coming out of my nose so I think it’s just the sinuses really aggravated. I’m staying on the Advil cold and sinus until it gets better.

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