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Wet, Reince, Repeat…

Posted on: August 9, 2013

Morning Widdershinners. Here’s hoping your day is happy and glorious.

Rare picture of things looking up for Reince...

Rare picture of things looking up for Reince…

For today’s post, I was torn. I happened upon a new research white paper supporting a long-held theory of mine about the economy. It is a study on the economic effects of the hamster-wheel chase for short-term profits. I’ve been wanting to write about this theory for quite some time, but had nothing upon which to base it until this study.

Now mind you, if your geek flag flies high like mine does, it is pretty fascinating stuff, but if you are relatively normal, it is narcolepsy inducing. What to do? Write about a rather personal arcane economic theory or make fun of Reince Priebus? Is there any question? Of course, Reince wins, but before I dive into my Priebusing, I want to share a little snippet that is the perfect explanation for Tea Party motivation.

As most of you heard, last weekend was the annual Fancy Farm Picnic down in the far west Purchase area of Kentucky. Fancy Farm is a little community of 500 in Graves County that grows to 10,000 on the first Saturday in August. I’ve attended more times than I should admit, but suffice it to say, I went for the barbecue, not for the speechifying.

Last weekend someone who looked suspiciously like Mitch McConnell, but sounded more like Rand Paul was there. The silliness of McTurtle trying on populism is laughable — the consummate 30-year Washington politician, married to a Washington politician, and who sweats Potomac River water was trying to act like a Libertarian man of the peoples. I add the “s” because just like Eva Gabor on “Green Acres,” McTurtle playing a man of the peoples is as outlandish as Eva Gabor playing a farmer.

In any event, McTurtle had to have something to bolster his street cred with the peoples so he talked about a law he and Rand had sponsored. It is the new Federal Freedom to Fish Act. All well and good — we know the Founding Fathers committed a sin of omission and left the right to bear rods out of the Second Amendment.

Here’s the real story — the Corps of Engineers had promulgated a regulation, “If you are a fisherperson, you can’t pull your fishing boat up to a dam’s spillway because when the spillway is opened, you are, not likely, but certainly going to be made dead by the onrushing tons of water.”

This was seen as an infringement of the rights of the Tea Party fisher people and so McTurtle sprang into action resulting in the Freedom to Fish Act. What it really does is guarantee a Tea Partier the right to die in the pursuit of some bottom-feeding spillway catfish without the meddlesome Corps of Engineers saying, “Might not want to park your boat there.”

McTurtle and the Tea Party to the rescue of suicide by spillway!

Now turning to Reince Priebus. Reince has had his thong in a wad about a movie and a documentary about Hillary Clinton.

First, as a national spokesperson, Reince speaks in one, long, constant, uninterrupted whine. Even when he says hello it is in

I thought I felt a knife...

I thought I felt a knife…

a tonal whine. I’m not sure if he wasn’t in the boy band, “Boyz 2 Gregorian Monks.”

Reince has taken to full-blown whine mode and has declared the RNC will withhold all 2016 Republican debates from NBC and CNN. There won’t be any NBC or CNN moderators and the RNC will only hold debates on those networks that “care” about the future of the Republican Party. That pretty much narrows it down to the network that rhymes with cocks.

Of course, Reince is using the Hillary angle to: 1) Raise money; 2) Raise money; and 3) Stir up the base in order to raise money.

If there is anything potentially detrimental to the Republican Party, it is having debates with handpicked moderators in halls filled with myopic, single-minded, diehard hard-right supporters. In case Reince forgot, there were a few examples from the 2012 debates for what this portends. Remember the applause after Ron Paul said, “Let him die,” in answer to the question about hospital access? Or the great “self-deportation” line from Mittens? Or just about any instance where Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, or Herman Cain opened their pie holes?

Truly, Reince is thinking ahead. Thinking about how to make a large 2012 electoral loss into a 2016 Hillary landslide, but what can you expect from someone whose name sounds like a tool used in whiteout snowstorms for digging out of an avalanche? All I can say is that I wish Reince the best in his continued endeavors.

