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Posted on: August 12, 2013

sick puppy or old dog?

sick puppy or old dog?

Whichever it is, I am sooo out of commission today.  I’ve been having sinus headaches…the ones right around your eyes and inbetween and above them.  I tried my allergy medicine and the Flonase spray but that hasn’t helped.  Finally got some relief with Advil cold and sinus but not a great deal.  I’m just hoping I’m not getting a sinus infection which I seem to get a couple of times a year.  😦

However, I do have a couple of youtubes to view which I thought were cute.  They involve dogs, naturally enough for me.  Hope you enjoy them.

This first video is about two deaf dogs that were abandoned and who bonded at an animal shelter.  One is also missing an eye.  And, has a happy ending.

This next one is about a disabled young boy who bonds with a disabled dog, the dog having been tied to railroad track and losing a leg and his tail.  The two of them are companions and buds now.

Okie-doke Widdershins, I hope you have a great Monday.  Of course this is an open thread.



Feel better.

Take it easy, Fredster. I recommend my favorite sport: marathon napping.

Stop and frisk has been ruled unconstitutional.

The dog videos are very heartwarming. I love happy endings.

I don’t know what I would do without my cat. She is such a comfort and a good companion. Beautiful, too – a grey and peach dilute tortie. I wish I could post a picture of her but I don’t have any way to load pictures onto my computer anymore.

Get well soon, Fredster.

Thanks for the kind wishes. 🙂
It seems as though I’ll get one of these things once or twice a year. Just hoping it doesn’t go into a sinus infection.

Fredster take care of yourself and hope you’re feeling better soon!

@6: Fredster, does Z-Pak help you when you get these sinus problems? I realize it would require a $cript but it might be worth it.

Beata@8: Yes a z-pak will help if it does turn into a sinus infection. Doc usually writes out a z-pak and a script for prednisone, but yeah I have to make an appt., he’ll get an x-ray and then write the scripts. If the Advil cold and sinus doesn’t do any good by tomorrow I’ll call and make an appt. or maybe go by the urgent care place. I’m hoping the Advil stuff will do the trick.

Fredster, hope you are feeling better! I encourage massive amounts of napping.

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