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Good Saturday morning Widdershins.  I hope this finds you doing well today.  We have been having some of our hottest days here lately.  The type that when you walk outside, the heat shimmers up to you from the asphalt and concrete.  Then the afternoon thunder storms start and lately they’ve been causing some flooding issues in places.  Oh well, that being said, let’s move on to look at some of the lighter or amusing news that has crossed my browser plus some cute or funny youtubes.  No heavy lifting required.



He being lil Bobby Jindal.  However, the Inspector General of the state had a few things to say about how Bobby and his crew of cohorts handled Hurricane Issac last year in regard to one of those staples you need when you lose power – ice.

It seems that the boy genius’ minions ordered, oh, about 34 million pounds of ice in preparation for the storm.  And then subsequently let $15 million dollars of it literally just melt away.  Before the storm made landfall, parishes began requesting supplies they thought they would need, including MREs, tarps, bottled water and ice.  Now, lil Bobby’s crew had only handled an ice distribution one other time and apparently it’s not something they are good at.

Before Isaac, GOHSEP had only once before ordered and distributed bagged ice. As a result of an underdeveloped tracking system and mismanaged contracts with the suppliers, only 6 million pounds of the 34 million pounds ordered from Pelican Ice made it to the public.

Well, the merry crew first tried to return the unused 28 million pounds of ice back to Pelican Ice but they said “oh no, not sanitary…can’t do that.”  Then, they tried to give it to other agencies, restaurants and seafood businesses.  One unnamed ice company did take some of it, repackaged it and then sold it as new.

When it couldn’t do anything else with the ice, GOHSEP contracted with another company through Pelican Ice to haul all of the ice to an unrefrigerated storage facility where is subsequently melted.  The hauling and storage costs were over $7.5 million.  Of the ice that was given away, GOHSEP’s attorney said this:

the state agency didn’t break the law by donating the ice to private companies because it had “no value,”

However, the state did incur costs of $2.4 million to truck the ice to those companies and the price of a $2.00 bag of ice zoomed to $28 per bag!

Now lil Bobby does not take kindly to criticism and when Bob Mann questioned not getting the ice, but as he said:

No one is questioning Jindal’s decision to buy ice. They’re questioning just about everything he and his staff did after that sensible decision.

that was too much for lil Bobby who sicced one of his minions, Timmeh Teeple on Bob in a hilarious twitter exchange which you can find at the Bob Mann link above.  It’s a rather funny exchange and I suggest you read it.


So a man, his wife and their Jack Russell, Rosie,  were sailing from East London South Africa to Madagascar for a little vacation.  They didn’t get very far because they hit a reef near the East London coast.

Graham Anley and the dog swam to shore before returning for his wife Cheryl whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear.

The Jack Russell was wearing a specially tailored dog life-jacket which has its own emergency strobe light attached to it.

I’m guessing it was okay with Cheryl that hubbie and the dog go first since she was just hanging around, but maybe Graham might want to work on his priorities since it seems Rosie could have probably done okay with her own special life jacket and strobe light.


So what do you do when  a bear decides she definitely likes the food at one German restaurant in Denver?  Make sure the dumpster is full of what she wants as she goes to the dumpster and pushes it out to a place of her own choosing.

This was just downright scary!!    A time lapse of flights taking off and landing at SFO.

Is this really what the Koch Bros and ALEC have in mind for all of us?

Wouldn’t doubt it for a minute!

Okay Widdershins, what’s on your mind today?  Let me know in the comments,  This is an open thread.

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