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RNC — Republican National Conflation…

Posted on: August 6, 2013

When your Fox-watching-loving relative next waxes eloquent...

When your Fox-watching-loving relative next waxes eloquent…

Usually when you go on vacay, you want to make sure your house is clean, especially your refrigerator, because you don’t want to return to a mess.  The House of Representatives doesn’t adhere to such a silly notion.

When they return, they have to take up the SNAP (food stamp) appropriation.  The House conveniently left off the food stamp program from their Frankenstein Farm Bill, first time in history it had been decoupled, while the House Republicans larded it up with an additional $30 Billion in agri-corporate giveaways and supports.

The opening bid was cutting the SNAP program by one-fourth ($20 Billion).  The bid has now been raised to $40 Billion or one-half of the annual expenditure for food assistance to the poor.  If $20 Billion of spite inspired hardship is good, then $40 Billion must be better by a factor of two.

Of course, given the gerrymandered districts from which the 80 or so Tea Partiers hail, the ignorance borne from conflation won’t be in short supply this August.  I can just hear these know-nothing Representatives once they return, “My constituents told me (fill in the blank).”

This pandering doesn’t stop with the food stamp program — try immigration where the House wants to spend an additional $30 Billion a year on militarizing border security when the net/net illegal immigration is now ZERO.

Or voter suppression efforts masquerading as voter ID laws, when the last major study (2002-2007) on voter fraud conducted during the Bush Administration found a whopping 86 people convicted of voter fraud out of 300,000,000 votes cast.

Or the imaginary IRS scandal where it is not usual for the wait for a 501 designation to be in excess of 13 months, but if you are paranoid Tea Partier, then every circumstance appears to be a conspiracy if you don’t get a favorable ruling by return mail.

Or Obamacare, where the eleven states embracing the Act have a new projection of a 20% reduction in insurance premiums, not an apocalypse as the House Republicans proclaimed in their 40th vote for repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

I’ve often said in this space that leaders have a duty to make sense out of experience.  The greatest challenge during the next year will be politicians finding the gumption to dare stand up to the misconceptions that are the mother’s milk of the ultra-right-conservo-droid movement — misconception and Koch money.

When will this headlong, reckless abandon lurch toward a “conflation nation” stop — as soon as Nancy Pelosi, the last Speaker of the House who was good at her job, is again Speaker.

This is an open thread.

11 Responses to "RNC — Republican National Conflation…"

It seems everyday in every way I am learning new reasons to hate the Republican Party!

The resident conservative at seems to believe that the Tea Party is on the upswing. Amazing since I just did a post that shows that fewer people identify with, or support them. And naturally he brought out the since-disabused, idea of the IRS picking on them lil ole conservative 501 c3 groups. The one constant about those of this ilk is that they never let the truth stand in the way of what they believe.

Oops! I meant to add that Prolix was away yesterday and will be away today due to some family business. He’ll be back tomorrow. As usual, he did an excellent post for today.

OT: Things are happening with my mother right now. I am having to make some very difficult decisions without a compass. I could really use good thoughts or prayers from my online Widdershins family at this time. Thanks. xoxo.

Beata@4: Oh my Beata. Of course our thoughts and prayers are with you. Try to keep in mind what you think she would want, back when she was in her better days. That’s what I did with the Momster.

@5: Thanks, Fredster. That is what I am trying to do. I know you understand, as do several others here. After all this time, you would think I would be prepared, but it is still so hard.

It’s never easy to lose your mother. Mine has been gone almost 40 years and I still think of her often.

Beata@6: You can know in your mind and logically what is what, but emotionally it’s still difficult. Just know that we’re with you in spirit.

Beata, my sincerest sympathy to you during this sad time. I went thru it myself 3 1/2 years ago. My dad had Alzheimers and was a shell of his former self and I took care of him (my son & husband were huge helps) and had to make the decisions. I did the same as Fredster, and made choices that he had wanted back before he lost his ability to think, and eat, and shower, etc. After having a series of completely debilitating strokes, I brought him home and got hospice and he died peacefully a few weeks later. He had Alz about 7 years and each year it just got steadily worse than the year before. The final two years were really rough. I still miss my Dad, but I can’t think of anything I could have done differently. Sending my prayers & good vibes to you.

Prolix, thanks for great post!

You’re right, Socal. The hardest thing to do is to step back and make decisions for someone else when the natural inclination is to hold on tightly.

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