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Activist/Feminist Wednesday: Deep In the Heart of Texas….

Posted on: July 31, 2013

Wendy Davis, Credit: Getty Images

Wendy Davis, Credit: Getty Images

Well, pass me the chicken-fried steak and meet me at Luby’s! These days, Our Lady of the Pink Tennis Shoes is causing even more teeny weenies to shrivel in their Wranglers. Some folks in Washington are daring to give that uppity woman MONEY!

“The Wendy” and “The Filibustini” were just two of the specialty drinks being served at a D.C. fundraiser for Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator riding a wave of fame on the heels of her 11-hour filibuster to block an anti-abortion bill in Texas.

The sold-out fundraiser packed more than 300 people into Local 16, a D.C. lounge and bar. Attendees had paid anywhere from $25 to $250 to see Davis.

Her events in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday and Thursday mark an opportunity for the state senator to meet with national politicians, raise funds for her state senate campaign, and direct heavy fire at Texas Republican politicians that she may challenge in a potential bid for governor.

“Republican state leaders have been in power so long and become so destructively partisan that their priorities no longer have anything to do with what is best for Texas families,” Davis said to a crowd made up of largely women. “They’ve become entirely disconnected.”

Rep. Marc Veasey, D-T.X., spoke at the event about Davis’ journey from being a single teenage mother to graduating from Harvard Law. Also in attendance at the event were  Rep. Pete Gallego (D, T.X.), Beto O’Rourke (D, T.X.),  Lone Star PAC founder Matt Angle and Fort Worth City Council member Joel Burns.\

Exact figures raised on her D.C. trip have not been disclosed, but her last campaign finance report indicated she raised $933,000 in late June. Her high-profile D.C. fundraisers will undoubtedly increase those numbers.

Did you all catch the lede buried in that story? Wendy Davis may actually challenge Governor Goodhair! Imagine – this formerly unknown state senator could actually unseat one of the most loathsome Republican governors around. And considering that list includes Rick Scott (FL), Scott Walker (WI) and Li’l Booby Jindal (LA) (as Fredster would say), Rick Perry has earned a dubious distinction indeed.

I am on record as saying that those who are pro-choice and pro-sanity should act in concert rather than letting one brave woman filibuster alone. But sometimes, if the right person hits the right note at the right time, one person can be just the leader we need.

Bless your heart, Rick Perry – if Wendy comes after you, you might want to prepare your resignation speech. Come to think of it, you might want to have someone else do it for you. Being articulate is, shall we say, not your strongest skill.

This is an open thread.


11 Responses to "Activist/Feminist Wednesday: Deep In the Heart of Texas…."

Actually, I heard somewhere that Rick is unseating himself by not running again. Perhaps they can give him a farewell bottle of maple syrup or something. Nonetheless, I hope she moves forward.

Never fear chat, this is Texas we’re talking about. There will be another Repub @sshole just as bad as Perry who wants to be guv.

Of course two things will happen there: the women folk are fed up and the men folk may have stirred up a hornets nest. Then there is the changing demographic of Texas which, if not this election cycle, by the next will start moving the state to purple.

Sally Quinn has a nasty little piece about Huma Abedin and then tries to tie it to causing problems for Hillary. Sally is such a sad woman.

Yes, Gov. Goodhair is retiring to that great salon where his locks may forever be prettified as his soul is putrefied.

Wendy Davis is a hero.

TX covers about 270,000 square miles — now there are only 5 women’s health clinics able to meet the crazy requirements of Gov. Goodhair’s “move over, I’m moving into your uterus” bill. That is insane — dangerous — debilitating to women’s health — will cause more unwanted pregnancies — and ultimately result in fewer resources for poor women and children.

Courtesy of TX’s myopic rear view mirror — TX is top five in teenage pregnancy and top three in repeat teenage pregnancy. Absolutely insane, but expecting Gov. Goodhair to do something sane would be the definition of insanity.

Prolix said: Yes, Gov. Goodhair is retiring to that great salon where his locks may forever be prettified as his soul is putrefied.

Nice phrase there Prolix!

I don’t think this made the national news very much but Haliburton pleaded guilty to destroying some files in the BP oil spill mess and got “the maximum fine allowed”.—halliburton

Speaking of Texas, Bill Maher (ugh) interviews Sarah Slamen the young woman who was thrown out of the Texas statehouse during the abortion bill debate and public comment period.

I hope Wendy Davis has long coat tails when she is elected Governor of Texas….

I hope she runs. That filibuster was truly amazing and I find her inspirational.

Fredster, thanks for posting the Sarah S vid. I thought she did a good job.

socal: I caught just a bit of it live..I usually don’t watch Maher but was hoping I’d find that piece on youtube. I’m glad Sarah is going to think about staying in Texas. She can continue to be a thorn in the Republicans’ sides. LOL!

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