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Posted on: August 5, 2013

circular firing squad

We can certainly hope so, although that might be too grandiose a wish.  However, it seems like there are a bunch of unhappy campers amongst the assemblage.  At least that’s what an AP story intimates.   And although the piece merely states that the folks are unhappy with some of their former “stars”, where else are they to go?  You see, some of their chosen rabble-rousers seem to have mellowed and that’s the making of a bunch of unhappy campers.

Many of their standard-bearers have embraced more moderate positions on bedrock issues such as immigration and health care, broadening their appeal in swing states but dampening grass-roots passion.

crying baby“They keep sticking their finger in the eyes of the guys who got them elected,” said Ralph King, a co-founder of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots. “A lot of people are feeling betrayed.”

Of course I’m always amused when it comes to the health care issue.  How many of us saw the pictures of some of the Tea Party rank and file holding signs which read:  “No government health care!  Keep your hands off of my Medicare!”

The AP piece says that the T.P. is a “loosely knit web of activists”, except remember that Freedom Works is also associated with the Tea Party and we know who controls Freedom Works, why the Koch Bros.  And don’t think that Freedom Works hasn’t let the Tea Partiers know who controls them.

Hey All, Not to be a pain, but this is not Tea Party Patriots logo to change. This is FreedomWorks logo and they have said they are keeping the original design. I do not know why this discussion is continuing.

Now because of that “betrayal” mentioned above, some of the Tea Party folks are saying they intend to sit out some of the bigger races in some swing states next year, to which I say “Yay!” because that’s fewer idiots pulling a level, marking an oval or whatever.  The Tea Party folk can call it betrayal, but the folks who got elected (according to the article)  “were forced to adapt to a changing landscape, particularly in states Obama won in 2012, and to the realities of governing.”  I’m not so sure I agree with that since the House just voted for the 40th time to overturn Obamacare.  Another issue hitting the Tea Party folks is that people are beginning to get disillusioned with them.

The tea party also fell out of favor with many people. At its height after the 2010 elections, a CBS News poll found that 31 percent of those surveyed considered themselves tea party supporters. A May survey found just 24 percent identified with the movement.

And with that reduced support or identification came some sea changes from elected officials.

Facing sagging approval ratings, tea party Republicans, some of whom were elected by slim margins, shifted tactics.

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott, a former health care company executive who won office by attacking the health law and calling for deep cuts to state spending, later endorsed the health law and signed one of the largest budgets in state history, complete with pay raises for teachers. Similarly, Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, and Rick Snyder, R-Mich., are battling their GOP-dominated legislatures to expand Medicaid, a big part of the health law.

The biggest disappointment to the T.P. folks is (awww)  Marco Rubio.

As a Senate candidate in 2010, he denounced as “amnesty” any plan that would offer a path to citizenship for those who were in the country illegally. Yet in recent months, he has emerged as a leader of a bipartisan Senate group that developed a plan that includes such a provision. The plan has been panned by conservatives but ultimately could bolster Rubio’s standing with Hispanics, a growing demographic group that has voted overwhelmingly Democratic in recent years.  (I have to wonder about this statement because it labels all Hispanics as if they were one cohesive group…they aren’t).

There’s a good anecdote in the piece to show how far the T.P. has fallen and it involves Rubio and a “protest” at his Miami office.

One sweltering July day, a half-dozen tea party protesters gathered under a tree in front of Rubio’s Miami office, seeking shade as they denounced his support for an immigration overhaul. But the protest soon turned into more of a support group, with the four men and two women grousing to each other about how Rubio had turned into a “back-stabber,” a “liar” and a “flip-flopper.”

Juan Fiol, a real estate broker who organized the protest, kept looking at his phone, waiting for calls from fellow tea party supporters that never came.

“It was supposed to be a big event,” he said as he waved a large “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.

Okay, I can’t help this:
iQvkpG5 - lmao

If you talk to the Tea Party leaders, they’ll say that they are being quieter on the national level and are concentrating on filling political slots at the local level.  That may be.  It may also be that they’re losing support but don’t expect them to say that.  And don’t think it’s not noticed on the national level.

The Republican establishment, however, is concerned about 2014. Party leaders worry about the GOP’s most passionate advocates walking away, particularly those supporters angered by the Senate’s immigration bill

Speaking of whacky folks, Erick Erickson of Red State held its annual gathering this past weekend in Nola.    And the local conservative opinion writer for the Times-Pic interviewed him.  I’ll throw in a few pieces from that interview here in regards to the 2014 Senate race with Mary Landrieu running for reelection.

I think if Cassidy is the nominee I think all the Republicans would rally around him because he is better than Landrieu. The question is can they do better than Cassidy? I don’t know that any of his primary challengers have what it takes to beat him – everyone is rallying around him pretty quickly. Rob Maness (declared Republican candidate for Louisiana senate seat) will be on stage here and we’ll see what he has to say and if he might be that guy. But whoever is the nominee I’m sure you’ll see the Republican line up behind him pretty quickly because of Landrieu.

What they think is that, because of Landrieu’s support of Obamacare, she’s got a good chance to lose.  What they fail to say or possibly acknowledge is that Obamacare is supported by a majority of the state when folks are polled about it.  And what they did not mention at all is that Landrieu has the backing and support of two of the biggest Republicans in the state: Boysie Bollinger a shipyard owner and Joe Canizaro a New Orleans developer.  And in regard to Mr. Erickson’s opinion of Republicans rallying around the Rep. candidate against Landrieu, here’s what Boyzie Bollinger had to say:

“Any challenger to Sen. Landrieu will have a hard time building support as more and more prominent business leaders back her,” Bollinger stated. “People know that at the end of the day, Mary always fights for our state.”

Can anyone say “clueless” here?   This is an open thread.



I almost feel like shedding a tear for the Tea Party Patriots…errrr Idiots. I am sure they really feel left out and probably should stay home after the 2014 Primaries and 2016 Primaries!

@fuzzy: Oh I agree! They should all stay home! LOL!
Oh and thanks for stopping by. Seems this thing went over like a lead balloon.

I for one am wildly excited at the prospect of the Republican party desperately trying to mainstream while drowning in a vat of Tea. All of those promises that they made are swirling around the Repub establishment like a riptide.

chat@3: The situation does leave me with a sense of glee over it because as we saw with the THUD bill, they can’t govern because of these folks (Tea Party).

Two different links up there in the comment. One is about the House, the other about the Senate.

THUD appears to have landed with one. How fitting!

Fredster, this post is great! Sorry I couldn’t get here yesterday!

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