This is an open thread.


34 Responses to "Wet, Reince, Repeat…"

Hmmm… a digging tool…..I always thought his name sounded like a debilitating microorganism, e;g; mycobacterium reince prebusum.

fun with letters time if you take the vowels out of this name: Reince Priebus (WARNING: put down your milk!!!)

you are left with this: RNC PR BS

I cannot help what goes through my mind when I read the above this stuff writes itself….

Here is the wisdom from Chris Matthews:

What a F**King Gift to the world.

Believe it or not I agree with him for once… Rand Paul will be the Nominee…For the Republicans.

@2: Excellent! I am so impressed.

Poor lil Reince. I was truly surprised when the RNC kept him on after the @ss-whopping their candidate got in the election. Look what they did to Michael Steele.

fuzzy@2: That was cute!

Fuzzy@3: well now that’s interesting. If he runs he can’t stay in the Senate so he’s (I hope) gone either way. And if the Repubs decided to run him all I can say is “Welcome Madame President”!

RNC PR BS is a schmuck! I realize he just wants to fundraise. But don’t these people have any thoughts to a future beyond the current news cycle? But his protests do show one thing: Republicans think Hillary will run (I’m still not sold on that) and they are afraid.

A Rand Paul nomination will be hilarious. I mean, do they not want to win? I wonder who Paul would pick as his VP. Rubio? Now there’s a couple for the ages!

@8: Hey stranger!!!

Supposedly the Tea Partiers are unhappy with Marco. Imagine Rand Paul and Ted Cruz! 😆

Let’s say a little prayer for Rand Paul being the R nominee, but there is no way. He might run away from his position that the Civil Rights Act was ill-conceived, but he can’t run away from wanting to privatize Social Security. Let him take that to Iowa or New Hampshire and see how far he gets.

@9, Sorry Fredster, a ticket with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz would a Thanksgiving Day parade everyday what with the huge heads and the ropes tethering their monstrous egos to the ground.

Fuzzy, the RNC PR BS is quite good — that is a keeper.

@3, Fuzzy, Tweetie Matthews has taken to saying, “I do this for a living,” each time a guest disagrees with his sage opinion. I’m just waiting for someone to reply to “I do this for a living,” with “That doesn’t mean you’re good at it.”

“I do this for a living,” with “That doesn’t mean you’re good at it.”


Oh but Prolix wouldn’t that ticket be a thing to watch!

Republicans are running to the right so fast that I fear (hope?) they do pick someone like Paul if not Paul himself. I mean, they just don’t seem to understand what’s happening out there. They took NOTHING away from the last election. I watch Bill Maher and these Repubs he has on are just ridiculous! He had a couple of them on his last show and he mentioned that the House voted to repeal Obamacare for the 40whatever time and how absurd that is. To which the Repub (who was fairly moderate) replied: “Well, if at first you don’t succeed…” I mean, if that’s what they really think….wow, just wow.

Oooh, I wish someone does say that to Tweetie!

@1, Chat, I would think that microbe would have set off alarms and flooded the lab with some type of halion expungement fog. Not unlike what thinking people do when Reince begins his whine.

@12, Fredster, it would be fun to watch, but I’m concerned about the overall zeitgeist of the country. Just a little experiment — any time you see a Tea Partier interviewed, just watch how angry they are. It is unfocused, unrequited anger for who knows what — maybe at all the inhumanity of being white, retired, pensioned, with great health care and a drug plan. A Rand Paul and his ilk will further drive a wedge into that gaping maw of self-reflection. It is against that backdrop that breeds the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and O’Reillys.

@13, DYB — great to see you. I haven’t a clue as to what the conservo-droids are thinking other than anyone with a half a brain has to understand what the Koch Bros. and ALEC have done to them. With the gerrymandered districts in the 30 or so states, they are tied to playing to the fringe of the fringe. I can’t understand for the life of me what they are going to say when the states where Obamacare is delivering healthcare to the chronically uninsureds and lowering the rates for everyone else by 20%. How do you answer the question — why did you vote 40 times to stop that from happening?

The other piece of the healthcare hooha is that the insurance companies are not going to allow anything to happen to Obamacare because they know it is the sweetest deal they are ever going to get. The Koch boyz have no answer for that.

Prolix@16: do you really think there would be that great an audience or support for a ticket like Paul/Cruz? I would think it would be a laughingstock nationally.

I can’t understand for the life of me what they are going to say when the states where Obamacare is delivering healthcare to the chronically uninsureds and lowering the rates for everyone else by 20%

Well either way I’ll be in a state that has not embraced Obamacare nor are they gong to setup the exchanges so the Feds will be doing the exchanges in AL an LA.

I saw a mention of this group online and they are getting started with a grant from the Feds. My concern with them would be how big is their list of providers going to be. Another concern, this being La, is that this is a group of people who saw the chance to do something to get some “free money” from the Feds.

Look the only way you can expunge a poison from a infected body is to bring it to the surface, and the suck it out. A Rand/Cruz Ticket would do that for the Republican Party. They could bring the Fundie-tea party mess to the surface and give them what they want so they loose the white house for another 8 years big deal…the Establishment is in it for the long haul.

And if the Repubs decided to run him all I can say is “Welcome Madame President”!

Unless the Dems decide to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and try to run a far lefty. I wouldn’t put it past them.

@18, Fredster — I think there would be an audience, but nothing close to 40 or 45%, but it would indeed energize the gerrymandered congressional districts. I was just reading a piece on the “toss up” districts and almost all of the toss up districts are in states where there has been an independent commission involved in drawing the district lines.

What concerns me is a continuation of obstinance in the House and a worrisome Senate majority. It is too far out to worry about Hillary’s legacy, but a recalcitrant Congress won’t do her any favors.

That is what a Rand Paul/Ted Cruz/Mike Lee/Marco Polo Rubio would guarantee.

prolix@22: Good point. and Sophie please don’t even go there. If HRC decides not to run, that’s one thing. If the Dems screw her over again that’s a whole other issue. 👿

@21, Sophie, that is a fear. Undoubtedly, there will be someone who will run from Hillary’s left. Surely though people won’t be fooled again. If Elizabeth Warren supports her early on, I think that will stop any serious threat from the far left.

Fredster and Prolix, folks on the far left are already saying such things whenever Hillary 2016 comes up–they’re saying things like how about a Democrat for a change, but she voted for that war and she’s still an imperialist hawk, and so on. It makes me sick.

On another note, I wonder if Rand Paul also gives Tweety a tingle.

@1 ROFL! Oh, Chat that’s your best ever! A synonym for the whole party – lethal microbacterium run amok.

@25 Yup, Sophie, I heard she voted for the war from a pro Obama friend last week. They will never forget. They’ll just have to be outvoted. And I wouldn’t trust Warren for a millisecond. If she “supports” Hillary it will be only because someone with a great deal of power told her she has to.

Here are the “hot” politicians according to a Quinnipiac poll.

Look who is at # 5.

@27, Mary Luke, I hear that same comment. My southern genteel rejoinder is, “Isn’t it nice to be able to have your mind made up by a single vote in 2003?”

Prolix, love your response. Mine is posting the video of her floor speech before her vote, where it’s obvious she is not in favor of the war and lays out all the conditions. Your answer is much quicker!

@26: And mycobacterium are particularly nasty and hard to get rid of, such as tuberculosis and leprosy.

Chat @ 1 & Fuzzy @ 2: Hilarious! What a great post and comments! Sorry I got here so late.

socal: We know you’re our left coast pal and you sometimes get here later than most but see, I’m still around! 😆

You’re so funny! You’re more of a night owl than I am. I hope you get to sleep in. Am I really the only left coaster here? Gosh, maybe so.

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